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You Deserve Better

Chapter Six

Zim pouted unhappily in his seat and shot an unhappy glare at the Humanoid-Irken who was currently staring out of the window in glazed amusement. They had been tussling about the fact that Dib wouldn't "Tell him!" about he wanted the PAK off in the first place.

Dib had suddenly gone very red in the face and pushed Zim away and shouting that he'd had "ENOUGH!". Zim had gotten confused at the rejection of sorts and had pulled away to sulk like he was currently doing. Little did he know that Dib was currently trying to unbraid the curious strings of information that was streaming through him from his PAK.

It was currently sending little electric shocks into his system at intervals that felt faintly like that of a dying orgasm. As weird as it sounded, it seemed that Dib was starting to accept and rejoice in his changed form. The human physic had so many limitations that he couldn't explore when he was stuck like that. Now that he was part Irken, he could explore space at his own leisure and he could feel things with different senses that he would have never noticed without the enhancement Zim had given him.

"Hm…." Dib groaned out and twisted in his seat unhappily as if he were getting a cramp in his back. He spread his legs and arched out of his seat while stretching his arms above his head and closing his eyes.

Zim's eyes were closed to slits and observing Dib with an almost predatoril stare. The way the Dib creature moved was just sinful in such a closely confined area. He should know better than to expose himself in that way in such a close proximity to a highly sensitive Irken. You wouldn't know from Irken looks that they were an incredibly sensitive species. This was the reason that Zim couldn't stand Earth water was because it was so polluted it actually burned his skin like acid. The foods were filled with so many preservatives and chemicals that it hurt for him to ingest it.

Back to the sensitivity though, Zim could feel his heart start to beat faster and the blood in his body start to heat and rush through his veins in an almost frenzied way.

"What's wrong with you?" Zim asked gruffly, turning away from the enticing him. Zim wanted nothing more at this moment, than to rip the stupid cloth away from the other's body and have his wicked way even if GIR was present.

"Nothing, I just feel funny…" Dib grinned to himself and raised his face to the rough as if basking in the sun. It was obvious that the Irken-Human was in no pain, but something was definitely different. Dib could feel himself begin to respond to the gentle rocking of the space ship like it was caressing him. His pants felt to tight in response to his body and seemed to be stroking his thighs and hips like a lover.

Everything he felt, heard, saw and even said reminded him of something very prominent. Something very primal. It all reminded him of sex. Dib was slightly confused by this predicament seeing as how when he was a human, he was not sexually active in the slightest. Sure, he would get the occasional morning wood every once in a while, but nothing lasting. Nothing to show that Dib even had a sexuality.

But now, now he wanted to slip a hand into his shirt and touch his own chest to see if it was as sensitive as his nipples were complaining it to be. His shirt seemed to chafe against the nubs, making them pucker and complain with an rosy red colour of warmed blood.

"Oh?" Zim looked more fully at Dib and noticed that he did indeed look 'funny' but it was more because of the way he was flushing at the cheeks and panting as if he'd run a marathon instead of sit there for about an hour or so.

"Yeah…'s hot too." Dib complained with a slight frown and quickly tore his shirt over his head and flung it somewhere behind him. GIR could be heard faintly finding said scrap of cloth and begin to entertain himself with it.

"'s better." Dib sighed and let a hand wander up his chest to catch at one of his nipples and tweak it slightly.

Normally, Dib would be absolutely horrified that he was doing this, that he was doing it in front of Zim, and he was doing it in front of Zim and enjoying. Dib let out a soft groan which traveled straight down Zim's spine and directly into his blood stream causing him to curse softly and flick on the 'auto-pilot' switch to watch Dib more closely.

Dib didn't notice his audience but he did notice that his more private parts of his body were taking notice of the sensitivity of his body. His recently soft cock stiffened slightly to press even tighter against his already tight pants.

"Hm…." Dib sighed, loving the experience of the zipper of his pants rubbing against himself. He arched his back and let his hand caress his chest a little harder by twisting his own nipple slightly. The painful pleasure brought a happy gasp to Dib's lips and a muffled groan from Zim's. Seeing Dib's succubus form writhe happily in his own seat, Zim could feel himself reacting. The area of his body which contained his male reproductive system was inside of his body much like a female. Although, when he became aroused, or any male Irken became aroused, the length would slid out of a protective sheath to stand at attention much like any other human male. Zim could feel his uniform pants press against him as his length began to slide from said sheath. Zim could feel his blood quicken again and roar in his brain like a wild animal.

"Feels good." Dib smiled serenely and flicked the buttons of his pants open with spry fingers. Reaching into his own pants, he felt his hardness and pushed up against his own fingers happily with a resounding groan.

"good," Dib groaned again almost mindlessly and opened his fog filled eyes to reveal tinted gold to Zim. With an angry snarl, Zim unsnapped his own pants to let free his own erection that was starting to press so hard against his pants that it was painful. Zim felt his entire body clench as Dib looked at him.

"Hi Zim." Dib said almost stupidly and Zim stared at the other with a suddenly confused gaze. This was the chance he was waiting for to claim his 'mate' and he wasn't taking it. It was perfect, opinions and chances be damned.

"Dib, I can help make the heat go away, I can help make it feel even better. Wanna try?" Zim coo'd to his Human-Irken and felt his antennae flatten against his skull in preparation for what he was about to do.

"Yeah!" Dib said enthusiastically and lifted his hands above his head and presented himself to Zim. Splayed legs, lifted arms, stretched muscles, and an obviously aroused state of body.

"Alright, but you gotta do what I say." Zim greedily reached for Dib and shuddered in pleasure when he felt the warm skin of the hybrid beneath his cool touch. Ripping his gloves off, Zim leaned in close to the human. "I want you to suck on me." Zim whispered to Dib and gestured down to his exposed nether regions.

"Kay." Dib said happily and bent to Zim's waist. Without a thought, he opened his mouth and took the exposed part of Zim's erection into the warm height of his mouth.

"AGH!" Zim bent over double as the sudden sensation brought him to full arousal quickly. The stroking and petting of Dib's tongue was enough to make him want to climax right then, but as Dib began to explore the slit of Zim's sheath, Zim knew that such fun had to be saved for later.

"That's enough." Zim ordered, and pulled Dib up by the chin to his chair.

"But!" Dib complained, licking at a trail of liquid that had been left behind. He pouted, he didn't like being taken away from his treat so suddenly.

"Later." Zim sat in his chair comfortably and motioned to Dib. "Remove your pants." Dib eagerly applied himself to the task by turning away from Zim and bending to remove said pants. Zim's eyes bulged as Dib's rather nice looking posterior was exposed for his gaze.

"What now?" Dib's unfocused eyes rolled happily as Zim took him by the hips and pulled him closer.

"We're going to get you ready. Stand a little further spread now." Zim ordered but was secretly ecstatic that it was going so well.

Dib could start to feel a burning deep down in his belly, as if preparing him for something. "Hnn!" He groaned unhappily as the burn forced his cock to become harder and point out from him in want for any touch at all.

"Heh, you are very transparent." Zim said wickedly before caressing Dib's erection. He fondled the heavy sacs beneath the heated cock before exploring further to where an Irken area of penetration was supposed to be. Surprisingly, Dib had one! Either Dib's transformation was more complete than he thought, or Humans were made very similarly as Irkens. He didn't care at the moment, but he stored the knowledge away for better studying later.

Pressing against the ring of muscle Dib had, Zim felt himself grin in spite of himself as the muscles gave, and let his finger slip into the hybrid before him. Dib let out a soft groan that could be either pain or pleasure. Zim did not particularly care at the moment but he pressed in slightly to explore more but was surprised as Dib shook where he stood. His knees looked ready to buckle and his erection was starting to leak a kind of fluid that Zim wasn't aware Humans leaked. Zim pressed in a few centimeters more before he was startled into taking his finger out when Dib almost screamed and collapsed ontop of him.

"More! More more more!" Dib blathered uncomprehending that his prostrate had just been touched. He wanted more of that delicious feeling of something hard and full penetrating him. Pressing into him, and claiming him. It made him feel more safe and at home than anything had in a long time.

"Alright, alright." Zim grumbled and spread his legs, and gestured to his awaiting erection. "Well?" Zim asked sarcastically.

Dib took a second to admire the phallic differences in the Irken penis and the Human's. The Irken was quite a bit bigger than humans but it was also a bit more rough than a human. Small bumps surrounded the base and somewhere in the back of Dib's head he made the connection that it was to help anchor the Irken in place when mating with someone forcibly. The Irken culture was mostly run on violence. The head of Zim's penis was smooth but it was more pointed than a humans. Another area where it made for easier penetration and to keep the Irken penis anchored for a longer period of time to pass on the seed of the male Irken.

Dib lost interest in his scientific study as he almost salivated at the sight of Zim's erection. Straddling Zim, Dib gently spread himself above the Irken and then let himself start to fall slow onto the Irken. Feeling the pointed head of Zim's cock shove into him hot, and hard was all Dib needed to feel his legs weaken and let him fall, impenetrating himself all the faster. Zim cried out in pure organic pleasure as a tight heat sheathed him like nothing else before.

Zim could feel Dib pulsing around him and Dib could feel Zim's hot length shoved up in him that he felt he was going to die of pleasure. Squirming softly to experience the size a bit, Dib felt the nubs on Zim's length cause a pleasant friction, setting of neurons and synopsis to his brain in pleasure. Pushing himself up, he let himself fall again, loving the beautiful and full penetration he was getting reach him that much better.

Zim closed his talon like hands around Dib's thighs and helped lift the human up and down his cock. He felt his entire being quiver with pleasure and want of release.

"Aah!" Dib groaned and ground himself down heavily on Zim's cock, feeling his prostrate coming into contact with Zim's length. Lights flashed in his Dib's already unfocused eyes. Dib brought his hands to his own cock and began to stroke in rythme with the alien beneath him.

"Yes." Zim groaned and arched up into Dib, causing Dib to tighten spasmodically around him.

"Dammit!" Zim could feel his own impending orgasm start to take him as the heat and tightness around him begin to pulse in time with his thrusts.

"Yes! Yes!!" Dib cried out as he stroked himself to completion atop Zim and felt his posterior muscles clench in reaction to the powerful orgasm.

"Hnn." Zim groaned out and felt himself cum heavily inside of his Hybrid. Dib really was his now and no one would be able to say anything.

Dib's head slowly lowered and hung from his neck as if tired. Dib gently leaned against Zim's chest with Zim still buried inside of him. As the endorphins of good sex began to run there course through Dib, he felt his body become focused, and his eyes opened, clear and alert.

Dib lifted his head in amazement and stared down at Zim. "Oh." His awareness had returned rather quickly. "Mind explaining to me why I seem to be impaled upon you?" Dib asked without the slightest hint of remorse.

"I-" Zim started the tale but was soon interrupted.

"Smells like TACOS in here!" A screeching metallic voice squealed before both males were attacked by the forgotten SIR unit.

What a fun night tonight would be.