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My Sister Ain't Home


Chapter TWO

The chair at the kitchen table creaked a bit like an old fashioned grannies rocking chair as he rose to his feet. Bare foot he padded over to the kitchen counter to pour himself some milk. He had heard many times before that warm milk helped on sleepless night, but he didn't fancy the drink, nor were the results helpful. As he poured, watching the white liquid fall down in a neat stream into his glass he heard footsteps from behind, closing in on him slowly. He had heard Heero the moment the young man stepped on the fourth step from above of the stairs, which always moaned under their weight.

'What are you doing here?' A sleepy voice asked, followed by a soft yawn. He could imagine Heero standing behind him, rubbing his tired eyes which looked so adorable half closed from sleep.

'Couldn't sleep.' He merely explained. The milk pack was empty but he didn't bother to throw it away. First he took two large gulps of the drinks, he set the glass down as arms wrapped across his waist and a cheek rubbed against his soft night wear T-shirt, against his shoulderblade.

'Come back to bed.' Heero mumbled, with one hand he brushed the long braid to the side to plant a kiss on the back of Duo's neck.

Duo sighed. 'Nah, I think I'm gonna stay here for a little while longer.' He turned in Heero's embrace and planted a soft kiss on his forehead, noticing with a smile Heero didn't even have the energy to keep his eyes open and his head hung a little. 'I promise I'll be quiet when I come back to bed.'

The boy in his arms just moaned and heavily leaned against his chest.

Duo chuckled. 'Bed hog.'

'Says the person who sleeps in till eleven o'clock almost every day.' He absentmindedly retorted.

'That you are a morning person is something i can't help, though I must say you're kind musn't reproduce for the sake of mine.'

'You don't have to worry about me reproducing.' He snuggled his head closer still against Duo's chest, breathing in his soothing scent, his hold around Duo weakened as he appeared to slowly fall asleep in his arms. 'You sure you don't want to come to bed?' He tried again.

'No, too nervous about tomorrow.'

Heero snorted, though it also could have easily been a snore 'There is no need for you to worry.'

He sighed, rubbing his lovers back in circles. Ever since that afternoon in the car, there was no doubt about the fact that they were indeed lovers as he was never again denied after that day. He thanked the heavens for that fact. But what he liked more was the normalcy between them, as if it hadn't been just a year ago that he had discovered he was gay.

'But they know.' He pointed out to Heero in a slightly whining voice.

'Don't worry, they like you.'

Duo was surprised the boy was still talking as he had half assumed he had fallen asleep when it took him a little longer to answer. 'They used to.'

'They still do.' Heero retorted with stronger voice.

A long, suffering sigh 'Go to bed Heero, before you start drooling all over me.'

Reluctantly the japanese boy pushed away from him and slowly walked back to the stairs, which took him ages to climb. Before disappearing out of sight he called one last time: 'You don't have to worry.'

Duo didn't respond and merely waited till he finally heard the bedroom door closing softly again, with a smile he turned back to his drink and emptied the glass, shaking his head at Heero's silly behaviour. But his words did nothing to comfort him. He still worried about the next day, in fact, it made his stomach coil so painfully he almost wanted to lean forward in an effort to relieve the pain. It was just in his head, he knew that, but he could only imagine how difficult it will be for him tomorrow. He just didn't know why Heero had to invite them. Well, maybe he did. He reckoned it was Heero's way of making him pay for dragging him to his sisters birthday. The little minx.

He took his seat at the kitchen table again, bringing the empty glass for no reason and toying with it as he sat in silence, contemplating what tomorrow would bring and considering if it would be entirely inappropriate if he didn't show up at the dinner party. He had no idea how long he had been turning that glass in his hand, watching as the last remaining white drops moved within it, rolling from side to side, but after what seemed like eternity his eyes started to droop and he knew he had to get upstairs quickly or risk falling asleep at the kitchen table in the uncomfortable wooden chair.


'Goodmorning baby.'

Two blessed warm hands connected with his shoulders and gave them a firm squeeze. At his low moan of delight at the ministrations the hands never left his body and started up a gentle massage, relaxing his strained and sore muscles.

Slowly he opened his eyes, frowning at the sight he saw beyond his bangs that fell across his eyes. He saw his arm lying extended in front of him and his blurry vision detected the glass he had held in the wee hours of the night, it had toppled over and the few drops of milk left had leaked out onto the kitchen table. He groaned with realisation and at the pain in his back. He had fallen asleep in the chair, he had never made it upstairs. He continued watching, a little disappointed as one of those gentle hands released him, while the other continued with the pleasurable touches, and reached past his head. He saw the slim hand taking hold of the glass and lifting it up, out of his sight. Soon, the other hand was gone as well and with the departure of the source of heat that had been standing close behind him, he shuddered, now also remembereing he was wearing nothing but a thin grey shirt and his black boxers. With another pained groan he straightened up, his head ached from lying on the hard wood all night and he twisted the knots out of his neck by rolling his head. Turning his head he saw his lover rinsing the glass and placing it on the counter, to be placed in the dishwater later.

With a smirk Heero turned, casually leaning against the counter, he folded his arms and stared at the poor excuse of a man sitting hunched in the kitchen. He let out an amused chuckle.

'Oh you think this is funny?' Duo said in mock anger.

Heero, not intimidated by the Americans act whatsoever, nodded his head. 'Duo, you are such a goober.' (1)

'Care to make this goober some breakfast, hmm?' Duo tentively asked as he rose from his seat to stand before Heero. There, in the middle of the kitchen, he stretched lengthily, enjoying the pops his joints gave and how relaxed his muscles felt afterwards. He opened his eyes to look down at Heero. How he loved the fact that he was so much taller than him. It was an innocent power issue he needed to work on, but wasn't in a rush to do so.

Heero turned and reached up to grab something out of a cubboard. He quickly prepared something, his back turned to Duo. He whipped around again and presented to Duo his breakfast.

Duo eyes the simple buttered cracker with distaste. 'No, I mean real food.'

Heero laughed, shoving the cracker in Duo's hand while taking a bite out of his. Teasingly he poked Duo's abdomen, though hard and muscled he said: 'You're got to watch those extra pounds Duo.'

In shock he lifted his shirt to inspect hismelf. Grateful to find no bulging stomach as Heero might have suggested he couldn't help but sigh in relief, for a moment he feared he had slept twenty years to wake up fat and bald, a possibility, even though Heero looked exactly the same. But he guessed age would do nothing but good to. 'Tease.' He growled, taking a reluctant bite out of the cracker, making an ugly face.

'Don't be so childish Duo. I don't have time to make breakfast, I have to do some shopping and prepare for tonight.'

'We could always cancel!' Duo suggested as Heero, after he had finished his cracker, walked past him towards the stairs.

Heero turned while shaking his head. 'I told you not to worry! Duo, I made them promise to be nice.'

'Noo! That will only make it worse!'

Heero just shook his head again and walked up the stairs. 'I'm going to take a shower.'

He watched him go and as soon as he was gone he threw away the second cracker Heero had prepared and opened the fridge to find himself some substantial food that would keep him up and running till lunch. He stuck his nose in, literally sniffing around, on a plate, covered by aliminium foil was a piece of leftover chicken from last night, which would suffice. He took it out and cut it in thin slices so he could cover a slice of bread with it.


He almost cut his own fingers when the angry yell resonated through the house with an echo that was created by sounds bouncing off the bare bathroom walls. He dropped the knife and leapt towards the stairs going up two steps at a time to reach the bathroom in record time. He raced past Heero in a blur, who stood in the centre of the bathroom with merely a creme towel wrapped around his waste. However inviting that may have been he knew not to tempt Heero when he was in moods like this one. He rushed to the showerstall and all but fell down on his knees. He had been the last to shower last night and thus it were all his long hairs that had gathered around the shower drain in a disgusting, damp heap. With his thumb and index finger he lifted the mass with slight disgust and rose to quickly dispose it in the trashcan. He gave Heero his best puppy eyes, begging for forgiveness.

He waited for the intensity of the glare to decrease till finally Heero's tense posture relaxed.

'You're forgiven.'

'Thanks Baby, I promise I won't forget to clean it up next time.' He leaned in for a fleeting kiss.

'Yeah yeah. That's the same you said last time.' He mumbled softly. Without even waiting for Duo to leave he shamelessly lowered the towel, draping it over the radiator so it will be warmed up when he was finished with his shower. He stepped into the stall, pretending Duo wasn't even there.

His eyes feisted on the sight and his hands were already on the hem of his shirt, ready to disrobe himself to join Heero under the warm spray. Not expecting to be denied, he asked: 'May I join you?'


His hands dropped. 'No?!'

'No.' Heero confirmed. With a hand he wiped some of the fog off the glass door of the stall, giving Duo an evil grin. 'That'll teach you.'

'Evil man.' Duo growled, but he knew Heero's was serious and he wasn't welcome to join so he reclined back to the kitchen to continue fixing his breakfast.

Just as he was cleaning up the mess he had made Heero rounded the corner into the kitchen smelling like honey and vanilla, freshly showered. His hair was still damp but he looked ready to head out any moment, dressed in casual light jeans, a white dress shirt and already wearing his brown leather jacket. He halted in front of the fridge which was covered with colourful magnets and all kind of notes and he ripped off the shopping list they had created over the past few days. He folded it neatly and pushed it in his pocket, only then turning his attention to Duo.

The kiss he received on his cheek was so fleeting he doubted he ever got one. Just as he heard heero leave he remembered something and called after him.

Heero poked his head around the corner again. 'Yes?'

'We're out of lube too.' He said it with no blushes or embarrasment he spoke of it as a carton of milk.

'Is it on the list?' Heero panted a bit from running around the house.


He thought about for a while but in the end left without writing it down.

Duo followed him into the livingroom, watching him disappear in the hall. 'Don't you have to write it down?'

'I won't forget!' Heero shouted back and then closed the frontdoor behind him.

Duo continued cleaning the kitchen, though he didn't look forward to getting excited and then having their plans fall apart as they were out of lube, he silently hoped Heero would forget for thusfar he had been a little too perfect of a roommate for his liking while Duo still tended to mess up, like with the shower drain. Heero must have told him a zillion times how much he hated to find hair in the drain. He kept ranting about that he needed to clean it up once he was done. Heero never forgot to clean up his own hair and he had cleaned up after Duo too for a while, till it just became too much for him.

He chuckled, remembering the silly fight they had had in which also came up the fact that Duo never wrote down the things he needed on the shopping list and then blaming Heero afterwards for not buying them.

As soon as he was done with the kitchen he left to shower himself. Quickly stripping himself and jumping in even before the ray had reached the right temperature, but the cold water only had positive effects on him. While he soaped himself up with his own shower cream he couldn't help but opening the lid of Heero's en sniffing it once in a while. The sweet honey was entoxicating, though even moreso combined with Heero's own unique scent. He had used it once on himself, because he had forgotten to write down his cream on the shopping list, but it didn't have the same effect as burrying his head in the crook of Heero's neck and taking a deep breath. Though it had been distinguishable enough to make him look around every moment or so, thinking that Heero was standing behind him as he was certain he could smell him.

Next was his hair, a painstakingly long ordeal that was turning more and more into a chore like unclogging the toilet. Well, maybe not that disgusting, but he hated how heavy his arms felt after sudding his hair properly and then he hadn't even rinsed it yet! He once thought out loud to cut it off, only to receive an immediate 'NO!!' from Heero. He never really concidered it, but now he mentioned it once in a while just because he enjoyed having that effect on Heero.

After rinsing, cursing his hair again no matter how much joy Heero, and he, took from it, he left the shower and grabbed a towel from the closet, regretting he had forgotten to warm it like Heero had done as the cold air attacked his wet skin and the towel was insufficient protection.

'Man that's cold... shit!' He fled to the warmth of the bedroom after he was dry enough to leave a minium trail of wet footsteps. Something else that irritated Heero endlessly. Out of curiosity, to busy himself while drying off his hair, he opened heero's bedside drawer, not meaning to snoop but merely looking for the lube. He found the small tube and when he opened it and tried to squeeze soemthing out of it, to no avail. He was glad he had reminded Heero to buy some because who knows how willing Heero would be to drive to the drugstore in the middle of the night. He snickered at that and closed the drawer, throwing away the empty tube.

Things sure have changed, he thought as he lay down on the bed as naked as the day he was born, with his head on the folded towel as to not soak the bedsheets. Unlike in the first three months, which he thought had been most enjoyable, they had had many fights, mostly about little things, but that made him relieved, because to him it was a sign that they, as a couple, were normal and strong enough to deal with things like a shampoo shortage or clogged up shower drains. He could add two more months to the eight they had been oficially together on Heero's birthday and the last two had been better than the first three after their 'break-up'. With a proud smile he looked over to the side at his bed side table, at the silver frame that elegantly displayed a picture of him and Heero, it was their first ever picture together, taken in a photobooth at the mall. It wasn't their most complementary, they didn't even look anything close to pretty in it, but that was part of what he liked about it so much. Most important was that they looked happy. They had been crammed up together in the booth, fighting for the single chair in it, they had been shocked when suddenly a bright flash interrupted them, making the first out of the four pictures they would get. The first showed Heero pushing Duo off the chair, sticking his tongue out at him while also smiling. Duo already had his hands on Heero's shoulder, ready to push him back while he was laughing with his mouth wide open en eyes half closed, looking downright rediculous. The second showed them giving the camera a surprised look as they had been caught of guard by the flash. The third was blurry as they quickly moved about to strike a suitable pose for the last picture. And finally the last had Duo sitting on the chair, Heero sideways in his lap, arms wrapped around the American's broad shoulders. Duo was facing Heero, his eyes closed, pouting his lips rediculously, awaiting a kiss. Heero was kind enough to grant him his wish, lightly touching his lips with his, but couldn't keep a straight face at Duo's strange expression, so his pouting lips, locked with Duo's, were curled up into an awkward smile, his eyes twinkling with mirt. He adored the four little pictures, enough to refuse without a second thought when Heero offerend to fill the frame with a different picture they took on a later date.


'What's this?' Duo asked, gesturing at the blue pack lying on the pale kitchen table. He had just rushed downstairs after hearing Heero come home after a whole day of practising with the band.

Heero was in the kitchen with a bottle at his lips, greedily gulping down water. Against Duo's advise he had taken his bike and with the strong winds he had obviously come to regret it, his face was all red. 'Those are the pictures I dropped off to be develloped three days ago.' He spoke breathlessly.

Curiosly Duo ripped the pack open and flipped through the small stack of photo's.

'Wait for me!' Heero came to stand next to him so he could too look at the pictures. 'This is our first set of photo's of us together.'

Duo chuckled. 'Please don't tell me you are that type of person.'

'What type of person?' Heero quirked an eyebrow.

'The kind that celebrates each 'first'.'

'I am not!' he protested, punching his arm.

Duo rolled his eyes, unbelieving. He saw something shine in Heero's eyes but didn't mention it as he was too eager to look at the photo's to continue this meaningless discussion. He took in the many pictures Heero had taken during the past two weeks. 'I want to have pictures of us.' He had said and carried around a camera till the film was full. When Duo suggested he'd use a digital camera Heero just huffed with dismay and spoke soemthing of that digital photo's ruin all the funs and you can't enjoy them.

'This one is cute.' Heero said, taking out one of the pictures.

Duo followed it with his eyes and recognised the scene. They had spent a romantic day in the park and Heero had had the boldness to ask a total stranger to take a picture of them. It was a nice picture, with the trees of central park in the background and far in the back the vague silhouette of the tall skuscraper against the orange sky and pink clouds. Duo had his arm loosely around Heero's shoulder, probably the one who took their picture hadn't even known they were an item. The way they stood in the picture they could have easily been mere friends. Heero looked handsome, his nose a little red, it was that imperfection that he liked most but other than that they were posing too much for his liking.

When heero suggested: 'Now you can change those silly pictures in the frame.'

It was Duo's time to huff in dismay 'No way, I love those pictures!'

Heero smiled but rolled his eyes.

They continued and one of the pictures caught both their eyes and this time Duo liked it too. It was a picture with both of them, awkwardly shot by Duo who held the camera in his outstretched hand and had aimed at their faces while they kissed. The picture was angled and revealed the same sky as in the picture Heero pointed out. They were smiling as their lips softly connected in a light smooch. It reminded him of the last of the four small pictures in the frame next to his bed.

'I love this one.' Heero took it and showed no further interest for the rest of the photo's at that time. He took a small cardboard box out of the plastic bag he had brought home along with the blue pack with pictures. The box revealed a beautiful, elegant wooden frame of dark ebony wood with a red gloss to it. He followed Heero with a curious gaze as he abandoned the kitchen. Walking after him he smiled as he found heero standing int he livingroom. After putting the picture in the frame he was busy making room for it on the fully loaded low closet. He placed the frame and then took a few steps back to admire it. Duo shook his head and reentered the kitchen, though glad with the centre spot their picture had received, the dark frame standing out amongst the otherwise light wooden, white and silver frames.

When Heero joined him he said teasingly 'That's the first time a picture of us is on that closet. That's the first time there is a dark frame on that closet.' Heero paused as he tried to think of more Firsts he had accomplished in the last few minutes 'That is the first picture of us that you took. That is the first-'

'Heero, shut up!' Duo ordered with a laugh.

'I'm sorry Duo.' He folded his arms across his chest. 'I guess that's just the type of person I am.'

To shut him up he was in front of Heero in two large steps and within seconds his arms were around him and there lips were connected. Soon their tongues joined in too but he frowned as Heero planted his hands flat against his chest and pushed him back gently. With a little bit of concern in his questioning eyes he gazed at Heero, who had this little naughty smile on his face. After too much silence the Japanese boy finally spoke and the words made Duo groan and quickly kiss him again, harder.

'This is the first time we have frenchkissed in the kitchen.' He had said.

Immediately he thought grimly that though it was indeed their first time together, it was not a First for him. Visions of Hanako had spooked through his mind, but he pushed the horrid memories away and guided Heero to the couch where they fell down atop each other and continued their sparring. Duo made sure Heero was too much out of breath to point out it would be the first time for them to have sex on the couch.


He smiled at the picture on his nightstand again and couldn't withold himself from picking the frame up and bringing it close to his face so he could better inspect the small pictures.

'You're so beautiful.' He said to the Heero that was sticking his tongue out to an image of himself.

'Again that silly picture.'

He jerked up at the amused voice and found Heero standing in the doorway, casually leaning against the doorpost whilst looking at him with amused eyes, still wearing his jacket, his hair even messier than usual.

'You know how I think about toweling of in any room other than the bathroom.' The predator said as he stalked his prey.

'I know. And you must know how I love to aggrivate you.' He placed his hands behind his head and watched as Heero closed the distance, a stupid grin forming on his lips as Heero climbed on the bed and towered above him on all fours, his bangs reaching down to tickle Duo's nose. 'How long must I have been lying here...' he wondered out loud as Heero took the frame from him, giving it a brief glance before placing it on the night stand and turning his attention back to the naked Duo underneath him.

'I've been gone for over two hours.' Heero helped, swooping down to plant kissing on the long and slender neck, soon traveling down to the hairless chest. 'I vaguely remember someone telling me to remind that person to beg me to suck him off one day.' Heero mentioned while kissing his way further down slowing down more and more as he went, coming to a complete halt just above Duo's rising arousal.

'Please, Heero?' He halfheartedly begged.

Heero chuckled and looked up. 'Oh no, that's not gonna do it.'

'Pretty please? Ah!' He let out as Heero teasingly blew air over his most private parts, fully hardening him with the light touch of air.

Heero took an experimental lick at the head but that was as far as he was willing to go without Duo begging him for more.

Duo tried to ride it out, hoping that Heero grew too impatient to wait for his stubborn lover to start begging, but he should have known from the start that when Heero has his mind set on something, you can do nothing but play along. 'Heero, please...' he moaned. 'Please... I'm begging you now, aren't I?'

'Still not enough...' another slow lick.

'Nn... Heero! Ah... that's REALLY nice... please keep going. Please baby.'

'Please what?'

'Oh... bastard.' He let out with a chuckle, followed quickly by a helpless moan. He dug his fingers into Heero's hair, putting some pressure on the back of his head and clenched his teeth with pleasure as soft lips connected with the tip of his erection but the white teeth wouldn't budge and remained tightly shut, denying Duo entrance. 'Please Heero, please suck me off...' Apparently that was the magic sentence Heero had been waiting for and soon Duo was reward by a slow downward stroke as Heero took in as much as he could. He could hear the boy breathing calmly through he nose and with slight remorse it struck him that Heero probably had quite some experience with this after lots of practise with other men. Jealousy ate at his heart but soon the warmth and pressure of the mouth was too much to allow him to think of anything but the pleasure.

'Heero... I want to fuck you.'

'I though you wanted me to suck you?' Heero said as he came back up after a few moments of bobbing his head up and down, driving Duo insane.

'Yes and you are really good at it... but I'd rather be inside you.'

Heero smirked 'You were inside me.'

'... you know what I mean!' He called in frsutration and then he remembered his hands that were still in Heero's hair, so he used them to bring his lovers head up to give him a deep kiss.

Heero parted soon and quickly stripped off all his clothing, he reached over and opened his drawer but didn't find the lube.

'It was empty...' Duo panted. 'So I threw it out.'

Heero stilled.

'You did by new lube, right?'

Heero turned his head to face Duo with wide eyes and pouty lips. He slowly shook his head.




He shot out of the bed, his figure was nothing but a blur as he rushed over to Heero, leaving the warmth of the bed in which he had been peacefully reading a book till Heero's cry reached his ears.

'Duo, you promised.' Heero reminded him as Duo joined him in the bathroom.

'I know, I know. I'm sorry!' He hunched down on the floor of the shower stall and picked up his hairs from the shower drain and quickly threw them away.

'My god...' Heero let out in frustration, stepping past Duo into the stall.

Duo gave him his puppy eyes again. A great power God trusted him with, boy did that backfire.

Heero turned his back to him and turned on the spray, yelping at the cold and then cursing. Unlike Duo, he wasn't so appreciative of it. But before the American could leave the bathroom in guilt of disappointing his roommate/housemate again, he called: 'You can join.'

Duo's face split into a smile, since he never got dressed after the amazing lovemaking of that afternoon with saliva as a substitute lube, despite the fact Heero liked it less without lube because it made him a little sore afterwards, he was next to Heero in a flash.

Showering however took a little longer than usual since besides the regular soaping and rinsing there was also a lot of kissing and groping involved.

Funny how comfortable he had grown with this. His touch held no awkwardness, just sexuality and anxiety. Who had thought that being gay could come so natural? Of course, it did help that he was, for a fact, gay, but after being under the impression that he was straight for nearly twenty five years, shouldn't it have taken some time to adjust to this radically new lifestyle? More importantly, why did he never took notice of this allconsuming part of him that had, apparently, had been deep within him, in his soul and in his heart, from the day he was born, every day, every night. And also, this this mean that all his previous relationships had no meaning to them? Was he just fooling himself when he felt as though his heart was left broken after another relationship, doomed to fail, stranded on the cliffs? What were their names? Linda, Jesse, Rain, what they had once had was nothing but a joke now. It left him feeling somewhat guilty, even though there wa sno one he had betrayed as much as he had betrayed himself.

'What's bothering you?'

'Hm?' Duo looked down to find Heero standing flush against him, the two of them were sharing a large warm towel after stepping out from under the shower spray. When in the world did they get out? Where did the towel come from?

The deep frown on his forehead made Heero chuckle and reach upwards to smooth out the creases in his skin.

'Sorry, I was totally out of it.' He explained with a sheepish grin.

'What were you thinking about?'

'Linda and Rain and Jesse.' He answered absentmindly, staring at their reflection in the large bathroom mirror.

'Aherm, feeling uncomfortable here.' Heero said halfheartedly, distancing himself a little from Duo's naked form to look up at him.

'Huh?' He looked down at him and then realised what he had said. His eyes widened. 'No! No! No! That's not what I meant. I mean, I did have relationships with them, but I was just wondering, since I'm obviously gay, I mean, hello, we're hosting a dinner party, what does that do to my previous relationships? What do they mean? What did those women mean?'

Heero, reassured at his explanation closed in again and leaned his head against Duo's wet chest, shrugging.

'Well, What about you? How did you explain your other relationships?' He looked down curiously and frowned once more as he spotted an unmistakable blush along with a little smirk tugging on the corners of Heero's lips. 'What?!'

'There is no 'other raletionship' to explain.' He spoke sweetly, hiding his face as it grew redder under Duo's gaze.

Silence stretched as that comment fought it's way through Duo's thick skull. Then suddenly, a light bulb, floating miraculously above the American's head was switched on by magic as it dawned to him what his lover meant. He couldn't help but grin at the amusing revelation. He heard Heero swallow as the shorter man noticed the change in Duo's demeanor. The grin widened into a full blown smirk. 'My my, is little Hee-chan-'

'You know I hate that nickname.' Heero interupted.

Duo continued undeterred: '-trying to tell me that he has never been intimate with a woman?' He couldn't keep his voice from wavering as laughter threatened to bubble up and force it's way through his lips.

'Duo...' The japanse man warned.

'My my. This is interesting. Very interesting indeed!' Deciding a little teasing never did anybody harm he continued with a smug tone to his voice: 'So you've never felt a woman's soft bosom? Never experience the pleasure of naturally lubricated, vaginal intercourse?'

Heero hit his chest and wurmed his way free out of the towel. 'Duo, that is disgusting!!'

'Well, if you feel so strongly about it, no wonder you've never done it.'

'How do you go from zero to irritating in asshole in 3.5 seconds?!' Staring at Duo with blazing eyes as the tall american dried himself off.

'It's a gift.' He threw the towel at Heero as soon as he was done with it.

Heero, too eager to leave the bathroom after this most awkward conversation, threw the towel back in Duo's face. By the time he poked his head out again Heero was no where to be found. He smiled and shook his head. Heero had never slept with a woman! That was so strange, yet, so fitting. Heero was a person very much in touch with his emotions, so it could be considered as nothing but logical that he was quick to put two and two together and come to terms with his true sexual orientation, without the need to experiment with the opposite sex. He left for the bathroom where he found Heero hastily drying himself off with a towel he must have snatched from the laundry room.

'You just broke your own rule.' He pointed out.

'That's just the kind of effect you have on me.' He glanced briefly at his alrmclock and cursed under his breath. 'They can be here any moment. Damn, why couldn't you hurry up in the shower?' He ripped the closet door open.

He had teased Heero enough for this day and decided not to point out that it was he who hadn't been 'ready' in the shower when Duo was. As he got dressed himself in a well thought out outfit that he reckoned would make him look fashionable, sympathetic, nice and boyfriendish, but it was hard getting dressed as he kept being distracted by the tempting form that circled him that was in much of hurry to get dressed. When Heero came skipping past his view, as he was tying his shoes, with his pants hanging loose on his hips, his shirt still unbottoned, wearing two differnt socks and only one shoe, as he was busy looking for the other, he couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

Heero appeared to be even more nervous that Duo was about seeing his friends. Which in turn didn't ease Duo's mind. It proved that Heero didn't have as much faith in the forgiving spirit of his dearest friends as he had led on. Duo understood that during their 'time apart' Heero must have said some pretty bad, well deserved, things about him there was a lot of pressure on them both now. Heero didn't want to risk looking like a complete fool for taking back the man that had done him so much harm. And Duo had only one chance to make a good, second first impression. 'Here.' He handed his limping lover his other shoe and then pulled him close to zip up his pants and button-up his shirt before bending over and taking hold of Heero's ankle, lifting his foot up into his lap and putting on the shoe with as much care as the prince took in putting on Cinderella's glass mule.

When he put Heero's foot back on the floor Heero said with smiling voice: 'Thank you mother.'

Duo smiled back at him. 'I liked it. Though not as much as taking clothes OFF your body. Which I'll sure as hell will be doing later tonight.'

'Like you haven't had enough of me already.' Heero commented as he viewed himself in the full body mirror on the inside of the closetdoor.

'Never.' Duo spoke whistfully. Putting more meaning to Heero's previous comment as the young man had initially intended.

Heero's reflection made eyecontact with him. His eyes speaking volumes. Duo waited in silence, he had a feeling Heero had something very meaningful and profound to say to him and his curiosity and anxiety grew as the seconds crawled on. His mouth open and Duo was sure he was about to speak when whatever profound and devine it was that he had to say was cut off by the jingle of the doorbell.

Heero whipped his head around at the alarmclock. 'Fuck!'

Duo roared with laughter.

Heero raised a skeptical eyebrow and placed his hands on his hips, already standing in the doorway of the bedroom, about to leave to welcome in his friends, who were half an hour early. 'Now what?'

'Nothing baby.'

Heero smiled at the nickname, making a strange conversationw ith the still present frown on his brow. He shook off his confusion and left to open the frontdoor.

Duo sighed sadly. Thanks to the poor timing of WuFei, Trowa and quatre, who were now making a noicy entry, he may never find out what profound thing Heero had to say other than 'Fuck', which, he had to acknowledge,w as one of the most versitale and used words of the human vocabulary and therefore, somewhat profound. Cetrainly for Duo and certainly in times like these.

'Duo, are you coming down?!' Heero called, creating a silence among his friends, who had been chatting and joking happily before he had called for him.

'Fuck.' He uttered and reluctantly made his way downstairs.

(1) One of my reviewers, I don't recall which one, not even on which story, called Duo a goober and I just thought it was the most funniest thing. He really IS a goober. The word fits him so perfectly I couldn't help but use it. Whoever said it, I thank you for your enlightening review!

That's it for now, but I'll be back, one day... some day...

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