Harry Potter and the Winds of Change

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Chapter 30- Plans for the Attack

Breakfast the next day was loud for the majority of the school. Only the older Slytherins and several people Harry and his friends were suspicious of seemed worried and quiet. Theodore Nott still looked apocalyptic over the fact that Duncan was sitting at the Gryffindor table, happily eating his breakfast as if he belonged there.

Harry was being very careful to spend equal time staring at each of the quiet students, carefully evaluating who was just shy and who looked concerned. The oaths that Draco and his friends had been collecting weren't harmless. They were serious. He hadn't understood what an 'Unbreakable Vow' was at the beginning of the year but he knew now.

If the number of students that seemed reveled to see Duncan at the Gryffindor table was a representation of how the wizarding world at large felt about the war, then Harry was even more disgusted then he had been up to this point. Less than ten percent of the students looked to be on Malfoy's side. Harry's side consisted of about the same amount. The rest of the students were willing to let Harry and his friends fight for them and just sit back and do nothing for themselves, unless directly threatened. Sure a great deal of them had joined the D.A. so they could learn defense, but for a great deal of them it was so they would improve their grades, not because they expected to fight anyone.

Hermione looked more determined this morning. For that Harry was grateful. The last few weeks had been very difficult and he was glad to see her back on board with the rest of his friends. He understood her stance, and he was still hoping she decided to sit out the final battle or do something else so he wouldn't worry about her but he also knew better than to try and stop her. She had as much right to be there as anyone else, and unlike the mindless masses, she was willing to fight for her principles. Harry wasn't about to try and take that away from her.

Because the prefects from every house had been involved, everyone knew of the showdown in the Slytherin common room. Duncan, Harry Eves and Harmon hadn't been shy about telling everyone about what happened in Dumbledore's office either. By the time Harry and company had arrived in the Great Hall everyone now knew that even Dumbledore was listening to everything Harry had to say, and that from Duncan's point- of-view Dumbledore was taking 'Marching Orders' from Harry, not the other way around as most people had believed the year before.

"I know you threw down the gauntlet last night," Hermione started, looking concerned, "and I agree it was necessary." She added when he raised a brow at her lecturing tone. "But we really should have made sure not to undermine Dumbledore's authority so badly."

Harry smiled at the use of the word 'we'. "If I didn't feel like I was fighting this war on two and half fronts Hermione I'd agree with you." He said before he finally took a bit of his breakfast.

"What do you mean two and half mate?" Ron asked between huge bites of his eggs and bacon.

Harry sighed and looked down at his plate, gathering his thoughts. "I mean I have to fight Voldemort, the ministry, and at times Dumbledore. And I am expected to win because I am the 'chosen one'." He said with a great deal of disgust. "How can I do that when I have no support other than a few loyal friends while the other factions each have their own experienced veteran fighters on their side?"

"Dumbledore at least came around." Ron said as he reached for more sausages.

Harry snorted. "I don't call needing to be blackmailed coming around." Harry scowled.

Hermione bit her lip. "Perhaps it would be better if Dumbledore stepped down as Headmaster." She whispered so only the five of them could hear her. Harry looked intrigued as he thought about it.

Ginny and Ron both looked shocked and sat back, Neville looked thoughtful. Harry sighed but nodded his head. "I agree with you." He said after thinking for a moment. "If Dumbledore wasn't here he could concentrate more on the war effort outside of Hogwarts, and it would split the places Tom would have to attack into three; the Ministry, Hogwarts and Headquarters."

"Which he can't find." Breathed Ginny softly as she regained her composure.

"But he would attack here so much faster without Dumbledore here." Ron protested.

"Maybe not." Neville piped in. "He would be distracted by why Dumbledore would leave."

Hermione looked at Harry with excitement. "Did you ever send that letter to Madame Munchbanks?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah but it was a few weeks ago. Remus said she was working on it and should have something soon. Why?"

"If Dumbledore left he could set-up a safe house, and we could issue the suspected targets a portkeys to that location. If Susan isn't here when they attack, their whole plan is useless, same with the other suspected targets." She explained.

"It makes sense until you consider that he'd kill everyone in a rage because we defeated his plan." Ron pointed out.

Hermione looked a little defeated but Harry just shook his head. "What if it was two safe houses? One for the targets, and one for the other students."

"But wouldn't the mini Death Eaters just tell their parents about the portkeys." Neville asked.

Harry got an evil smile on his face. "Yeah, and since Snape knows about the portkeys to the bottom of the Irish Sea…" Hermione paled and gripped the edge of the table hard. Harry stopped and looked over at her and held her hand. "We wouldn't really do it, but if Snape were told that's where the suspected Death Eater children's portkeys would take them so they couldn't endanger the other students, do you think the parents would take the risk?"

Ron smiled evilly and nodded. "We'd have to make some comments that can be overheard by the others. A comment here about how 'War is War, but it is better to kill them before they kill us'. And added to that things like 'It would look like an accident', and 'oops I mixed them with the weapons ones."

"But we wouldn't really do that." Hermione said sternly.

Harry shook his head. "We'll setup a temporary prison and place them there until we can turn them over to the Ministry." At Hermione's scowl he chuckled. "A detention camp with nice facilities." He amended to pacify her.

Hermione looked thoughtful but gave Harry a nod to his amendment. "Why not just send them on to the ministry to begin with." She looked doubtful. "Secret prisons? Seriously? Who would we get to guard them? Dobby?"

The others all burst out laughing. "Oh Merlin! Can you imagine the look on Malfoy's face if Dobby were to feed him bread and water?" Ginny cackled. They all laughed a little harder. They looked over to see Malfoy and their looks and glee inadvertently made the Slytherins even more nervous than they already were by laughing harder.

"Honestly we should run these ideas by the Order and the minister." Hermione pointed out.

Harry agreed. "Yeah, I'll start with Remus and Tonks this morning after class." He said.

To say Tonks and Remus were astonished at the plans and preparations Harry and his friends had come up with would have been an understatement. Both however where in agreement.

"It would be better if Dumbledore wasn't splitting his time, but who would you want in charge here?" Tonks asked him. "The other teachers are followers, not leaders."

Remus nodded. "I hate to say it but that is how the Death Eaters are going to see it too."

Harry smirked. "Actually the portkey plan won't work unless we have a 'follower' who answers to me rather than Dumbledore."

Tonks laughed. "That's true. The Death Eaters wouldn't believe Dumbledore would allow their kids to be issued portkeys to their deaths."

Remus snorted. "He doesn't even like us using spells stronger than stunners."

Harry sighed. "That would be fine if they couldn't be woken up."

Tonks nodded. "Yeah we've been arguing about that at meetings. Even Snape agrees we should be at least using bone breakers to put the buggers down hard." Remus nodded in agreement.

"Reducto works even better since it splatter the parts of them all over. Gives them something to think about." Harry suggested.

Tonks and Remus nodded again. "If we start using the harsher tactics, it will give more credence to the idea. Although I expect some of them are too arrogant to believe we could do something like that."

Harry smirked. "If we were really going to send them there. Their portkeys would send them to a third place. A detention camp," he said with a laugh, "although I'd prefer a prison. But I promised Hermione we wouldn't send them to a prison... so…" he trailed off.

Remus laughed while Tonks looked off in the distance. "Never, ever, annoy your girlfriend."

"I think I know a place we can setup a detention camp, Moody style." Tonks said with an evil grin.

"Moody style?" Harry and Remus both asked with matching puzzled looks.

"Okay so not Mad-eye himself but Crouch Jr. style." Tonks corrected herself.

Harry laughed. "You want to make a zoo do you?"

Remus chuckled. "Are you thinking of Windmill City Farm near Bristol?"

Harry just chuckled when Tonks nodded. "I loved that place as a kid, and I know that they have a containment area for chickens that isn't being used right now, since they got rid of a lot of their cows and chickens recently."

Remus nodded. "We could easily add some containment wards to keep the little blighters in and with them transfigured into animals we wouldn't need to worry about escape as long as we keep a large group of kneazles as 'farm cats' to keep them in line."

Harry nodded. "Well that works. Wonder if we could do that with any adult wizards we catch too."

Tonks nodded. "We could but I'd add a form locking charm as well so they can't fight the form and change back. If we limit this to only a few people we might even be able to keep the idea from Voldemort and we let a rumor of us throwing Death Eaters through the Veil start up and he'll have no reason to go looking for a secret prison." She explained.

"It would also back-up the idea that we are getting ruthless, but with us actually doing the opposite, Dumbledore will likely back this idea." Remus added.

Harry shrugged. "I really don't care at this point if Dumbledore is onboard or not. As I told the others this morning I am tired of fighting Death Eaters, the ministry and the Order at every turn. Either he can help us or we will work around him too."

Remus looked at Harry's tired face and stance. "I'll remind him of all this Harry." He placed a hand on Harry shoulder. "I was very proud of you when I heard what happened in his office."

"Me too." Piped in Tonks.

"It was good to hear that you are willing to do what is needed to help everyone and not just those that affect the 'big picture'." Remus smiled.

Harry sighed bitterly. "That's always been Dumbledore's problem. He had no problem moving his chess pieces and sacrificing us to win the war. Why else would he not train me from the beginning?"

Remus sighed. "I don't think Dumbledore is as calculating as all that. I honestly don't think he had any idea just how bad the Dursleys were."

"He still admitted he knew it would be ten dark hard years." Harry said stubbornly.

Remus nodded. "He knew Petunia wasn't going to welcome you with open arms but he never imagined she would be as cruel as she was."

Harry waved his explanation off. "Let's not beat a dead horse. How about we agree Dumbledore is not omniscient and work from there. What do we need to do to get everyone else onboard our idea?"

Tonks sighed. "We take it to the Order and make the suggestion, but we really need to decide who would be the new headmaster before we make our proposition, because whoever it is has to be able to keep Snape in line realistically AND be willing to follow your lead."

"Mirvena would be best." Remus suggested. "She's the deputy so it also makes sense."

"She's too loyal to Dumbledore in the eyes of the enemy." Tonks said while shaking her head slowly. "They would never believe she would switch loyalties to Harry."

"Who else is going to keep Snape in line and follow Harry on staff though?" Remus asked.

"Does the new Headmaster need to be someone from the school?" Harry asked.

Remus and Tonks both looked thoughtful. "I guess not, but who else is there out there that you can trust to do what we need to do?"

"We need someone that we can trust to want to take the fight to the Death Eaters, has been a professional teacher or tutor at one point in their lifetime, be unsympathetic to the mini Death Eaters and Snape, and finally be willing to listen to suggestions from their staff." Harry outlined. "I don't know many people in the wizarding world, but there has to be someone we know who can do all that and be acceptable to the Board of Governors."

"The majority of people I know don't have the qualifications we need." Remus said sadly. "I know people who would be willing to fight and take orders, but they don't have any education background."

"Same here." Tonks added. "I mean I do know some of the academy trainers and they qualify on three of the four, but I don't know them well enough to think they would follow orders or go against the ministry but helping us with our own prison for student death eaters in the event of an attack."

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "The only non-Hogwarts teachers I know are Madams Maxime and Marchbanks, and Professor Tofty."

"When did you meet Tofty?" Tonks asked.

"He was one of my examiners during my OWLs." Harry told her. "I don't really know him. I just know he was impressed with my Patronus."

"I wonder if Madame Marchbanks could help us out by suggesting someone." Tonks said.

Harry shook his head. "She is already working on a list of possible 'wanted' hostages to use against the Circle; I really don't want to bother her with more."

"Plus she might ask Dumbledore who he would suggest." Remus added.

"Which would defeat the purpose of finding someone not indebted to the headmaster or some such thing?" Harry sighed.

Tonks suddenly jumped up and hit herself in the head. "I can't believe I forgot about him!" She exclaimed. She ran toward the fireplace and called out 'Tonks cottage'. Remus and Harry just looked at each other and watch in bewilderment as she yelled out for her mother, a few moments later an older woman's face appeared in the fire.

"Is everything alright Nymphadora?" She asked.

"Yeah everything is fine but I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Are you still close friends with Professor Vindictus Viridian?"

The older woman looked a little cross. "Of course we are Nymphadora. You would know that if you ever came home for dinner when we ask you to."

"Mother this is important." Tonks said sternly. "Does he still think Dumbledore is a soft-hearted fool?"

Mrs. Tonks looked even more irritated. "I wouldn't presume to ask him."

Tonks sighed. "Has he said as much within your hearing?"

"Yes, he has made comments to that effect recently."

"Excellent." Tonks said and she smiled. "Do you think you can arrange a meeting for me? I want to discuss the possibility of a job for him."

"He's coming for dinner this Friday, if you want to come then…"

"I'll be there mother." Tonks talked to her mother a little more before she signed off and stood up. "I think Professor Viridian would be perfect."

"I know that name." Harry said softly trying to remember where he had heard it before.

"He wrote a book called Curses and Counter-curses and used to teach defense until he retired in 1957." Remus told him. "In fact I think he was the last person to hold the job for more than a year."

Harry assumed the position was cursed sometime around then. I wonder why Dumbledore never had the position curse looked into? He shook the thought off for later. "I think I remember looking at his book before first year." Remus just smirked at him. "Sounds like he doesn't like Dumbledore much."

Tonks shook her head. "He doesn't. He actually resigned after a few years of Dumbledore being in charge because he didn't like Dumbledore's policies on discipline."

"What? Was he in agreement with Finch or something?" Harry asked.

Tonks shook her head. "No. He doesn't agree with hanging student by their toenails but he does agree that people should be limited in how many chances they get. He also doesn't like how Dumbledore has allowed the teaching standards to fall. History and Divination are a joke, Potions is too important a subject to allow someone as bias as Snape to teach, and the defense position, well I can't say that I blame Dumbledore for that one. Overall he thinks Dumbledore has too much power and not enough time to do any of his jobs properly, never mind taking on more with the Order too."

"If he were to start here as headmaster…" Remus prompted.

"He'd likely fire Snape and bring back Slughorn or find someone else to take over potions if Snape doesn't fall into line immediately, kick the mini death eaters out on their ear on their first offense, and he'd take the precautions we think are necessary to protect the children. He might look the other way if the rumors are allowed, but I think if we make the comments about making a mistake issuing to the mini death eaters at a meeting it would be a better thing to let Snape hear that rather than you doing it in the castle if he comes onboard." Tonks said with certainty.

"Sounds like our kind of guy." Harry said softly. "Can you trust him?"

"I've known him most of my life which is why I think he'd be the best person for the job. Dumbledore won't like it though." Tonks said.

"It's not that I want to go against him, but it seems like the students are not enough of a priority to him. He seemed to think that the Slytherin students could go to Snape for help. It never occurred to him that Snape wasn't a good Head of House and basically told his students they were on their own from first year on." Harry explained. "Dumbledore looked like someone had sucker punched him when Duncan said otherwise."

Tonks nodded. "I'll bet. Dumbledore's greater good is a problem. No one but him understands it. I for one am not taking someone's word on why I should do something without a good explanation."

"Tonks and I will take this to the Order meeting on Saturday." Remus said. "In the meantime, get your friends ready to start making portkeys. I'll arrange a safe house for the regular students myself. They will only need to be there for a short period of time before they floo out to the parent's homes or to the Ministry."

With the plan in place to deal with an attack underway, Harry turned his attention towards the apathetic students. Of those in the DA that were there for the reasons Harry considered to be right, He began to give more of his personal touch in his teaching. The others who were there more for homework help, he ignored. Hermione quickly followed his lead as did the rest of the inner workings of his group. The teaching of simple DA was left to the members like Smith, who were from the year before and there for the wrong reasons. That left most of the people wondering what they had done wrong.

When Harry explained he didn't have time to waste on people who only cared about themselves and not the community as a whole, he managed to shock the group. Overnight several people quit the DA but the majority of them renewed their commitment to the ideals of the group and they could be seen recruiting outside the group after classes.

The idea that Harry was going to fight for them because it was his job got blown to bits when Smith had made the comment to that effect in the Great Hall on that Saturday evening. Harry had turned on him.

"You honestly think that I should have to put my life on the line every time a Death Eater decides to attack someone's home?" Harry had spat at him, loudly enough that the whole Greta Hall had stopped to listen. "You really think I somehow can instantly know when someone is attacking your house and I should drop everything just to come and fight for your life?" He asked, his voice dripping with contempt. "What's in it for me even if I could know when every attack is going to take place?"

"But you're the one who is supposed to…" Smith started arrogantly.

"SUPPOSED TO!" Screamed Hermione who had been standing with Harry. "Harry isn't SUPPOSE to do anything Smith. It's not up to Harry to defeat every Death Eater out there. You and your family are capable of fighting back if you want to. It's just easier to sit back and be a coward." She snarled.

"But then again that's what the majority of you all do anyway." Ron agreed, stepping into Smith's face. "Hide and let people fight for you."

"It really is pathetic." Luna agreed, with her voice as soft and ethereal as ever.

"It's not just pathetic, it's wrong and it's easy." Neville said with utter contempt and he looked around the room. "There are over ten thousand wizards and witches in the UK, if we all stand together against what maybe fifty crackpots we could easily have this over with tomorrow, but no you all want to sit back and moan about Harry not doing enough." He growled at them. Harry was glad that McGonagall, Snape and the Headmaster were gone for their meeting otherwise Neville never would have been able to continue. "Malfoy and his little group of Death Nibblers are exactly what we need to stand against. Most of you hate the filth they spew, but you never stand up to it. Stop hiding in the shadows and say something for once. Otherwise you deserve to die alone when they come to your home to kill you."

Shock was present on everyone's faces as the group headed out together, followed closely by the faithful DA members, slowly as Neville's speech began to penetrate the minds and thoughts of the students more and more students left the hall. The DA members moved to the practice room, while the non DA members who had been convinced did several things. Some wrote home to tell their parents they would be staying in the castle to learn real defense and suggested they practice or improve their wards; others went into empty classrooms to practice spells they knew and other formed groups looking into the additional spells they could learn.

The Death Eaters and vowed Slytherins and Ravenclaws met in a room near their common room, unaware that their conversation was being monitored by an invisible House Elf who had reasons to hate every person in the room.