"Why are we always out of the loop?" Bumblebee asked Cyborg over the screen.

"It's not my fault that all the big villains love to make trouble over here," Cyborg defended himself. He had been charged with making the call to Titan's east because Robin had already gone to bed…with Starfire. He didn't really blame them, it had been a long, long day.

"I think we need to have a meeting. A full titan's meeting, something big is going down and you guys might need our help," Bumblebee said sternly.

Cyborg sighed, "That is a good idea. I don't like how things are going now-a-days, and I have this feeling that they're going to get worse soon."

"We'll be there in two days. You need to meet Dream Clown anyway," Bumblebee decided.

"You said that she was scary when she got mad? Just how scary are we talking?" Cyborg asked, recalling what Bumblebee had said about her initiation.

"Maybe a little more scary than Raven," Bumblebee said, looking Cyborg in the eye. The human side of him paled considerably at this admission.

"You're kidding, right?" He asked weakly.

"Nope, just don't get her angry," Bumblebee replied with a smirk, signing off and leaving Cyborg to contemplate the fact that someone with a temper that was worse than Raven's might actually be coming to visit.

"I'm not that bad, am I," a voice asked from the far corner of the room.

"D.C.?" Bumblebee asked curiously. "You know I hate it when you sneak around like that."

"That's why I like to do it," Dream Clown smirked. As she said those words, a mirage-like blanket fell off what was revealed to be the bed-ready heroine. "Just trying to scare your boyfriend, or what?"

"He needs a good scare now and then," Bumblebee agreed.

Dream Clown's head snapped to the side suddenly. Something had caught her attention.

"Oh hell," D.C. said quietly.

"What?" Bumblebee asked, alert.

"Hell," she said again, clearly. She caught the look of confusion on Bumblebee's face. "Hell, as in the Hell. We have demons on their way. On their way here, now."

"What do you mean, demons?" Bumblebee asked.

"Real nasty things. Big claws, bigger teeth. Wings usually, some times they even breath fire," Dream Clown said, trying to sound casual.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Put the tower on high alert." Dream Clown stopped a moment. "There's something else on it's way. Something powerful. Carried by a psychic, a pretty powerful one at that."

"Do we let the psychic in?" Bumblebee asked.

"Yeah. Rule one: if there's something a demon wants, its usually not good for anyone else," Dream Clown said as she moved to her room.

Bumblebee took a deep breath and pushed the alert button. It was just one thing after the other around here.

Dream Clown opened her trunk. She had had her moms send it to her once she had gotten settled. They had been worried sick, but a few phone calls had put their minds at ease. They even said that they might stop by, she only hoped that didn't mean a shop-lifting spree.

She pulled herself back to her trunk though. This had to be done quickly, and carefully. Her mental powers were natural. This was an acquired skill. She tossed a few books to the side and pulled out some small capsules of holy water, fastening them to her belt. The crystals were next; diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and to top it all off, a demon ruby. They all were tucked carefully into some pouches on her waist.

At a young age her powers had manifested themselves, and with them came an acute awareness of the world in general. That meant the entire world, not just the human one. She had seen ghosts, an angel or two now and then, but mostly demons and devils. There was something about them in general that fucked up the thoughts of everyone around them. Some kind of mental waves or something, that was how Dream Clown knew, always knew that they were coming. Psychics were a little different, but the principal was the same.

That object though, something was definitely wrong. Dream Clown never picked up on objects, never. It was kind of like finding a pulse on a stone, just impossible. That meant one of two things; what she was tracking was alive, or that it was really, really powerful.

"Porque?" Mas y Menos asked Bumblebee for what felt like the millionth time.

"Because Dream Clown said so," Bumblebee replied as they finished carving what Dream Clown had told them to into the doorways of the tower. It was some kind of weird writing that Bumblebee had never seen before, very curvy and winding.

"So what is this?" Speedy asked the masked girl as she did something with some of the water pistols they kept in storage.

"If you must know, that's demon script. I think it's a sin just to write it, I may have to go to a confessional after this. Anyway, it's a binding spell. Nothing goes in or out of this building if it has an evil aura."

"Why can't we just write it in English?" Aqua lad asked.

"It would take five hours to write the first word of that spell in English and it would look like gibberish. Besides, the demons couldn't read it," Dream Clown sighed.

"So we're just banking on the fact that whatever is out there doesn't get in here?" Bumblebee clarified.

"Basically, but if they do we'll need a few defenses." Dream Clown said, now working on a large quantity of Speedy's arrows.

"Can I ask what you're doing to my arrows?" Speedy requested.

"Adding a sulfur charge. If I cast the blessing on these right, then they should be able to destroy any demon…if you get a hit on the heart or the head." Dream Clown explained. "I know this is demeaning Aqua lad, but just bear with me." She handed him two full water guns. "These are filled with holy water. It will hurt them way more than normal water would."

"Isn't there some other way to use it?" Aqua lad asked as he took the guns distastefully.

"I don't have enough. It's watered down as is. If we had a cross of Steria then that wouldn't be an issue," Dream Clown grumbled.

"What's a cross of Steria?" Bumblebee asked before anyone else could open their mouths.

"Crosses. There are two. They can be used by anyone to bless any type of water source. As it is, there's just not enough time to bless any water." Dream Clown said.

What they had long-ago determined to be the doorbell rang just then.

"Use the peephole, but if it's a person holding something looking for help then let them in," Dream Clown ordered.

Mas y Menos were gone about a second, coming back with a very distressed looking woman. She had an average, middle aged figure. Slightly athletic. Shoulder length black hair and was dressed smartly in a pair of black slacks and a white button-down shirt. In her hands was a foot long object covered in cloth.

"Hello, my name is Angela Dodson. This may sound strange, but I'm…" The woman started, but Dream Clown interrupted.

"A powerful psychic being chased by demons who want whatever you're holding, right there," Dream Clown finished and pointed to the object covered in cloth.

Angela looked startled.

"May I?" Dream Clown asked, again pointing to the object.

Angela nodded.

Dream Clown took it reverently, slowly sliding the cloth off. Her blood ran cold as she realized what she was looking at. Age had been kind to the blade, the red stain that should have marred the golden shine accenting it instead.

"Longinus," Dream Clown breathed.

Angela nodded.

"What the Hell are you doing with this?" Dream Clown asked almost angrily.

"I was trying to hide it. Marmon was almost released with it," Angela said.

Dream Clown starred at her like she had just announced that she was going to grow a second head. "Marmon?" She asked weakly.

"Question." Speedy interjected, "What are you two talking about?"

"This is the tip of the lance that pierced the side of Christ and evidently it was almost used to bring the son of Satan to earth," Dream Clown said with a certain disbelief in her own voice.

"This is a joke, right?" Bumblebee asked. Demons were one thing, but this was something else entirely.

"No. We'll discuss this later. We have work to do for now. May I use this to defend the tower this night?" Dream Clown asked Angela.

"As long as I get it back," Angela said and D.C. nodded.

"Okay. Lets do this," Dream Clown said, mostly to herself as she made the final preparations, a large circle in the middle of the room. As she sat down Indian style with the spear in her lap, she said, "Everyone inside."

The order was obeyed as Dream Clown began chanting. Instantly, a dome of light encompassed the teens…and middle aged woman.

Several tense moments passed before the sounds started. At first it was a hum. Then it was a slight shaking in the floor. Finally, it was a screeching cry. Deafening inside the dome, they could only image what it would be like outside.

"And they shall cry out in the damned tongue. Heresies shall spew from their bile-soaked mouths. The lord shall be called by his servants to defend and his wrath shall smite them as a falling hammer," D.C. cried. The roaring noise stooped completely, and silence prevailed.

"Good or Bad?" Speedy asked.

"Bad. They're inside," Bumblebee read off her communicator.

Right on cue, a flood of what appeared to be giant bats with, as D.C. warned, giant teeth and claws, swooped in on a wind that smelled of brimstone. When they met the shield, though, they instantly melted into oblivion, crying out in pain.

"Be ready. Now that they're within range, I'm going to switch from defensive to offensive." D.C. warned. "Mas, Menos. Here," Dream Clown said and tossed them a medium-length sword. "Just remember. They aren't human." The twins nodded unsurely, but took the blade. "Stay close, the shield is going down," D.C. said as a final warning.

When the shield went down, the demons charged, for a moment. Then blasts of blessed, sulfur charged arrows, holy water, and electrical shocks routed them. Once the front line of the battle was set, Mas y Menos began to circle, holding the blade out-words and shredding every demon on the line.

After about a minute of this, all present were shocked to find spears of light shooting out from behind them. Dream Clown's voice rose from behind them, "And woe to my enemy from he who is my flashing sword is also my shield and will bring down any foe." The spears shot into the oncoming hord and destroyed them in massive amounts.

"And here I though we'd be up for a fight," Speedy laughed as they took down the last stragglers.

"We were lucky. They might have overwhelmed us if we hadn't had the spear and the fact that I know some very unusual spells." D.C. corrected.

As if emphasizing the comment, that moment a flood of the darkest magic anyone had ever seen washed over the world, destroying civilization and, yes, as with the corny story line goes, turning all of humanity into stone.

"Raven!" Jinx cried out as Raven was consumed by a yawning vortex of power. It was all so sudden. The day had been going…not quite normal, but enough to satisfy the Titans. Then Raven started acting weird…and now…

She was taking up her destiny, Jinx spat viciously. She swore that she would save Raven, then and there. And Trigon would pay.

Jinx scratched against the shield, but it wouldn't yield.

The other Titans were right next to her, banging with all their might against the shield that Raven had put up against them. Watching Raven, all the while, scream and scream. Then came the wave of evil energies. Raven's shield held back the brunt of it, but Jinx could feel it reach out and scrape her soul.

Then Raven wasn't there. She just wasn't. In her place was some kind of red monstrosity, and Jinx knew that he was Trigon. In a flash they had been thrown back into the massive gray wasteland that was now their city.

"What now?" Starfire asked weakly.

"We fight," Jinx growled.

"We beat down that mother fucker!" Cyborg added.

"Avenge Raven," Beast Boy nodded.

"And kick some Demon ass," Shego affirmed as she helped Kim up.

"Okay. B.B. and Cy. You two are the spear head. Kim, Shego. You two are behind Jinx and me. Jinx. You and I will be going for Trigon." Robin dictated, watching the hordes of fiery demons pouring out from what could accurately be described as a hole to hell.

"I ain't no ones backup," Shego interjected. Kim gave her a 'not now' look, and that seemed to settle the issue.

"Robin, please? What are Terra and I to do?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah! We wanna' dish out some beating too!" Terra chimed in.

"You two, are guarding Tim and Jim." Robin nodded to the two boys who were staring at the giant demon. "Take down anything within your range, but don't leave the boys alone."

The two girls nodded and Kim hugged her siblings quickly.

"Okay then," Robin took a deep breath. "TITANS GO!"

B.B, as a T-rex, and Cyborg, using his sonic cannon, launched into the horde. They quickly became bogged down half-way to Trigon. Then Shego and Kim took over. The two male titans doing battle may have been more than just mildly impressive, but watching two fighters, at the peek of their style, in perfect harmony of movement was astounding. Punches, kicks, and whip-like tails swung close and far. Two demons went down for every second the fighters continued

Robin and Jinx didn't stop to ponder this testament of physical perfection. Robin, as Shego and Kim broke off, let loose with bird-a-rangs and blasts of frigid ice that would make any glacier jealous. Jinx, concentrating on every fraction of good luck she could find within herself, let loose volley after volley of punches and kicks, downing dozens of demons. They had reached Trigon, sitting on the titan tower in a pool of magma, in no time at all.

"You mortals have always been the stubborn breed," Trigon contemplated as he watched the heroes lazily. "I have won. Why not become part of my legon?"

"Because you have no regard for anything! Even the life of your own daughter!" Jinx yelled aloud.

Trigon snorted. "That pathetic girl was my portal, nothing more."

Not thinking she could be any more furious with the almost omnipotent creature before her, Jinx was surprise to find her rage taking on an almost physical form. Hate incarnate. A homicidal instinct that went far beyond mere anger and touched the core of her being. Where her power lay…

The beast within her roared with a feral cry for vengeance. Kill the monster, it raged. Jinx obeyed.

A barrage of hex bolts flashed in the black sky that could have toppled the highest mountains. They hit their mark with Robin's own ice bolts…and a bolt of thunder and two of fire.

Jinx and Robin whirled around to find Shego, Kim, and…Slade?

"Explanations later," Slade dismissed.

Robin nodded. "What about the others?"

"We had some…unexpected arrivals," Kim said, pointing to the battlefield.

Even though Robin had seen everything at this point, there was still something the world had to offer to surprise him.

On the opposite shore, across the lava field, a battle of legends was taking place.

Three towering figures of light stood on a hill. Simply put, they were the pure, spirit-forms of Dream Clown, Aqua lad, and Speedy. The forms of the guardians. Aqua lad wielded a wave of what looked to be liquid light, taking out demons in the twenties.

Speedy was firing arrows of a similar substance from a bow with a string of light. One arrow was wiping out at least thirty demons at a time.

The last of the treo was standing, hands folded, as if in prayer.

"And for those un-humans that would slaughter," she spoke, "I will unleash, into reality, all of my nightmares to do battle."

The space behind her darkened and poured out reptilian-looking creatures that began tearing apart the demons.

Back with the twins, things could have been better. Starfire and Terra were completely surrounded as the earth-mover poured the ashen ground onto the evils flames. Starfire had resorted to using brute force to slam them to the ground. Her starbolts had little effect.

"We've gotta do something," Tim said desperately.

"What? We don't have anything!" Jim said, looking at the small pile of technology that they had assembled from their pockets.

"There has to be something…" Tim trailed off as he saw something.

"Nuclear batteries," Jim said, following his gaze.

"If we bond that projector to the titans communicators and hotwire them through…" Tim said.

"A processor capable of an inversion matrix…" Jim added.

"Then we could bend space-time," Tim finished, excited.

"But we don't have the processor," Jim groaned.

"Well," Tim started as he looked to his power tools. "How desperate are we?"

"Pretty desperate," Jim nodded. He had a feeling what Tim was planning. If they used the two small drills to pop a hole in their skulls, they could tap the device into their brains, and use them as processors. To say that it was dangerous would be an understatement. To say that Mrs. Possible would have grounded them from inventing for the next ten years for even thinking about something like this, wouldn't.

"Hika bika boo," Tim said.

"Hoosha," Jim finished and began their work.

Terra and Starfire were back up against each other when out of nowhere, demons started to bend and snap, fading into nothing ness. They took the unexpected help well and resumed the fight. Or they would have, if a new fighter hadn't fallen out of the sky, bringing a sword down on one demon.

"And woe to the darkness, for the sleeper has awakened," The man. Who was dressed in a full set of mid-evil chain mail yelled and began to slash away. It was a safe bet that neither girl noticed the insignia of a dragon on the man's chest. All they did notice was that their strength seemed to grow by unbelievable bounds.

Cyborg and B.B. weren't doing too hot either. Beast Boy was changing shape faster than the eye could follow, and he could barely maintain their front line even with Cy's backup. Until a wave of black, reptilian things started to pour down on the fiery demons. Cy and BB stood back to back, watching warily as the demons were torn apart.

"I didn't do that," Beast Boy commented.

"Me neither," Cy agreed.

That was when they noticed the group of white warriors, shining on the hilltop.

"They on our side?" Cyborg asked.

"I'm not complaining," Beast Boy shrugged.

"Okay then," Cyborg nodded and lunged back into the battle. Beast Boy shrugged once again, took one step and stopped dead in his tracks. A wave of…something pierced his mind. Then an immense pain.

With a guttural growl, he felt himself change once again.

Into the Beast.

"Puny mortals," Trigon laughed as he scratched his chest where the attacks were hit, not even a bruise.

"This may not have been my best idea," Jinx growled. Add to all her stress a compounded feeling of helplessness. Raven was dead. She was near it. All of her new friends, Raven's friends too, were near it.

"Damn." Jinx sighed. Looking up, she mouthed, "If someone is listening, and I know someone must be. If you give me the power to take this asshole down, I'll give you anything. Anything you want. Even my soul."

Inside her mind, a voice laughed. "Desperation. I have never know a human to feel so strongly. You are largely an apathetic race, did you know?" The voice asked, almost bored.

"I don't care who you are," Jinx thought back vehemently, "Or your philosophical ramblings. Will you give me the power?"

"But you already have it little one," The voice thought back. "You just don't know it. Human shortcomings will be your downfall. If you were willing to give those up, then we might be able to…do some real damage."

Jinx blinked. Then nodded. Looking back up at the blood-red figure before her, she concentrated on her power once more. For the first time, she could feel something far deeper than just the forces of luck playing within her. The her arm seized up with pain and she had to let it go. Raven had mentioned something like this. It only happened when someone started to use far too much of their power and their body couldn't take it.

Nodding once more to herself, Jinx began her charge. Putting all of her force behind her hands, Jinx took a somersault to a flying kick. It was suicide, and she knew it.

Robin, Shego, and Kim watched in horror as Trigon batted her form away in mid-air, slamming it to the ground. Slade had a look of slight amusement.

Standing, Jinx took account of her injuries. A few ribs cracked. The taste of blood in her mouth and the difficulty breathing probably meant internal injuries. The light behind her eyes might mean a light concussion. Her left arm was hanging limp, probably dislocated. The pain in her head emphasized the dislocation.

Pulling her consciousness into focus, Jinx concentrated on that deeper pull of power. The pain hit again. This time, though, her physical pain actually lessened the extent to which she felt her body being killed, inch by inch, by an overflow of her own power.

Laughing manically out of a half-giddy, pain induced madness, Jinx pierced the gap. She could feel the power, flowing over her.

"Okay asshole, let's dance!" Jinx yelled and launched herself at Trigon. She didn't even contemplate the fact that she was flying. Trigon merely had time to blink before he was hit by the mother of all punches.

Picking himself up out of the lava, he growled. "You are a mere controller of luck mortal! I demand to know how you can possibly wield so much power!"

"There is nothing mere about me," Jinx laughed from her position floating on the roof of the tower. "And I have transcended luck and chance. I hold domain over the forces of chaos and order! THEY ARE MY SWORD AND SHIELD, AND I WILL SMITE THEE!" Jinx extended her right hand. "Accursed Dragon of the seven Hells, bringer of chaos! I hold your reigns, wake to my summons! Free yourself from the Heaven's bonds! I swear and bind myself to thee. Let us walk the path of destruction together! Smite my enemy!"

A single roar from deep with in the bowels of the earth shook the land and sky alike. It felt as though, if Satan we not already here, then he was sure as Hell on his way. The land beside the tower ruptured and unleashed a gigantic, blood red, dragon made up of what looked to be pure lightning. It curled around Jinx and roared once more, revealing oscillating, saber-like teeth that sparked and moved.

For the first time, and emotion other than contempt flitted across Trigon's face. It was just a flash, but he was uncertain.

Jinx saw it and shot her right hand forward. The dragon roared once again and charged. It struck Trigon, a split-second later, in the full of his chest. In a cry of rage and pain, Jinx felt it. It too was only a flash, but her power, through the dragon, latched onto it.

In an instant, there wasn't a battlefield. It was just a plain, dark space that echoed with emptiness, but was not empty.

"Jinx?" A shadow of Raven asked. She looked surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I was putting the beat down on dear old dad, but…" Jinx looked at her more closely. "I felt you within him, and reached out."

"You should just quit." Raven dismissed.

"That isn't the Raven I know," Jinx argued.

"The Raven you know is gone," Raven argued.

"Bullshit! You're still you! And…I still love you." Jinx said quietly.

"You still…"Raven trailed off, a look of disbelief on her face.

"Love you," Jinx nodded. "So do your friends. Their fighting right now. Well, everyone except for Robin, Kim, and Shego. Their watching me be my bad-ass self."

"Still yourself, Jinx," Raven smirked.

"Fight!" Jinx said fiercely.

"Fight. To strike one's opponent in an offensive manner." Raven defined.

"Raven?" Jinx asked, frightened.

"Enemy. One who causes you injury, pain, discomfort, anger, hate." Raven snarled, her voice rising with each word. "Emotions are my fuel, and with my emotions I shall strike those who threaten my friends and love!" Raven howled.

Suddenly, Jinx was back on the outside. The dragon had back off, but Trigon was hunched over, bleeding. His body stiffened. Another rumbling was felt, stronger this time. From the demon lord's back, two giant wings of solid ebony shot out, pulling a massive raven from within Trigon.

With a cry, it perched beside Jinx and the dragon, revealing the figure of the Teen Titan, Raven. "Jinx," Raven cried in alarm. Reaching out with one of its wings, Raven's healing power coursed through Jinx, repairing the broken bones and ruptured organs. In a moment, Jinx felt like a million bucks.

"You DARE TO THREATEN A GOD!" Trigon bellowed, a vortex of power swirling about him.

The power manifested itself in spikes of energy shooting through the air.

Raven and Jinx launched their avatars towards the spikes, fusing them in the process. The black energy fluxed about the dragon and created six soot-black wings flapping on his back.

It snapped its head and deflected the waves of spikes. When it met the vortex of power, though, it was halted. Dead cold.

"What a disappointment it must be to come so far and be found so LACKING!" Trigon laughed at some uproariously funny joke.

"Please," Raven whispered. "Please," Jinx echoed.

Their pleas were heard by one deity. The Christian one. God looked down on the two young girls battling for the fate of some many people that they had never even seen, let alone met…and smiled.

It was tradition for any entity that surpassed all of nature itself in its intensity and power in its chosen field to become an angel. God mused lightly on that subject. He hadn't added to his flock of the heavenly host in the last six hundred years, at least, while a human was still alive. And he had never promoted a half-demon to angelic status.

"Do you think it wise," Temporiel asked. The keeper of time knew what his lord was thinking. He hadn't had that look on his face in a long time.

"Yes, but I think we're going to have to go for another color other than white, black, or red." God nodded to himself. Temporiel suppressed a groan. This most likely meant a headache.

Raven and Jinx both felt a disturbing sensation of reassurance. Someone had heard them. The sensation was confirmed when six pink wings shot out of Jinx's back. In the next moment, six lavender wings shot from Raven's. They dwarfed each of their smaller bodies. With the wings came an influx of power. Different power, but power none the less.

The Dragon attacking Trigon swelled to three times its size and unleashed a purifying blue and white flame, pulverizing the invisible shield that had held it back.

Trigon roared in rage as the dragon encircled him and placed him in a snake-like stranglehold. It opened it's fierce jaws once again and lowered them down on Trigon's head. A mixture of Angelic, Demon, and Chaotic magics fell upon the greatest terror ever known to two dimensions. In that instant, he ceased to exist. Along with all of the terror he wrought forth.

"I never knew wings could be such a hassle," Jinx sighed as she floated, wings spread, in the main room of Titans tower. There was also a small halo of light hovering around her head.

"I wouldn't be too choosy," Raven advised. "We are now ordained archangels of chaos and order, and the occult." Raven was more than touched by the fact that it was highly ironic that the Christian god had created an office of the occult.

"Well, we can relax now, at least," Beast Boy said from his place on Terra's lap.

"Have a little fun?" Terra asked snidely.

"Well," Robin said, returning to the room. "Kim, Shego, and Tim and Jim are all on their way back home."

"So everything's returning to normal. What about Slade?" Cyborg asked.

"Yes. Glorious, we must have the Tamaranian feast of victory!" Starfire said excitedly.

"Yep," Jinx nodded. "Back to normal."

"Hey Kimmie?" Shego asked the girl sitting in her lap.

"Yes?" Kim said sleepily.

"I helped you save the world, right?" Shego asked.

"Yes," Kim nodded. "Must be quite the blow to your ego."

"Well, I was just going to remind you of that promise you made. About coming with my on one of my "errands.""

Kim groaned. Survive the apocalypse or help Shego steal? Kim would take the apocalypse.

"Wait til' Ron hears about this," Kim lamented.

At that moment, aforementioned side-kick was running for his life in the deepest bowels of an ancient and forbidden Chinese prison housing the most dangerous demon ever known. One that might out-class Trigon. And all to save the world…again…but that is another story…