Instant Family

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Sam woke up with a start after having a bad dream. She looked at her clock and noted that she should get ready to head to the SGC so she got up and got ready for work.

When she reached her lab she took her laptop out to check her E-mail and to get some research put into it. As she was checking her mail she noticed a strange E-mail address, she had never seen before. So she clicked on it to open the mail and it turned out that it was from a doctor from the Grant Medical Center just outside of Colorado Springs Colorado. The E-mail said that her brother and his wife have died in a car accident and that Sam had to pick up her niece and nephew there because from now on she was their guardian at this her breathing started to come in small gasps.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Colonel Jack O'Neal was walking by Sam's office when he heard a small gasping sound coming from her office he walked in and saw Sam's face she was ghostly white and it looked like she was having a panic attack. He ran over to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Carter take nice long deep breaths," he instructed. Sam started to catch her breath after awhile. "Carter what is the matter, what's wrong?" He asked. Sam looked at his face to see a concerned look on his face she sighed sadly.

" Sir, it's my brother and his wife they died and a car accident today," she replied.

Jack Looked at Sam with a sad look on his face and then Sam burst into tears. Jack got on his knees and gave Sam one of his famous patented 'Jack O'Neal Hugs'. "Sam I am so sorry," he mourned. And he just hugged her. About 10 minutes passed, Sam started to calm down. He stood up and held out his hand for her. "Why don't you and I go down to the mess hall to get something to eat? You must be hungry," he suggested. But Sam shook her head no. Jack looked at Sam with a concerned look on his face "Why not?"

"Because I have to go to the hospital to pick up my brothers kids and take care of them because I am their guardian now according to the law," she replied.

Jack then put a hand on her shoulder. "Ok, Carter then I will go with you," he informed. Sam then stood up and took his hand and asked with a grateful smile on her face.

"Your car or mine?" She asked.

Jack then returned the smile. "Yours it would be better," he replied. So Sam and Jack walked out to Sam's car and they were on the way to pick up Sam's two newest family members.

TBC.. To come in next Chapter- Sam and Jack pick up the two kids, sleep and some bad dreams