Ruthie was quick recovering from her horrible break up with Vincent the month before. Or, the way she would deal with it would be to do everything possible to get her mind off her breakup. Gymnastics, poetry club, dance, singing lessons, and the track team were her after school activities (one everyday). Ruthie was on top of it all until she signed up for the new horseback riding club.

"Isn't your schedule a little packed, Ruthie?" said Martin noticing Ruthie, as she signed up for horseback riding.par

"I'm on top of it. Don't worry about it," she said turning to Martin, "so are we walking home together?"par

"Yae, I guess so," He said as they turned and walked off.

On their walk home, all Martin could do was think about Ruthie. Worry about her. Thinking about how she was horribly dumped by her first real boyfriend, and how Vincent tried to make Martin help him break up with her. "How could I have helped?" Martin asked himself. "I practically betrayed my own sister."par

"Are you alright Martin? You havn't said a word, and we're almost home," Ruthie said waving her hand in front of Martins face.

"I'm fine," Martin said, smiling at Ruthie, "so, you seem to have a lot on your plate...adding on horseback riding."par

"Not really. Gymnastics on Monday, Poetry Club every other week during lunch on Tuesday, Dance on Wednesdays, Sinnging lessons on Thursdays, Track during lunch every Friday, and horseback riding after that."par

"And that's not supposed to be a lot?" Martin said, standin in front of Ruthie so she couldn't walk any further. "And to add on to all thet, you have to walk home?"par

"Martin, I don't know what is bothering you, but whatever it is is getting on my nerves," She said walking around him.par

"What is bothering me, is that your schedule is unhealthy," he said grabbing Ruthies arm.par

"I'm fine," Ruthie said pulling her arm away, and runnin down the street.par

"Ruthie!" Martin shouted, but Ruthie was to far off.