Duo walked down the rainy streets of New York. His hands in the pockets of his heavy black raincoat. He watched as businessmen, clothed just like him, rain along the street, holding newspapers above their heads, protecting their hair-do against the heavy down fall. New York showed it's most gloomy face in the late fall, with his wet and windy days. Cab's seem to ride close to the sidewalk so that water would splash up against pedestrians. Punishing them for the fact they didn't get in for a ride.

Duo was just as gloomy as New York was and not just because the weather sucked. He didn't even had a reason to be outside and get all wet. He could have stayed at home, were it was warm. But then he would have his agent, breathing in his neck, watching his every move, folowing him around more than his own shadow did.

He needed to get out, get some fresh air. Ever since his song became a hit he lost control over his life. His agent made sure to take it all over. The big, middle aged man chose what he ate, what he drank, what he said and now the man tried to control what he thought. He was trying to get into his head. Trying and almost succeeding. Every discussion Duo would ingage in he would always lose, because Bill, his bulky agent would always twist his words, driving him crazy.

The only thing that told him NOT to fire Bill and get a new agent was because of his succes. every single person in America had heard of his first and only song 'Breaking down the walls'. He was THE topic to talk about. Girls were hanging posters of him half naked above there beds as we speak. And half naked wasn't good enough for Playgirl, who all but broke down the door, trying to get him to pose naked for them and their lust-crazed fans. HIS lust-crazed fans.

Said cabs rushed by him with a speed a good ten miles above the limit. Succeeding in getting him even wetter. But it diidn't really matter. It shouldn't. If he felt more gloomy and depressed than he did now he would throw himself for the next racing cab, and that didn't seem all to bad either.

He looked at the wealthy businessmen catching up on him and passing him by. He should have been one of them. He finished school and finished Princeton. He was twnty five and more then one company wanted him to work for them, but he had to recline. For Teffra, the owner of the record company that now owned HIM, discovered him just in time, before one of the rich, wellknown, company's would claim him. She saw him in the bar he worked for a while. He was trying to make earn some bucks to get to Europe. Why? Because his parents didn't give a shit at what he did and if there is noone trying to convince you not to go, why wouldn't you? His parents didn't care if he was a famous singer-to-be, a rich businessman, a waitor at KFC's or a poor homeless guy, sitting in the gutter sniffing on the coke he bought with the money he got from selling his body. Yes, his parents were lovely.

The thought of his parents almost got him over the edge to step of the sidewalk, this time as a limo passed him by in a hurry. It could have been his limo, but then again it couldn't, after taking a better look. The limo passing him by was dark blue. His was black, just the way he liked it.

One man looked at him suspiciously. and Duo knew why. He hid his Braid under his coat and had a black hat on his head. His hair was the one of the thing people imediately recognized. He also wore black sunshades. Stupid, soncidering the weather conditions, but he didn't want to run into some girl screaming: 'Oh my god! You're Duo Maxwell!'

He cringed, remembering the last time that happenend. He had to run away, fast, for at least ten girl and a few guys were chasing him. Begging him for a picture or an autograph. Yeah, some people were really obsessed with him.

He cursed the clip for Breaking down the walls, wich seemed to put a spell on people. And he blamed the daring and not-so-daring pictures that were taking of him by hired photographers and by paparrazi. He hated paparazzi. Damn the paparazzi!

He looked up startled as a cars honk broke his depressing musings. A dark figure, probably a woman, was standing in the middle of the street. A car right in front of her, she nodded her apology and walked to the other side, his side, of the road fast and looked around, lost. Then suddenly her eyes fell on him and she smiled and walked towards him.

Oh no, he thought helpless, as she was only mere steps away from him, please don't recognize me. Because of his dark glasses he could barely make out her features. He decided to take his chances and brought a hand up to remove his sunglasses, he expected here to scream, in joy or in surprise. He expected here to glomp him of fall down to her knees and cry while screaming: "I can't believe it's you! It must be faith".

But she did none of those stupid things. She just stood there, smiling at him, she didn't even seem to recognize his world renown face. He held his sigh of relief and since she was staring at him, he took the time to stare back. To take in her appearance. One thing was for sure. She was a beauty, a natural beauty. Her face seemed to be oriental. Pointed, but delicate features, slightly narrowed eyes and, despite the awful weather, her skin held a healthy tan. But all seemed so unimportant in comparison to her eyes. The most beautiful, remarkable, shade of blue he had ever seen. They were captivating. He was snapped awake when he noticed the beautiful cobalt eyes looked at him in amusement. He blushed and shut his mouth which he apparently opened in awe. Becoming nervous under his stare she ran a hand through her wet dark brown hair that fell in curls over her shoulders onto her back.

All in all, she was breathtaking and he wondered what she thought of him.

'Can I help you?' He finally muttered. He blushed lightly, realizing how he was shamelessly staring at her. Thank god for dark and gloomy New York so she couldn't see the red hue on his cheeks.

'Well, you can start by giving me you name. I am Hanako Yuy. Everybody calls me Hannah.' She said full of confidence. reaching out her hand.

He grabbed the hand, but instead of shaking it he brought the damp hand up to his lips and kissed it. She chuckled and he decided that he would probably love her laugh. Even her chuckle made him feel warm and tingly inside.

'I am Duo Maxwell.' Maybe now a bell would begin to ring in her head, but still she didn't recognize him. Seeing that her name and face were oriental and her voice was tickly accented she probably just got here in America.

'You can't tell me the only reason you came to me was to ask for my name.' He said with a flirtatious smile. Normally girl would be drooling all over him, but Hannah stood her ground and just smiled back sweetly.

'You're very observant. And your right. I was hoping you could tell me were the subway is.'

'Underground?' He joked.

She chuckled again. Damn, he wanted to make her laugh.

'Very funny comedian. Let me try again: I was hoping you could tell me the way to the nearest subway entrance.'

He smiled and nodded 'Walk down this street, make a U-turn so that you are on the other side of this buildings. cross the street, watch out for the cars this time,' She smiled, 'You can't miss it, since there's a big sign hanging above the stairs.'

'Thank you. I should be going, my brothers expects me-' She brought her hand up and looked at her thin silver watch, she sighed, 'Expected me half an hour ago.' She turned to leave but Duo, captivated by her, couldn't just let her go. Maybe she was the one! You can never know.

'Wait, maybe you should give me your phone number.' He hated himself for almost sounding as desperate as his fans do.

She smiled but shook her head 'If I made a habit of giving every cute stranger my number I'd be disappointing my mother.' She said with a smiled. She shook his hand, making sure he didn't get the opportunity to kiss it. She thanked him again for showing her the way and then went of.

He cursed himself for suddenly being so sad. Even more depressed then before. What are the chances that she is 'The One'? What are the chances that there is something as 'The One'?

Still, he couldn't help it and felt like a tiny ray of light, that reached into his darkened life, was ripped away from him.