Roy/Hawkeye, PG. Ficlet for musicaestvita.
Don't mind the title. It's just me being bored. :)

by Maaya

It starts raining at three o'clock and Roy spends the rest of the evening at work bemoaning and wondering how to get home without an umbrella or raincoat. With or without fire alchemy, he still detests getting wet and at seven, when work is both finally and regretfully done for the day, he lingers a while longer and whines to himself, doing nothing but doodling on a paper and staring out the window. At eight, he's half-asleep and the rain is pouring more than it had before.


Hawkeye's single word is like a soft slap in his face to wake him up. Sudden and confusing, it shatters his thoughts and rebuilds them differently and with newfound coherency.

How typically her.

Roy looks at her and he looks at the umbrella in her hand. Her expression is businesslike, but Roy sees an offer.

He follows her home that night.