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Chauvelin's Rage Part III

Armand Chauvelin continued to dream as he was passed out from his drunken stupor and his own maniacal rage. He dreamed of the following day after she had dared to tell him that she did not return his love after all that he had done for her.

He waited in the shadows of her dressing room after her performance so he could calmly make her see that their quarrel from the night before was just a huge misunderstanding. He would simply tell her how much he loved and worshipped her and she would see that it was he that she really loved and not that English fop, Sir Percy Blakeney. After all, even the most cleverest woman in Europe was allowed to have a momentary lapse in judgment, she would see that they were made for each other and together side by side they would lead France in the greatest revolutionary movement this world would ever see.

Marguerite entered her dressing room exhausted as she shut the door behind her and lent heavily against it. She had not slept at all the night before trying to figure out a way to handle Chauvelin the next time she saw him; and still she had not come up with anything, but grateful that throughout the entire day she had not laid eyes on the man. Tears suddenly sprang to her eyes as she allowed herself to think about the night before and what had almost happened if Armand had not come home when he did.

The black clad figure stood there watching her from the shadows about to make his presence known, when a seemingly playful knock abruptly startled Marguerite and then as if realization of who was behind that knock suddenly dawned on the young actress, her face lit up with a knowing smile that Chauvelin had never seen before in all of the time he had spent with her. A sense of impeding dread rose up from deep inside of him as he too realized who was behind that knock.

She was in his arms before the Englishman could utter one word; the doors thrown carelessly open in her haste to see him. "Percy, Percy, Percy!" She cried aloud in sheer delight.

Sir Percy Blakeney responded by lifting Marguerite off of her feet and spinning her around; joy and amusement playing over the Englishman's features. "Well, my dear, I am so happy that you are so glad to see me!" He gently lowered her back to the ground, still holding her securely to himself as he lowered his mouth to hers, taking her lips in a deep sensual kiss.

She responded in kind, matching his enthusiasm, both lovers only stopping when forced to catch their breaths. "Oh Percy!" She spoke his name in a loving whisper, whilst laying her head against his chest, enjoying the feel of his strong arms around her. "I have missed you so much!"

Percy felt as if he could float away on pure happiness at hearing what his love had just spoken. Chauvelin on the other hand was seething with pure hatred at the audacity of this idiot who had managed to worm his way into the heart of the woman who belonged to him. The French official could barely control his rage at what he was witnessing; his Marguerite in the arms of another man.

The Englishman, being the astute adventurer that he was, even in the mist of pure bliss, suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he noticed a chill coming from out of the shadowy corners of the room. Taking his beloved's face into his hands, he looked into her eyes and was astonished to see a few tears fall down her lovely porcelain cheeks.

"Margot, my love?" He whispered gently, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. "Tell me why the tears."

She quickly dropped her eyes to the floor, not wanting him to see her pain. She wasn't sure what to tell Percy about Chauvelin or what he would think of her if she did tell him everything.

Percy loved her so much and could tell she was struggling as every emotion passed across her beautiful face. She was nervous about telling him something as she bit her bottom lip still debating about how much to share with him about the night before.

"Marguerite" He lifted her chin forcing her eyes to meet his so she could see his love and sincerity when he spoke. "I would give anything….everything I have, everything I am so as not one more tear should ever have to fall from those beautiful enchanting eyes of yours, nor your heart ever know again what it is like to feel one ounce of pain or sadness.

It was then that Chauvelin vowed to himself that he would do everything in his power to see that the Englishman's declaration of love would be forever broken to Marguerite St. Just. He would never rest again until he came up with the perfect plan to destroy them both.