AN: Alright this originally started with a sort of birthday present, for of my friend. I wrote a few chapters for her.And it's been resting safely in my notebook for the past two years. Until now I had no intention of putting it up on the internet. And the same friend pushed me into finally posting this story.I'm switching a few things around and adding stuff here and there (espically toSara) :)So quicky, brief sort of background. I'm turning all the CSI into highschool students. And some other random people into highschool students. Normal age difference wouldn't allow for this, but hey I am writing this fic, I have the power of the pen. And I'm going to keep them all in the present. All the cool technology, and high school atmosphere I'm used to. Much easier this way. So here's the cast:

Conrad Ecklie, Jim Brass, Al Robbins- 12th grade

Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows- 11th grade

Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Sirus Lockwood- 10th grade

Greg Sanders, David Hodges, David Phillips, Archie Johnson Mia and Bobby(whose last names I don't know)- 9th grade

I'll have more character I'm sure and I will tell you what grade they are in when I get to them. Oh and yeah, the first chapter is dedicated to CSIslave, who's writing a fic that puts the CSI's in high school and was the reason my friend pressured me into posting this on the internet. :) And so here we go. Oh yeah by the way, I have no idea where this is going, where it'll end up or how it will get to that point. I don't know how long it is and the ending is a mystery. Keep in mind I am a Greg/Sara and Catherine/Warick shipper. Just so you all know.

Sara Sidle walked into Robinson High School. She wasn't entirely comfortable with it, but she never had been. She was a geek, a science nerd. All the girls picked on her, and none of the guys were interested in her. So she kept to herself. And this was a new high school for her. Her social worker had here moved to a different area of the state.

She liked it better here. Nobody knew her, she was just another faceless kid. There wasn't anything extraordinary about her and she liked that. She could blend in, become nothing more then the scenery. Nobody would give her odd looks and stare at her because they had no reason to. No one knew her past and she didn't plan on broadcasting that.

But she was going to have a bit of a set back. School had started a week ago. Not enough to put her drastically behind, but enough to cause a few problems. Her social worker was walking in front of her, making sure the school let her in, watching after her welfare. Ms. Cole was a good social worker and defiantly Sara's favorite. Unlike the others she had, Ms. Cole actually seemed to care, actually made an effort.

Sara followed Ms. Cole into the office at the font of the building. This school was pretty big. After telling the secretary who they were, Sara and Ms. Cole were ushered into the vice-principal's office.

'Principal can't be bothered with riffraff,' Sara thought. But she didn't mind that much and made herself comfortable in the padded chair. She listened to the vice principal, who's name was Mr. Murphy. He ran the list of school rules by her. They were the same as any other school: Don't shout, Don't run, Don't skip class, and Don't kill anyone. Sara nodded when he asked if she understood.

'It's not like I'm only 5,' she thought viciously.

Mr. Murphy gave her a schedule and asked her to check it over, make sure everything was in order. Sara took the slip of paper and looked at it.

First Period: Geometry

Second Period: Spanish 2

Third Period: Biology

Fourth Period: Elective 1

Fifth Period: Lunch

Sixth Period: Elective 2

Seventh Period: U.S. History Honors

Eighth Period: English Honors

Sara glared at her third period class.

"Is there a problem," Mr Murphy asked. Sara nodded and showed him the paper. She pointed at the word Biology.

"Can I um... take a more advanced class. Science is my easy subject."

Mr. Murphy considered her for a moment and then turned to his computer. He clicked his mouse a few times.

"How's Honors Chemistry," he asked her. Sara grinned and nodded. "Alright, anything else?"

Sara looked at her schedule again. "No, that's it."

"Okay, we have to decided what electives you are going to take," Mr. Murphy said. Ms. Cole chose that moment to stand up.

"Sara, sweetie, I have to go. I'm sure you'll be alright." Sara nodded at her social worker. "I'll see you on Friday." Sara nodded again.

The vice principal looked like he wanted to question her but he didn't. Instead he handed Sara another sheet of paper with a list of electives she could take. Sara ran her eyes down the sheet of paper.

It took her a moment but she finally chose Audio/Vide Technology class and Photography because they looked like fun. A few mouse clicks later, Sara was holding her new schedule.

First Period: Geometry

Second Period: Spanish 2

Third Period: Chemistry Honors

Fourth Period: Photography

Fifth Period: Lunch

Sixth Period: Audio/Video Technology

Seventh Period: U.S. History Honors

Eighth Period: English Honors

Mr. Murphy gave Sara her home room assignment and locker number. Sara didn't have a coat, or any text books yet so actually going to her locker was pointless. Just as she exited the office the bell rang.

"That's the third period bell," Mr. Murphy said, getting up from behind his desk.

"Just tell your teachers you're new. You won't have a problem," he continued with a small smile. Sara actually like the guy. She nodded and left. Her schedule had the number of the class rooms on it, so she managed to find the class fairy easily and before the tardy bell.

"Um... I'm new. Just came here today," Sara told the teacher. The teacher was a very thin young woman with bright red hair. She had round glasses that magnified her eyes to ten times their normal size.

"A new student," The teacher repeated. She had a light, wispy voice. "Very well. I am Mrs. Bellson. You may have a seat there," she said pointing to a table with two seat in the front of the classroom.

"What grade are you in," she asked, squinting at Sara through her glasses.

"Sophomore," Sara said. She could feel the eyes of several students staring at her back. Mrs. Bellson nodded.

"Yes, yes, very good scientist then," she said and Sara had the impression she wasn't really talking to anyone.

"Well I will get you situated with a text book, yes. We are an odd number of students now. You may have to work on some assignments alone," she said, still squinting at Sara. It was making Sara uncomfortable. She nodded. Actually she would've preferred to work alone. She walked to her seat and put her backpack under the table.

Mrs. Bellson had just started to speak when the door opened. In walked a boy. He had a wiry frame and spiked hair that Sara was sure had been bleached recently. He had dark eyes and a goofy grin on his face that seemed to suit him.

"Sorry. They're switching my schedule around so much, I can't keep up," he said.

"Yes, yes. All very well. Sit down please," Mrs. Bellson said in her wispy voice. She gestured vaguely to Sara's table. The boy happily walked over and sat down next to Sara. Still grinning, he turned to her.

"Hello," the boy said. Sara attempted a small smile. She wasn't entirely sure she liked this boy. He was a bit too . . . exuberant for her.

"Hi," Sara said softly, wishing he would leave her alone. He didn't.

"I'm Greg Sanders. Guess we'll be lab partners."

Sara tried hard not to frown. "Sara Sidle," she managed to say. Greg's grin widened.

"Nice to meet you Sara."

It was going to be a long year, Sara could tell.