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The Lost Prophecy

"Roger, what are we doing here?" Neville hissed as he followed the older boy. Harry was right behind Neville, but he wore a curious expression on his face instead of Neville's unsure expression. Normally Neville was all for sneaking around the Ministry at 2 a.m. but that usually involved hiding Undersecretary Umbridge's collectible cat plates in various locations while dodging the security patrols. But this time Roger had led them to the ninth level. The door behind them shut with an ominous noise and then the walls began to spin. Neville tried not to focus on the spinning as it was making him feel a tad nauseous.

Roger turned to face his two friends with a stern expression on his face, "I overheard Bode and Croaker talking yesterday and I thought we should check it out."

"Oh! Are we checking out the brain room?" Harry asked eagerly. Months ago he had heard one of the newest unspeakable recruits mention a room that creeped him out because of a bunch of brains that were floating in a tank. Talk about intense!

The walls stopped spinning and Neville breathed in relief. The Myrmidons had been to the Department of Mysteries several times before, but always escorted by an Unspeakable. He looked around the circular room with twelve plain, black, handle-less doors nervously. There was no way to tell them apart, and the blue flickering flames coming from the candles that lit the room were not helping him find a his calm center.

Roger gave a look to Harry that clearly stated 'you are an idiot' before speaking, "Brain room? No, we are here for the Hall of Prophesies."

Harry's eager look deflated. "Oh," he sighed.

"Oh? This is important Harry, there is a prophecy down here about you and Voldemort. We can finally hear it! It might tell us how you are supposed to fight him!" Roger waved his hands about in frustration as he spoke.

"Shouldn't we be quiet or something?" Neville whispered as he continued to glance at all the doors. Seriously, they all looked identical. How did the Unspeakables always know which door to choose?

"Maybe I don't want to know," Harry mumbled and crossed his arms. He stood firm and sullen looking in the middle of the room.

"Don't want to know? Harry, that's ridiculous. Knowledge is power," Roger argued and also took on a firm stance.

Neville mentally groaned. Stubborn as mules these two.

"What about all the cautionary tales? No good comes of knowing a prophecy. Look at Perseus or Oedipus."

"I don't think there's a risk of you marrying your mother," Roger responded with an eye roll.

Harry huffed in frustration, "That's not the point. Perseus' grandfather heard that prophesy and insured his own death by casting out his pregnant daughter. Same with Oedipus' dad. Hearing this prophesy may cause me to take actions that cause my death."

"Or Voldemort's death," Roger countered.

Neville was tempted to start opening doors just so he wouldn't have to listen to this-loud-argument taking place between his two best friends. He should have just stayed in bed when Roger whispered about a midnight Ministry adventure.

Luckily, or unluckily, one of the doors opened interrupting the argument. Harry, Roger and Neville all whirled to face Bodes, one of the senior Unspeakables, and he did not look happy. No one moved.

"What are you three doing here?" Bodes roared.

"You see sir—"

"We were going to hide this down here!" Neville interrupted Roger and held up a pink porcelain plate with a white Persian cat looking very disgruntled.

Roger blinked and Harry stood with his mouth hanging open.

Bodes started to laugh.

Neville smiled in relief.

After breakfast, following Shackelbolt's debrief, the Myrmidons had resumed daily patrols and did their best to reassure students Hogwarts was still safe. Dumbledore had apparently sent out a letter late the night before to every student's family with a brief outline of the attack and that no students were harmed, and copied the Daily Prophet, but still rumors were flying. Jimmy Peakes, the Gryffindor Sirius had taught the slug vomiting hex, had cornered Harry after breakfast in tears asking if Professor Black was truly dead. Jimmy and his friends had been in the group of students Mandy led back to the castle and he had refused to believe the rumors of his favorite professor's death. Harry felt horrible. Why couldn't he feel sad? Jimmy Peakes was devastated by Sirius' death and he had only known Sirius a few months. Harry couldn't even scrounge up a single tear.

Luckily Harry's knowledge obsessed Myrmidon came to his rescue with a distraction.

"Harry, I learned some interesting facts about how Ginny Weasley obtained that diary." Roger began when he managed to get Harry alone around lunchtime. They were in Hermione's Head Girl room while Hermione was off at lunch.

Harry felt a wee bit guilty about forgetting about the diary. Everything had happened so fast from killing the Basilisk to dealing with Scrimgeour that Ginny Weasley having Tom Riddle's diary completely spaced his mind. Good thing Roger was around.

"So, she said no one gave it to her, she just found it mixed in with her school books over the summer after purchasing them at Florish & Botts. She remembers bumping into Theodore Nott, I guess he made some comment about being poor and a ginger, and that's the only time she thinks the diary could have been slipped to her."

"Maybe… maybe whoever did slip Ginny the diary didn't realize what the diary was exactly," Harry mused.

"Makes sense, especially since Nott isn't a Death Eater, but his dad is. Perhaps his dad had it and Theo thought it would be a good prank on a Gryffindor?"

"Or maybe the diary wanted to be back in Hogwarts to open the Chamber and used Nott to get back, like the piece of Voldemort that was in the diary was obsessed with finishing what it tried to start when he was a student?"

"Perhaps. But still I think that there's more than one horcrux. Voldemort doesn't seem the type to leave something that important laying around unless he has more than one. You never did speak with Dumbledore about horcruxes, right?"

"Never got the chance," Harry frowned. He tended to avoid the Headmaster.

"Well as soon as this Hogsmeade business calms down we need to have a meeting with him. He actually knew Tom Riddle before he was Voldemort, he might have clues to this whole horcrux problem."

"Sounds reasonable," Harry nodded even though he was dreading the meeting. They only spent a few more minutes together tossing around theories before Harry resumed his patrol and Roger went to find Hermione.

Draco wasn't very hungry. He spent the last ten minutes poking at a sausage and the smell of grease made him want to hex something. He had only nibbled on a roll. Luckily, no one was paying much attention to him. Harry was not at lunch, and neither was Roger, Harry had mentioned briefly that the two of them were meeting when he had seen him outside the library. Draco wasn't avoiding Harry per se, but pretending to study seemed like a good way to avoid talking with him. Draco was afraid that he might tell Harry about his dad.

Tracey was sitting at the Slytherin table just a few spots away from Draco, she was chatting with Daphne Greengrass. Mandy was sitting at the Hufflepuff table surrounded by worshipping faces but she was throwing lovesick glances at the staff table, presumably at Shacklebolt, who seemed to be spending a lot of time going back and forth between the Ministry and the school trying to manage what he could of the Hogsmeade attack. Neville was eating at the Gryffindor table, although eating was a light term, devour was probably a more accurate verb for how he was going after his food. He seemed to have a new fan: Luna Lovegood was sitting next to him, her odd 'nargle seeing' glasses perched on top of her hair and she seemed neither fazed nor disgusted at Neville's consumption. Just watching Neville made Draco push his plate away from him.

Finally the Sunday afternoon mail began to arrive. Draco tried not to appear eager as he searched for a Malfoy bird circling with the others. He was not disappointed. His mother's eagle gracefully perched on a pumpkin juice carafe and took Draco's sausage. Draco grabbed the letter and completely ignored the box it was attached to.

His hands shook as he broke the seal and unfurled the message:

'My Darling Dragon~ I was so relieved to hear you were unharmed during the regrettable incident at Hogsmeade. I knew you were safe, but I was glad to hear from you regardless. Enclosed please find a box of your favorite chocolates to share with your friends. ~Love, Mother'

That's it? Draco frowned. Crabbe had already opened the box of chocolate; most of his friends were reaching for their favorite pieces.

"There's nothing like Mrs. Malfoy's hand selected chocolate to make a bleak day brighter!" Pansy cheerfully praised before selecting her favorite chocolate covered cherry confection.

Draco ignored the box and kept staring at the letter. 'I knew you were safe', so that meant his mother knew he was unharmed, but was it from the school informing parents of the incident or was it because his father told her so?

"Bleh, what is this?" Millicent held the half eaten chocolate out enough that Draco glimpsed the red, tough looking inside.

Chocolate covered chilies. His father's favorite. "Merlin's balls!" Draco exclaimed before he could contain himself. His friends around him stopped to stare at him. "Who in their right mind would ruin chocolate with a red chili?" He gestured to the half-eaten chocolate in Millicent's hand.

"Is that what it is?" she frowned, "those crazy Swiss."

Draco's friends went back to enjoying the chocolate and were oblivious to Draco's internal panic. Draco's father had escaped prison and Draco was literally sleeping with the enemy.

Neither Hogwarts nor Hogsmeade wanted to have worried parents flooding their grounds after the incident. Dumbledore's announcement did little to appease the masses of worried parents so Roger devised a system over four days, where all the parents of kids of that particular house were to visit on a specific day. Gryffindor was first, followed by Hufflepuff, then Ravenclaw and lastly Slytherin. A tent was set up at the edge of Hogwarts grounds next to the entrance gate. Parents also signed up for a block of time, stating which hour they were going show so that it wasn't a massive flood of people all at the beginning of the day. Mandy, Neville and Roger were all stationed at the tent to keep an eye on the proceedings while Harry, Tracey, and the auror Dawlish all patrolled the grounds to make sure no one but students returned to the castle.

By the time the fourth day rolled around Draco's nervous energy had deflated and he was resigned as he trudged towards the tent five minutes before 10 a.m. on Friday. Slytherin's day was the calmest day yet. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor had been chaotic and the Myrmidons had been pretty frazzled by the time dinner rolled around each night, Harry was too tired to notice Draco acting out of sorts, much to Draco's relief. Ravenclaw and Slytherin had more image conscious families than the other two houses, so the third day had run much smoother.

Draco entered the tent precisely two minutes before 10 a.m. but his mother was already there. She sat at a small table sipping hot tea and looked perfectly coiffed and unruffled. Draco loved that no matter what his mother always had poise. The constant was refreshing after the bedlam of the past week. "Draco," Narcissa stood to greet her son and gave him a brief but tight hug before returning to her seat. The tent was warm and full of various sized tables throughout. There was a pleasant hum of conversation and Neville was the only Myrmidon in sight at the moment. The closest table to them had the Greengrass sisters with their mother and father.

"Mother it is good to see you," Draco finally returned his mother's greeting after sitting at the small table beside his mother. "The chocolates were enjoyed by all, except the dark chocolate red chilies that were included. Those were most unwelcome."

Narcissa nodded, "I was quite surprised myself to see them included, and not very happy either but there was nothing I could do." Draco nodded at the hidden message in her words. She hadn't been happy to see Lucius but what could she do? "So how is Harry Potter? I was quite shocked that you didn't mention him in any of your letters."

Draco blinked at his mother. How did she know? How much did she know? "What do you mean? Everyone knows he's at Hogwarts," Draco answered carefully.

"I hear he's been staying in Slytherin. I am so glad you have your own room this year." Draco mentally sighed in relief. He honestly hadn't thought how his mother would respond once she heard of Draco's… dalliance, and until a week ago he didn't give a Hippogriff's ass what his father thought, what could he do from prison? But now…

"Mother Harry isn't nearly as bad as one would assume. As Head Boy I've worked with him and his friends quite a bit."

"Oh?" Narcissa seemed genuinely interested now. "How so?"

"Well, most importantly he doesn't like Ron Weasley," Draco started with a smile.

Narcissa let out a small laugh, "So he has taste then?"

"Mother," Draco began quietly and a bit nervously, "I like Harry Potter. I mean I like Harry Potter."

"Oh my sweet Dragon. What have you done?" Narcissa sighed softly.

"Draco! How was your mum?"

"Harry!" Draco started. Draco was on his way back to the castle, he had been trudging with his head down and hadn't noticed Harry in his path until he spoke.

Harry raised an eyebrow and Draco's distracted state. "Is everything all right? You've been acting weird since this weekend…"

"No, it's nothing. I'm fine," Draco winced. That didn't sound convincing at all.

"Did I do something? Did… did I hurt you Saturday night?" Harry studied the blonde intensely.

"No! No, that's—no. That's not it. That was great. Better than great. It's just—well—I… I told my mother about you. About us." Draco stared at the ground after his announcement.

"Oh," Harry blinked. He had no idea how to react to that. Should he be angry? Relieved? Harry had never been in a relationship before but this was a big deal, right? And coming out to his mother had to be a big deal. Draco Malfoy was a pureblood of the highest caliber. Wouldn't his family be upset? Weren't purebloods very strict about bloodlines and heirs? "How did it go?" Harry studied the blonde's downcast expression.

Draco shrugged, "I'm not really sure myself." Which was kind of true. Narcissa would never cause a public scene, so of course she reacted calmly and rationally. But he was afraid of Harry prodding him on the subject. Draco was a smooth liar, but he had never lied about things this of this magnitude. He told his mother about Harry because he was telling his mother that he did not want to follow in his father's footsteps. His father that was currently an Azkaban escapee hiding at Malfoy Manor. Letting that slip would ruin his family for good. Draco looked up at Harry with a sudden determination. "Take me back to my room," Draco all but purred at the brunet and looked at him coyly through his lashes.

Harry had a bit of whiplash from the sudden mood change, but he was not about to question it when he had a pretty good idea of what taking Draco back to his room would bring about.

Harry was not disappointed. As soon as he closed Draco's bedroom door the blonde pounced. Harry smiled in amusement down at Draco as the blonde pushed him against the door. Moments later Draco's determined and nimble fingers were unbuckling his belt and the blonde fell to his knees bringing Harry's cargo pants down with him. But looking down at Draco Harry realized he didn't want this. Well, he did but not like this. Draco was clearly upset and doing a damn good job hiding it.

"Draco, you don't have to do this." Harry placed a hand on Draco's shoulder and Draco paused.

"I want to do this," Draco replied. He tried to lean forward but Harry stopped him again.

"Draco, I see what this is, you don't have to do this." Harry tugged on Draco and Draco reluctantly sat back and frowned as Harry sank to the floor in front of him. "I'm not going to force you to talk about anything. Look, I'm terrible at relationships, I am certainly not going to force you to talk about this situation with your mom."

Draco blushed, embarrassed, in response. Was he really that transparent? Harry pulled Draco into a deep kiss and Draco finally relaxed. Harry pulled away and with a mischievous grin on his face, "Hey, let's just lie in your bed and make out, sound fun?"

Draco laughed at let Harry pull him to his feet. And seeing Harry's bright, white teeth smiling at him, feeling Harry's sure hands on him, he was finally able to release the weight of his troubles and just unwind.

The next morning Roger finally succeeded in arranging a meeting with Dumbledore, Harry and the rest of the Myrmidons to talk.

"Dumbledore, we'd like to talk to you about a theory we have regarding Voldemort." Roger began the informal meeting. He was sitting to Harry's right, who naturally was in the middle seat. Mandy was next to Roger and Tracey and Neville sat on the other side of Harry. Dumbledore was sitting at his desk with a knowing smile on his face. The smile irritated Harry and he had to control a strong urge to start breaking things.

"Please Mr. Davies, you have my full attention," Dumbledore encouraged.

Roger felt this was a time to be blunt. Normally he didn't like putting all his cards on a table but he had a feeling if he was straight with the Headmaster, then the Headmaster would be straight with him. "The diary that was controlling Ginny Weasley, we think it was a horcrux."

"You know what a horcrux is?" Dumbledore seemed surprised, information about horcurxes was banned, and for good reason.

"I've studied several ...less than savory subjects that the Ministry would not approve of if they knew." Roger and Harry exchanged a glance. Even since Roger failed to obtain find out what Harry's prophecy actually said he had become obsessed with ways to make Harry more powerful. Roger was determined to make sure Harry did not die. Roger had actually started researching horcruxes to see if Harry should create one, but once he learned more about the process and what it does to the caster that plan was vetoed. Vehemently.

"I have had similar thoughts," Dumbledore actually seemed serious for once, "and have been researching into the topic as well."

Roger leaned forward, his thirst for knowledge gave him an eager smile on his face. "That has to be how he survived the rebounded killing curse, I've looked into several different theories as to how to survive death and that seemed the most logical, and least complicated, once you know how."

"Roger, why are you getting excited?" Mandy frowned at the academia of the group. "Weirdo," she mumbled.

"It's nice to have confirmation of what we could be dealing with," Roger pointed out, "it's only logical."

Neville mumbled something about Spock under his breath and Mandy snorted in an attempt to smother her laugh. Roger glared.

"Yes," Dumbledore interrupted, trying to get the subject back on track, "I have theories on what other horcruxes could be, but we're missing the most important piece of information."

Harry frowned, they were missing lots of crucial information, "and what's that?" He asked.

"How many did he create?" Dumbledore leaned back in his chair and for once looked his ancient age.

"How many? You mean, you think he created more than one or two?" Neville grimaced. He certainly hadn't thought Voldemort would make several.

Unfortunately Roger had. "I have thought on that as well. How many times can one survive ripping off pieces of their soul?" He mused with a grimace.

"Survive, yes, but at what cost? He began losing what makes him a man."

The office was quiet why everyone pondered on how to deal with this information.

"Dumbledore… has Shacklebolt shared our theory that both attacks were a distraction?" Harry changed the topic. All the talk about horcruxes was really a drain. He did not want to play scavenger hunt for the missing pieces of Voldemort's soul.

"Yes, he did mention it. I share in your theory. I believe he wanted something in the Ministry that his spies cannot access. Not without Voldemort himself present."

The Myrmidons waited as Dumbledore paused, and refilled his tea. He settled back in his chair and set his spoon to stir magically. He studied them calmly.

"So… are you going to elaborate or…?" Mandy spoke first. The others were just staring at him wondering if he truly was going senile.

"Oh, right. I apologize, I didn't think the Ministry wanted my help with this whole 'Voldemort' situation." Dumbledore smiled pleasantly.

"So you're going to let Voldemort get away with whatever he did because you're having a tiff with Scrimgeour and Moody?" Harry scoffed.

"Wait, you said he was after something that his spies cannot 'access' without Voldemort present deep in the Ministry?" Roger snorted. "What's with the riddles? What am I, some dorky fifth year?" Roger turned to Harry and spoke directly to him, "Dumbledore thinks Voldemort is after the prophecy, the one that only you or he can retrieve."

Harry nodded, "Good. This can only help us."

"What are you talking about? Voldemort most likely now has and knows the prophecy. He holds the advantage," Roger argued.

"Or, he is going to either make sure the prophecy succeeds or is going to try and stop it, either way he's going to fuck everything up if he believes it. I'm tellin' you, Oedipus. Perseus." Harry smirked.

Roger waved his hands in the air in frustration. "You are so infuriating, would you knock it off? I'm the brains, you're the face, remember? If we know what the prophecy says then we can try and figure out what his next move is. And now, we will never know because he has the only copy," Roger growled.

"Not the only one, actually. Mr. Davies is correct that the only copy the Ministry has is now missing, but my copy is intact." Silence greeted Dumbledore's announcement.

Tracey was the first to ask the question on all their minds, "How do you have a copy?"

"I was present when it was prophesized. So was one of his spies, but he didn't hear it all before rushing off. It is why Voldemort came after you that night, Harry."

"Voldemort came after my parents, not me."

"Why don't you listen and judge for yourself why Voldemort did what he did." Harry stared straight at Dumbledore in response but his friends eyed each other uneasily. Dumbledore waved his wand to summon a Pensieve, it wasn't a normal Pensieve, but a prototype that allowed a group of people to view a memory. It instead projected the images above the pool of Pensieve liquid. Harry watched in anticipation as Dumbledore placed a memory into the rune inlaid shallow stone basin. The quality of the image was not good, the figures were shadowy, but the voice was clear:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

"He… he was huntin' a baby born at the end of July?" Neville was the first to speak. "Is that why… is that why Death Eaters went after my parents as well? Because of this stupid prophecy?" Neville finished angrily.

"Neville—" Mandy attempted to calm Neville down, but failed.

"No! Don't 'Neville' me!" Neville was shaking in anger. He stood up and the others quickly followed. "All these years my Gran blamed me, treated me poorly, she would make snide comments about it being my fault that my parents were tortured, and she was right!" Neville began storming out of the office. Dumbledore had a table full of knickknacks in the center of his office, right in Neville's path, and the angry teen upended it, and all the little magical widgets and gadgets crashed to the floor, shattering. "So don't you dare tell me to calm down!" He finished and stormed out of the office.

Roger's reaction was felt by his team, "Well… that was unexpected."

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