Martin was excited about having an "adventure" with Ruthie. He had always admired the relationship that Simon and Ruthie had. He was happy that he could help Simon realize that he didn't really love Rose. Martin really, really, really, didn't like Rose. She was bossy and selfish. She needed a reality check, and Martin and Ruthie were happy to be the ones to give it to her.

"So, what should we do?" Ruthie said putting a bite of Oreo into her mouth.

"I'm not the genius here! You are!" Martin laughed.

"Well, I'm having a bit of a brain block as of now," she said smiling.

Ruthie got up off the bench stool she was on and stood behind it where there was a lot of open space. "Come on," she said to Martin. Martin got up immediately and went and stood next to Ruthie.

"What are we doing?" said Martin, looking at Ruthie with concerned eyes.

"Stretching! Duh," Ruthie said, rolling her eyes. She put her hand over her head, and Martin fallowed.

"So why are we stretching?" He asked fallowing Ruthie by putting his hands on his feet.

"It helps the brain function," She said putting her arm over her head once again, "Or, maybe I just like seeing you stretch."

"That must be it," said Martin playfully.

"I've got it!" Ruthie screamed.

"What? What?" Martin gasped. He had just been trying really hard to reach his toes.

"Rose is as selfish as a fish!" said Ruthie looking into no where, her eyes big and brown. "If we move her ring when she leaves the room, she's probably going to freak! I mean, we won't take it out of the apartment. We'll just move it. Like, put it in one of her pant pockets or something." She turned around and picked up the phone.

"Good idea."

"I know!" said Ruthie starting to walk up the stairs. "Go get ready! I can't wait to do this!"

"Alright!" Martin said walking to the door.

"Wait!" Ruthie said, plummeting down the stairs. She ran up to Martin and put her hands on his waist. She gave him a quick, but passionate kiss. When she let go, all she could say was: "Go."

She smiled and ran up the stairs. "I love that girl, so much!" Martin said walking out the door.