AN: And so ends my longest fanfic. I've loved it so much, so so much. But I adore where I ended it. So yeah, thanks to everyone who's been with me since the begining of this story and everyone I managed to pick up along the way. Thanks to everyone who's waited so long for this to end. And well I'll probably start a new story sometime.

"So that's it, that's all," Catherine said into the little microphone attached to the podium. She and everyone seated and standing behind her were dressed in their graduation robes. She was making the goodbye speech and presenting the traditional Robinson High School Outstanding Award. It has had that horrendously corny name for as long as anyone can remember.

"We're graduating, we're moving on and we're out of here," she said and there was laughter from the audience, the proud parents watching their sons and daughter graduate. "So I'm here to say good bye and good luck and to hand this little medal to a very special kid." She held up the medal in question and turned more to face her classmates.

"And for the record, I did not vote on who this award should go to, but I agreed with it wholeheartedly." There was a huge smile on her face. Warrick, Sara, Greg, Nick and Archie who all got out of class to see the graduation knew exactly what she was talking about and they grinned as well. Catherine had sworn on pain of death not to tell anyone about the handing out of the award and she had kept her vow. But her friends still knew who was getting it.

"This young man...he's been a friend of mine for a long time and...I admire him so much," she said and her voice started to crack and those close enough could see the tears in her eyes. "He's endured a hell of a lot and he still kept this smile on his face. Most amazing person I know...and god I knew I should have brought tissues up here." There was more laughter from the audience. "He's been in and out of the hospital, because horrible luck seems to follow him around everywhere," this brought a more cynical laugh from a few people, namely Sara, Warrick and the others. "But he's still managed to pass all his classes. He has become a but of a ledged here, just a bit and so the Outstanding Award goes to Fredrick Lamsom."

There was applause so loud it was nearly deafening and Warrick, Sara, Nick, Greg and Archie all stood up and so did Cassy and Gil as did three other students, members of the basketball team, in fact the three specific kids that testified against Freddy in court months ago. Fredy wheeled himself up to Catherine, who hung the medal around his neck and kissed his lightly on the check.

She turned back to the podium and the microphone. "So that's it, that's all. Good bye and good luck."

And they all walked off the stage to applause and music.

Sara stood at the bus station, a bag in her hand and backpack slung over one shoulder. Every ember of the nerd Squad had come with her, and Sara was glad.

"Good luck in New York," Archie said sadly.

"You fixed everything," she asked him, anxiously, despite the fact she had asked the same question several dozen times over the past few hours. Archie nodded again.

"I'm a hacker, don't worry about it," he said with a grin that didn't reach his eyes. "All you school papers are in New York, everything, foster papers, everything. Like Sara Sidle, you're Sara Sidle, never existed, well no, like she never existed here,"

"So I can still use my name," she asked. Another repeated question.

"Yes," Archie said. "It's like you lived in New York your whole life, paper wise anyway. But nobody'll look for you."

"Thanks Archie," she said and hugged him tightly.

"Do you really have to go," Greg asked. Sara sighed and hugged him. Kissed him. For the last time, last times, last time. They knew she had to leave, had to run, had to escape.

"Good luck Kiley," Sara said to her sister. They both knew that Kiley, as well as the others, would fall under suspicion. But they would all protect her, shield her, prevent anyone from finding her. They all would, Sara knew it.

There was silence among the Nerd Squad. Utter silence. Sara knew she had only a few moments before she had to get on the bus, bound for New York City. She knew that she might never see her friends again. Never. She started to cry, she couldn't help it. And all her friend gather around her and supported her so she wouldn't fall.

Then she had to get on the bus. She got on and sat down and pressed her face against the window, looking at her friends, best friends, one last time. She knew she would find some way to write to them without being caught, some way, some way.

They all waved to her even though the bus hadn't moved yet. So much had happened to them, to Sara herself, so many bad and wonderful times they had faced together. And she was leaving it all, leaving it all to escape one horrible terrible thing from her past. And ugly, evil thing.

Sara looked at Kiley, her foster sister that was closer then any real sibling Sara could have had. And Kiley mouthed the words "Auf Wiedersehen". Good bye, good bye, good bye.

Sara's eyes filled with tears again. She was leaving all she loved to escape one thing she hated. She didn't answer Kiley.

She couldn't do that. She bolted out of her seat and out of the bus doors and back to her friends. She didn't bothering collecting her stuff, they could send it back to her. She fell into Greg's arms and it was so long before she had stopped crying, before she could speak.

"Hey Archie," she said. "Think you could fix all that computer paper work," she asked with a slight grin.

Archie's grin was bigger. "What are you talking about Sara. I may be a hacker I may be good, but I'm not that good."

It was a moment before Sara realized what he had just said and then she laughed. She laughed because she couldn't stop, because they knew her to well, and she laughed because she had been so close to leaving them.

So close.

And the bus drove off and Sara felt so good. Because she wasn't on it. She wasn't on that bus driving for New York. She was here with her friends, her family.

She was here where she belonged