'I couldn't believe it. I had to see it with my own two eyes. What she was telling me couldn't be real…could it? Another world where any talents would be put to full use. A world of swords and sorcery, technology and tradition. The world of Prior, a place where I would be at home. Where chaos ran rampant and free. A haven for a chaos incarnate like me. Should I go…or will I stay?'

-Diary of Lane Accly

First explorer of Prior

I slowly close the book after reading the first page. I was in shock to say the least. I slowly turn over the book to look at the back and shiver. On the back was a collection of pictures, many of them featuring woman who had cat ears and cat tails. If this really is a diary…I'm scared. I'm actually truly scared. I lean back and slowly let my mind drift. I let it go back to when and how I actually found this book…or maybe diary.


"Stupid tomboy!" I remember yelling at my unwanted fiancée Akane. Five days…just five days since the disaster that was suppose to be my wedding. Why didn't Akane realize that I was just as made about it! I stare at the girl after yelling at her and realize that once again I'm about to go flying.

"What did you say?" she growls at me.

"That girl was asking directions and you just freak out and stomp up to us like a gorilla with cramps. then you demand to know what's going on, but instead of LISTENING you just pound me! You're a STUPID BUILT LIKE A STICK TOMBOY!"

"RANMA NO BAKA!" and with that I was air born. I sigh softly and start to correct my landing. She was so predictable. I can actually say now that I just use her anger to my advantage. Whenever I wanna get away, I just say something or let the girls do something and BAM! instant air time for free. I slowly glance down and realize she must have been extra pissed off. I couldn't see any buildings below me meaning I was outside of Tokyo. I keep looking further and further into the distance and finally spot the metropolis. Or at least the starts of it. A good 10 mile hike will get me there…easy. I look down again and quickly start to fall through trees. An unsuspected branch suddenly makes itself known and I fly off course landing hard on the ground on my back. I gasp and stare up at the sky then hear a creak.

"What noWWWWWWWWW!" echoes back to me as I fall through the ground and land in a cold pool of water. "Fucking great…" I growl to myself lifting my tits up and then letting them drop back down. Why do they have to be so big? After getting over the shock of once again missing my purple headed yogurt slinger I glance around. It seemed to be a cave of sorts. Strange writings were all over the walls. I slowly touch my finger to one of the characters and it lights up. I jump back in surprise and watch as the entire cave explodes into a brilliant light. When it seems that my eyes maybe spared, I slowly open them. A gasp leaves my mouth. There in front of me was a stone pillar with a book on it. I slowly move up to the pillar and see strange writing on a plaque of sorts. I touch the plaque and move my fingers along it. The characters glow and then shift turning into Japanese, easily readable. "Here lies Lane Accly…loving husband, good father, and noble adventurer," I read out loud. The chamber echoes my voice back to me and I smile a little. Echoes are fun. I slowly grab the book and open it.


And that's where I was. Staring at the neko demons on the back. A few of them seem to be…a little outgoing. As if offering their asses to the camera with only panties on didn't give me that clue. If they weren't cats…I would have a nose bleed by now I'm sure. Well…maybe not…I have caught Shampoo in my bed naked a few times. I slowly tuck the book under my arm and jump into the air clearing the pit and landing on luscious green earth. No cracking…and no falling. The day is looking up it seems! I smile to myself and start to run back to Nerima. My girl side was always faster. Strength never absolutely wins the day. Sometimes you need speed. Three hours later I'm roof hoping towards home, my new book laying safely inside the crook of my arm.


Akane was pissed. No she was in a blind fucking rage. Bricks, wood, people, whatever got in her way now was dead! Especially certain perverted martial artists.

"How dare he talk to me like that!" she screams slamming her fist through another set of five blocks. Nabiki watches off to the side sighing as her sister continues on her rampage. The gorilla with cramps comment must have done it this time. It was that time of the month for Akane. Although you never can tell, just cause she is such an angry child all the time. After watching her sister stomp another hole in the floor she moves off to make a call to their insurance person.

"Our premium is gonna go through the fucking roof," Nabiki says in a soft sigh.

"Nabiki…I don't like that kind of language," Kasumi chides weakly. Nabiki stares at her sister and then snorts.

"You know as well as I do that Akane and Ranma's 'friends' are killing us. Soon enough this house and dojo will belong to the bank."

"Nabiki you shouldn't say things like that."

"I guess your right…by the way sis…do you have any good recipes for rat stew…we're gonna be eating a lot of that when we're on the street."

"Nabiki!" Kasumi says loudly. The girl couldn't yell for the life of her.

"I'm home," someone calls from the entrance of the house. The girls immediately look over to find Ranma walking in. The boy was actually in girl form meaning that once again she had met her fate due to water.

"Welcome home Ranma," Kasumi says softly smiling. The red haired girl nods and moves to the stairs.

"What's that book Ranma?" Nabiki suddenly asks staring at it. Ranma glances to her then the book.

"None of your business…" she says softly before disappearing upstairs. Nabiki growls softly and moves off to follow her. She slams open Ranma's door and glares at her.

"I wanna know what that book is Ranma," she says coldly. Ranma looks at her and tilts her head.

"What book?"
"Don't play stupid with me! I saw you carrying a book. Now where and what is it?" Nabiki replies starting to get annoyed. Ranma sits up and pours warm water on himself and then slowly steps up to her. Nabiki shivers a little as she fells his chest against her arms. He leans down, his breath tickling her ear.

"But Mistress Nabiki….I though I was stupid?" he whispers before walking past her, glad he had learned Mousse's hidden weapons style. He turns to look at Nabiki finding her still off in La La Land. He hadn't thought that would work, but it did.


I was roof hopping away from the Tendo dojo as fast as possible. It was surprising to find that my 'charms' worked on Nabiki. Maybe, if she doesn't figure out how to stop that I can keep using it. Finding a nice park outside of Nerima is easy enough. I smile as I slowly sit down in a patch of trees out of view. I then reach into my shirt and pull the book from a subspace pocket. I gotta admit. Mousse has some nice techniques. I slowly open the book to the next passage.

'This New World is strange. When I first arrived I was sure I could have been in ancient Europe. Kings were still alive here. But the strange thing is, everyone around here knows of everyone else but seems to keep to themselves. The threat of war is all around, but those are internal wars. Wars fought inside the country. The countries don't seem to fight amongst themselves, which makes me wonder what would happen if they did. There is also no trade. It seems strange. I will have to look further into this. How I got to the world of Prior is as strange as the land itself. If you look at the page after this…you will find a spell. Draw a special circle with your blood…and chant the lines…and you will be transported to this place. I experimented before finally staying here. You can always go back, if you're not brave enough to face this New World.'

I slowly turned to the next page and found some strange lines written in another language. I could probably chant them, if I tried hard enough. A small drawing of the circle is beneath the writing. This Lane must not have known it was called a pentagram. I stare at the words and then quickly slice open my wrist and draw a pentagram on the grass. I set my palm against it and start to read the lines. My voice echoes across the park. I shiver as the pentagram suddenly flares. I finish the last line and I feel myself falling. What was happening?

Darkness. It was very very dark. I then feel something press into my side. I groan softly and open my eyes to find a bird person. I narrow my eyes slightly and look closer. It looks like a person of the phoenix tribe! I suddenly realize that the person had been talking to me.

"What?" I ask softly staring at the bird person.

"I asked why you have trespassed on the lands of Wei?"


"Yes, the Kingdom of Wei. Ruled by the hero of chaos himself, Lord Cao Cao."

"Wei…." I repeat again before my world turns black once again.

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