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Voldemort was dead, and Harry had a promise to keep to himself.

He crept along the path to follow the dark man to his destination. He crested the small hill to see the hated form of his enemy – stood tall – a few yards away.

Snape. Snape, the traitor. Snape, the murderer. Snape, who had the gall to stand in front of Dumbledore's grave as though he deserved to be in the dead man's presence.

"Snape. Turn around."

"Potter. Still playing the vanquishing hero, I see." He refused to obey the commands of his betters.

Greasy turncoat.

"Still too much a coward to face me?" Snape spun sharply to face him. Finally.

The bastard snarled at him, face contorted just as Harry remembered it. "Don't you DARE-"

Harry raised his wand and silently cast Cruciatus.

Snape collapsed and screeched in agony. His fingers clawed into the grass beneath him as he writhed.

Harry lowered his wand and watched Snape shudder and heave mouthfuls of air.

"You.. finally learned, Potter."

That's right, Snape. Mouth closed, mind shut.

A fitting end to a vile, evil man.

Snape rolled on his side and vomited. "Weak and foolish, just like your miserable father." It took him a while to enunciate every word of the taunt.

I'll show you weak…

Harry raised his wand once again and cast the second Killing Curse of his life.

The green light shot out of his wand and struck Snape, who without protection, died instantly.

"For Dumbledore."

Harry took a step forward to stare at the corpse of his nemesis. Too bad he was above kicking it.

"Harry…. oh Harry…" Hermione came running up, two minutes too late.

"It's over Hermione."

"But Harry," she bit her lip as she saw Snape's body, "Professor Dumbledore left you a note. Professor McGonagall said it just appeared on her desk."

She passed Harry the opened letter.

He finished reading the long missive and looked up at the horizon. "He still deserved it."

"But he had the same orders…"

Harry cut her off. "He still deserved it."

He held the note at arm's length and cast Incendio.

Hermione's tear-stained face followed him as he walked back to the castle.

It is done.