"Would you stop being selfish?"

-Don't you see it everyday?

-No one will acknowledge

-Try so many times and ways

-If only I could see

-Through the eyes of

-Someone who once told me to scream

-But I can't see very well

-And I swear I'm trying

-But I have no more kindness to sell

-How many times will I apologize?

-No one hears it when you say

-"Let me hear you cry"

-Someone is blind

-To how much I try

-And I know it's not enough

-So when a simple request is made

-I'm there to oblige

-Prepared to comply

-But it is never enough

-And my empathy

-And my sympathy

-Always gets the better of me

-I wish I could see

-Through the eyes of

-Someone who once told me to scream

-But I can't see very well

-There is dust in my eyes

-Clouding the view

-You want me to see

-You want me to dream

-No one hears it when you say

-Let me hear you scream

: The Prologue:

There was no chance of the rain stopping now. But not many people inside the walls of Tokyo G. Hospital were finding it hard to drift off into the land of sleep. From a little girl's point of view, the nights she was away from home were the most frightening. The rooms were so dark they seemed almost as if they were caving in on her.

But seeing walls as such could be considered normal for Sakura Kinomoto as she was only a small child.

And often doctors were interested in a child's view of the hospital because Sakura had quite a different view. Well, if you compared it to most other's that is.

When asked what she thought the hospital was like her reply was a lone sentence, "This hospital is people sitting in bed, breathing softly, water, food and medicine the only things connecting them to the world." At times the doctors would call this a very matured response, other times it was "very philosophical" but no mattered who you asked they all thoughts the reply was out of the ordinary.

Especially for a 7 year old. All nights were quiet at the little hospital, all except those who were being operated on at night but they were not in the children's ward. All was quiet there excluding room 909.

And who was the patient who slept in said room? Sakura Kinomoto. The little girl huffed out strained, deep breaths. She had just woken from a particularly bad nightmare, one where she had finally died a painful death from the disease she carried and one where she saw him.

Of course by then the nurses in the ward knew who he was but to them it was nothing to worry about. He was figment of Sakura's imagination, a nightmare boy who visited her in her sleep.

Well, according to the girl he was always with her, except no one else could see him. It wasn't the kind of imaginary friend she would talk to. In fact most psychologists she had been sent to about him considered it just the opposite. After all wasn't it possible if children had imaginary friends to have the opposite?

The moon hung in the sky that night as if on a string, towering above the hospital. She pushed the covers on top of her legs over gently and thumped off her bed, hurrying along the hallway.

This time she wouldn't visit Nurse Watanabe about her nightmare, seeing as the woman never made her feel any better. Instead she decided a trip to her cousin's room wouldn't hurt. The walls were bare and spongy. Her fists were clenched and sweaty.

A chill ran up her spine at the mix of sweat and cold air. There was no sound in the air except a dripping sound, like a sink left on but only slightly. But she could only hear that if she listened very hard, dripping second by second.

Combined with the rain. Something that felt distinctly like a cold hand ran up her arms, her back. This was him. In dreams his face and body were visible but in real life he was sending ghosts to haunt her while hiding away.

Of course all of this could be considered a little girl's wild imagination. Her eyes suddenly shut, tears forming behind the lids. She was shaking and running and breathing hard. The numbers 923 were suddenly in front of her eyes, plated to rectangular door. Her shaking hand turned the knob and she rushed in with a trembling bottom lip.

There laying fast asleep was Tomoyo Daidouji, her closest friend. She shook Tomoyo wildly and desperately. The elder girl's raven locks barely moved a millimeter even with the fan's breeze aganst it. The nightmare was scary to Sakura. The nightmare would come after her. He would for sure. But her cousin obviously had no intention of waking up which was strange as the only Daidouji daughter was a very light sleeper. "Tomoyo! Tomoyo wake up!" Sakura whispered in an urgent and frightened tone.

But no matter how hard she shook her sister would not budge so the younger sister tried a different strategy. She pulled Tomoyo's eyelid up with her finger expecting to see the conrflower color of her iris but there was only white, no pupil, no iris. As if she had rolled her eyes back permanently. Sakura screamed and backed up against the wall, her cousin didn't move an inch.

Her lips were stock still. Even more afraid now, the little girl raced out of the room, closing the door firmly behind her. She had no one to comfort her, no one to help her. No one believed her and it was his entire fault.

His entire fault. Crying helplessly, Sakura ran on through the dark, winding halls with no idea where to go. But she was cold, shivering and scared; she wanted someone to help her. What was there to do? The corridors wouldn't seem to end. Finally she ran straight into a wall on accident and fell backwards.

She had reached the end apparently and had somehow wandered out of the children's ward. Bringing her head up, Sakura glanced around for the first time at all the room numbers around her. One room captured her attention because the door was slightly open and a tiny light was on.

But no one had noticed and they probably wouldn't notice. It seemed like the darkest rooms she had ever seen, with walls blacker then the night outside and a tiny light pushing away at the shadows. Someone was in the room, lying on the bed. She was scared yet drawn at the same time.

As she walked under the doorframe a familiar chill tingled all the way up her spine and back down again. She felt nothing but icy cold when a sudden screaming played over and over in her mind. Familiar screaming, the screaming she had done in her dreams so many times. Screaming that sounded so real.

Her eyes betrayed her and gazed toward the sleeping person, curiously. The screaming melted away into her mind. She covered her face with her hands, scared as she watched. It was a boy. Her hands fell at his sight. He was deathly ill. Pale. Black circles under his eyes. Bandages covering a whole half of his face.

But he was beautiful.

Azure-Obsidian hair with streaks of grey a child should not have and thick-rimmed black glasses covered his eyes. Her mind screamed at her not to touch him, that this wasn't safe. It was dangerous to talk to strangers. And her hands were suddenly behind her back. His chest rose and fell rhythmically.

How she long to touch that hair, to speak of her problems to him. Her body shook and shivered and she couldn't hold back. "Hello." She whispered in a tiny voice, scrawny hands playing with his hair. A warm feeling like sunlight fell upon her. "I'm Sakura; I have a nightmare haunting me. He won't go away, can you help me?

Can you comfort me? My sister won't wake up but I know you will. Your hair is warm but it's a funny color. I've only seen old men with that color hair." She giggled and echoed around the room, bouncing off the walls loudly. The boy's eyes snapped open.

Everything was cold again.

Sakura felt as if ice cold water was being poured down her neck. She screamed. One eye was crimson, one eye was black. The bandages fell from his face. Blood was painted down the once bandaged side; it almost looked as if it was pouring from his eyes. She gasped as she remembered where she had seen his face.

This was him. In the flesh. "I-I.." Sakura managed to say with wide, horrified eyes. His white hands found their way around her throat, nails digging in. She choked and spluttered, trying to scream for help but it was silent. Was the whispered response in her tiny ear. His grip tightened. The sun burst open and she felt as if her eyes had fallen out. The moon was gone. A scream finally escaped her small lips and-

Sakura's head flew up and she continued to scream even though it felt like a change of scenery, like her eyes had just opened. There were covers thrown over her legs and the faces of nurses all around her.

The screaming from room 909 had managed to wake a lot of people up. She continued to scream until a nurse shushed her. "What happened honey, why are you screaming?" The little girl shook her head, ignoring the tears in her eyes. "He choked me! He choked me!" More screaming.

"It was just a nightmare, Sakura!" Nurse Watanabe insisted with a stern face, "You're waking up all of the children." But the screaming did not cease until hours later.

That was how Sakura Kinomoto came to be known as insane. But why you might ask did she keep screaming, when it was just a nightmare? When she knew she had woken up?

Because the rain had stopped and there was blood on her sheets and nail marks on her neck.

That everyone could see.

----Finish Prologue----

There you are, my first horror fanfic and it's Cardcaptor Sakura, which is kind of humorous if you think about it. Sakura, the selfless, naiive, wand-holding little cardcaptor suddenly insane. Don't worry I don't count on changing her personality and the other character (i.e. Tomoyo, Eriol, Syoran, Kaho, Touya, Yuki..) will be involved.

Can anyone guess who he is from my discription?

Hee hee.