Summary: On Halloween night Hagrid never had the change to bring Harry to Dumbledore, instead he and four others were given to the Aurors and raised in a secret training program sponsored by Unspeakables and Head Aurors. Now, when he should be starting his seventh year, he and his four companions step for the first time into Hogwarts...

Warnings: MAJOR AU! MAJOR! And Slash of the Harry/Draco kind.

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns these brilliant characters.



Draco Malfoy loved his mother, he really did. But ever since his father was arrested at the end of his fifth year a whole new side of her was revealed. She became extremely overprotective and worried about him, and he rarely had a moment by himself anymore. If she wasn't able to be with him then it was one of the house elves. At school it was an effort to get Crabbe and Goyle let him go to the bathroom by himself. He had no privacy anymore. He didn't always hate it, it was nice to know that his mother cared for him so much.

But, She also insisted that she couldn't been seen in public by herself so she always dragged Draco along. Shopping, appointments, tea parties, and general social visits. It was boring as History of Magic. Today they were visiting the ministry. Honestly, the ministry had already raided the mansion four different times, but they were still determined to rip the Malfoys apart. Having his father in jail just wasn't good enough. And it was worse at school, that Damn Weasel and his friends refused to leave Draco alone and teased him at every available opportunity.

Draco had also lost a lot of respect in Slytherin during his sixth year. And it wasn't because of his father being arrested for being a Death Eater. No, it was worse.

Much worse.

Blaise had discovered that Draco was a virgin. Now he was the whole laughing stock of Slytherin. There weren't any Virgins above fourth year, except him. And now he was out to lose his virginity, and fast. And he was determined to do it before his seventh year, which started in three weeks.

But Draco had a problem.

He was picky. That was the whole reason he hadn't lost it yet, in fact. He refused to have his first time with a girl. No, he wanted an older, hot, muscled, and attractive man to control everything. Calloused hands sliding against his skin. A deep voice rumbling in his ears. Intense eyes. Great smile.

Draco had high standards an no one fit the bill. No one respectable anyways. There were a few that fit the bill, but they were Hufflepuffs or Gryffindors, and he couldn't lose his virginity to one of them. They were only for one night stands and quick flings. And now that he was determined, he was under his mother's watchful eye and unable to escape and be alone.

Draco's musing was interrupted by a shout from the office. His mother was in a meeting with some ministry official talking about the most recent raid and the property damage that was inflicted by careless Aurors. Draco didn't really care, he knew his mother would win the argument eventually. But he was bored and sitting outside the office with a secretary who was giggling over a book about Derwent Shimpling.

"Excuse me Miss, where is the bathroom?" Draco asked.

The girl didn't even look up at him. "Down the hall, third door on the left." She answered.

Draco sighed and stood up. He slowly drudged down the empty, beige hallway to the third door on the left with a white figure of a wizard.

Draco pushed the door open and headed towards the mirrors. He ran a hair through his silvery blonde hair, it hung a little above the bottom of his ears. He stopped slicking it back when his mother told him that he looked too much like his father. And with it long he looked more like his mother.

A toilet flushed behind him and a stall door opened. Draco glanced up in the mirror to see who was in the bathroom with him and froze. A tall, black haired, darkly tanned skin, and highly muscled man walked beside him and turned on the water to wash his hands. Draco, remembering his years of upper class breeding, composed his features. The tall man glanced at him and shot him a grin. Draco nearly buckled when the white teeth were flashed and the green eyes sparkled at him.

"Hey, it's not often there are other teens in the Ministry. What brings you here?" Draco's Greek God asked. He had a slight American accent, which surprised Draco.

Draco took a moment to compose himself before replying. "My Mother is in a meeting and then we are going shopping for my hogwarts supplies. You?"

"I'm visiting my uncle and he's working so I'm wandering." He shrugged and dried his hands.

Draco watched the muscles flexing in his arms as he threw away the paper towel. He glanced back up at his face only to notice that he was smirking down at him. Draco quickly straightened up and cleared his throat. "So... who's your uncle?"

"He's an auror. Kingsley Shacklebolt."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "You're related by blood?"

"Yeah, he's my dad's brother. My mom is Irish, I got a lot of her features. My name is Kirke Shacklebolt" He grinned, white teeth flashing against his dark tanned skin. Well, that explained the almost unnatural dark skin tone.

Draco's knees buckled again. If he kept smiling, Draco would end up a puddle of goo on the bathroom floor. "Mine is Draco Malfoy." He must be a foreigner if his name didn't cause any suspicious glances towards his forearms. "So what are you doing now?" Draco tried to ask indifferently, but he had a feeling that this gorgeous male specimen was on to him and his dirty thoughts.

He shrugged. "Probably back to his office and stare at the ceiling in boredom for the next hour... You?"

Draco looked nonchalantly about the bathroom. "The same. We share the same tragic fate. We might as well wallow together."

"Any suggestions what we should do while we're wallowing?" He asked in his deep, husky voice that sent shivers down his spine.

"Well..." Draco looked up through his thick, dark lashes (yes, that is magical mascara) and gave a coy smile. Kirke grinned down at him before hoisting Draco to sit on the sink and his mouth came crashing down on Draco's.

Draco was is sensory overload, hot lips against his own, large hands gripping his thighs, thick and soft hair beneath his fingers, and pelvises rocking and creating a delicious friction. As he moaned Kirke took advantage of his open mouth and thrust his tongue into his warm mouth. Draco whimpered as a wandering hand lightly traced his fast blooming erection and slid up to the zipper on his pants.

"Oh Merlin." Draco moaned as his mouth was released ans his neck was attacked. He couldn't do anything but cling to his gorgeous attacker.

This was it.

Draco knew it. He had to lose his virginity right here and right now. In the middle of a ministry bathroom. With a famous auror's nephew. Kirke Shacklebolt.

"Please... please more." Draco mumbled into his ear before nibbling on his lobe. Green eyes seared into his. They were asking if that's what Draco really wanted. And Draco's silvery blue eyes answered in a resounding yes.


Draco lay in the most wonderful, blissful haze. He didn't care that he was naked in the middle of a public bathroom in the ministry. He didn't care that his back was digging into cold tile. He didn't care that they body lying on top of him was heavy and burning hot. No, he didn't care because he did it.

He had sex.


With the hottest male specimen he had ever laid his eyes on.

Merlin, Pansy and Blaise were going to be jealous.

Draco's lover murmured in his ear and rolled off of him. "That was amazing." Draco breathed.

"Yeah... I'm sorry but I have to go."

Draco's blissful haze vanished. "What?"

"My uncle, and your mother, will be looking for us." Kirke stood and stretched before grabbing his clothes from a pile in the corner.

Draco felt a numbing cold slowly creep over him. He supposed that this was what a one night stand felt like. Except they didn't even have a night. This was a feeling he needed to get used to now. He was a Slytherin. He was supposed to be the one that left first.

He slowly stood and reached for his pants. They were almost zipped when a tanned and calloused hand stopped his fingers. Draco looked up as Kirke slowly zipped up his pants and then began to button up Draco's shirt.

Draco didn't feel so cold anymore. Kirke leaned down to kiss him once more. "I wish we didn't have to separate yet." He murmured against Draco's lips. "But I really do have to go."

Draco felt happy enough to cry tears of joy. His perfect man didn't want to kiss and run, but had no choice! He didn't care that he was happy as a hufflepuff. It was his first time, Merlin, he could act however he wanted. Draco smiled as his shirt was tucked in for him before he was led out into the empty hallway.

Kirke Shacklebolt sent him one last grin before heading down the hallway in the opposite direction that Draco needed to go. Draco watched for a moment or two before heading back to the small office. He wished that he had gotten a picture of him. For bragging and wanking purposes.

"There you are!" Draco turned to see a boy and a girl walking towards Kirke. "Shacklebolt wants to..." Draco couldn't hear anymore as the three of them walked out of hearing range. Draco sighed once more and walked into the office


To Be Continued...

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