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Teal'c gave him a pat on the shoulder, a smile playing on his face. "Congratulations on your wedding to Samantha Carter. You will be very happy."

Jack smiled back, suddenly a little raised in spirit. "Thanks, Teal'c. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a rather long 'Honey-Do' list."

And when he departed, all his common sense stayed with them. The others started out, knowing exactly where they were going and what to do, while Jack had a vague idea of where the sarcophagus was and no idea what in the hell he was going to do once he got there. Praying to God Sam was alive by now; he hoped she had a plan. "Come on, Sam…don't let me down this time."

She wouldn't. She'd promised him. For better, for worse.


Sam awoke to a blinding flash of light and a sound of some complex airlock. Shaking her head slightly, she shivered at the strange sensation washing over her…it felt as if a warm liquid were burning her from the inside out, slowly coating her skin like thick oil. Trying to form a coherent thought, her mouth mumbled to itself.


Begrudgingly, she opened her eyes, feeling a cold metal cool on her arm. It shocked her back into reality, and she knew exactly where she was. She grabbed the knife and shoved it in her loose clothing, which were NOT her BDUs by any stretch of the imagination. A golden corset fitted her figure a little too closely with reams of glittering silk twisted around her waist. This is where the only silver in her attire was: the knife. The same fabric twisted around her arms, linking at two golden bracelets. A shining headpiece lay in her hair, a small orb of gold in the middle of her forehead, dangling from a chain of the same color. She was going to have a talk with Baal…

Clanking metal echoed through the hall leading to her room as she climbed out of the sarcophagus. Standing flat against the wall the door was on, she hoped against hope there was only one guard.


Jack's hastened step had become an all-out sprint as he tracked two of the remaining loyal Jaffa, who were hopefully headed to get Sam. Everything looked eerily familiar, even though he knew it was impossible for him to have recollections from when he was dead. But still…the familiarity with which he walked the halls struck something in him. Nothing was okay anymore. He felt…cold. And then a warm, burning sensation slid down his skin. He was remembering the sarcophagus. That thing was not fun. Shaking his head, he remembered the task at hand, in which he found a good enough reason to come out of himself: Sam.


Damn, there were two of them completely clad in wonderfully resistant armor. She was screwed. Unless…

The door slid open and Sam jammed her knife where she the Jaffa's neck would be. It didn't do anything, but it at least gave her enough time to rip the staff weapon from his grasp, knocking the other down and turning on the defenseless Jaffa. Two ZAT blasts hit he Jaffa square in the back; he crumpled to the ground to reveal an aiming, righteously pissed off Jack O'Neill. He took care of the conscious Jaffa before lowering his weapon, looking into Sam's eyes with nothing but pure relief.

"You're alive."

"You're okay…but how?"

"Vala had a few more tricks up her sleeve."

"And Daniel and Teal'c?"

"Just fine. You're the one we were worried about," glancing at her attire, he shrugged, taking an amused stance, "But then again, diva, we really wouldn't have if we'd known you'd simply gone clubbing."

Another well-deserved punch was en route to Jack's shoulder as he caught her wrist, moving to kiss the amusement out of her. Nothing elaborate, nothing overdone, just a simple reminder of how much she meant to him, and how afraid he'd been. They both knew this could convey their mutual concern better than any words in any language, but Jack thought he might have to consult Daniel about that before making any claims. As he pulled away, Sam moved to enter the sarcophagus room.

Jack grabbed her around the waist, trying not to enjoy his hand rubbing against her bare midriff too much. "Baal installed security cameras a la SGC, so we're actually safer out here."

"Right. So where's everyone else?"

"Going to secure the gate, which will probably only be as such for a bit longer."

"Let's go," she said, taking the Zat he extended towards her. But as she looked in his eyes, she realized there was something else. "Jack…what aren't you telling me?"

He shifted uncomfortably. "Well…you know the whole 'let's keep it a secret' thing…?"

"They know, don't they?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

She smirked at him, landing the cut off punch in his stomach, probably a little too much force behind her knuckles, but he didn't care. She was back.

"Good job, O'Neill."


Jack was actually mistaken in his assessment of the rest of his team plus Vala. The gate room was unmonitored by cameras, Jaffa, and super soldiers alike. Vala and Daniel wandered around, waiting for Teal'c to find the ZPM. It couldn't be that far…

Nevertheless, the lack of excitement quickly bored Vala, and she turned on Daniel, inquisitive.

"So you really had no idea they were married?"

"Yes, Vala, they didn't even tell me. You satisfied now?"

"Seems a bit harsh, really. I mean, what could you have possibly done to offend them so much that they wouldn't even invite you to their wedding?"

"I don't know, Vala, alright?" Daniel was obviously touchier about this subject than Vala had perceived. She softened her tone.

"Sorry, Daniel. Didn't know you'd be so emotional."

"No, Vala, two of my best friends whom an hour ago I would've sworn I 'd known everything about getting married behind my back doesn't bother me at all…"

She shrugged, purposely ignoring his sarcasm. "Well. Now that we've gotten that out of the way."

He shook his head quickly once. "Why, Vala? Why must you patronize me this way?"

"Because I know I fascinate you."

Daniel was, for the first time in a good long while, speechless. There was no way he'd ever admit that. Well…at least not now. Probably not ever. But not for certain. Daniel had never been so thankful to hear Zat blasts and see Teal'c sprinting toward them with a ZPM tucked under his arm. "They are coming, DanielJackson."

He and Vala aimed their guns at the door Teal'c had sprinted through, Daniel taking a quick survey of the room. The only things there were the Stargate and a few boxes of cargo. Breaking for cover behind a few stacked on top of each other, a new door opened behind Daniel. He turned to see an interestingly clad, but no less alive, Carter and an all-business not Jack standing beside her, both with Zats blaring. They ducked down by Daniel.

"Glad you could join us, Sam," Daniel said between blasts.

"Wouldn't miss it," she looked at Teal'c, "Give me the ZPM and cover me!"

"What are you doing?"

"Getting us the hell outta here, sir!"

Teal'c tossed the ZPM to her as everyone provided Sam with cover fire, Jack too preoccupied to call her on the use of his old title. She dashed for the DHD, finding it unoperational. "Sir! Baal's disabled the DHD. Now I can hotwire it with the ZPM, but—"

"Carter, we need to get in contact with Thor! What good's a gate?"

"He's not answering the radio, Baal's probably blocked it off, but if we can gate to another—"

"Do it Carter!" he bellowed over the super soldier's oh-so-wonderful rapid fire, "Ya got three minutes!"

"That's not enough—"

"It IS NOW!"

Jack had no trouble in believing she could do it. True, it was more than he could ever hope to comprehend, but all he could think about was his return and cover fire. Think fast, Carter.


Behind another "cover" (random storage boxes) was a desperate Vala, knowing she'd gotten exactly what she'd asked for. Daniel dove to help her, pressing his back against the containers, getting ready to return fire.

"Exciting enough?"

"You had to say it, didn't you?"

"Like you wouldn't have."

"Now isn't the time for witty banter, Daniel, we happen to be in a bit of a situation here!"

Like a child with ADD, Vala's tone completely changed as she noticed the latch on the storage unit she hid her head behind. "Ooo, what's this?"


Vala opened the box to find something amazingly similar to the weapons barely missing their marks. Strapping it on her arm despite Daniel's repeated warnings against it, she felt it clamp into her arm.



"Nothing, just…snug fit."

"Can you use it?"

"Don't know."

"Well, try it!"

She fired, hitting the third chevron on the gate. It snapped, cracked, and popped, much to Sam's despair. Vala winced, sighing.

"Well…it works…"


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