(Tune of "We are the Champions")

This is

The last chapter

My frie-ends….


Don't despair, 'cause

In the end

Danny's the champion

Danny's the champion!

No time for losin'

'Cause he is the champion….

Of this worrrrrld!

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Chapter five

"Aries?" Danny said. "Yes, it's me," Aries said. "I didn't want to tell you yet because I didn't know how you would take it. After all, I just met Mr. Danny Phantom here." She comically motioned to Danny. "Oh, that reminds me," Danny said, landing. "Since you can trust me with your secret, I think I can trust you with mine." With that, Danny changed back into Danny Fenton, becoming enveloped in pure, white rings of light. Aries stared back at him in awe. "l-l... never knew that you were the ghost boy that practically every ghost in the ghost zone is talking about!" Aries said, completely stunned. "Weir, Danny said, "Now you know."

"How touching," Ember announced, appearing in front of them. "Ember, go away!" the three shouted. "Wait," Danny asked Aries. "You know her, too?" "Yes, unfortunately," Aries answered. The two went ghost together and hovered there, face to face with Ember. They prepared for battle. Ember assumed her ready position, preparing to send sonic waves at the three. "Sam, get out of the way," Aries, now Musica warned. "She's going to attack!" Sure enough, Ember sent a tremendous power chord riveting towards Sam. Sam ducked just in the nick of time, but the attack hit Musica and sent her flying backwards. "Musica!" Danny said, about to fly over and help her. Ember sent a nearly sonic harmony towards Danny, almost hitting him. Danny countered by shooting blasts of spectral energy at her. Most hit their target, sending it flying, but some ricochted off of the wall and bounced right into Danny, sending him flying. "Okay," Danny muttered to himself, "That's not going to work." Danny saw that Ember was getting up. He quickly glanced from his English Horn, now on the floor next to Musica, then to Ember, and then he remembered something his band teacher had once said. "Remember, Daniel, nothing can beat the power of music." The words echoed around in his head as he picked up the English Horn and flew straight at Ember. "The power of music," Danny echoed to himself as he played a strong, solid note on his instrument.

To Danny's surprise, Ember stopped in her tracks. She looked at Danny, confused for a second, and then tried to attack. Danny gasped and breathed in as much air as he could before once again playing a solid B flat. Ember attempted to hit him with another sonic power chord, but it bounced back at her. It was as if Danny had some kind of shield around him, but there was none to be seen. Danny stopped playing and aimed at Ember, now flying towards him at a break-neck speed and trying to knock him out of the air. He played a very loud, very high note that blasted Ember backwards for the umpteenth time in a row. Mirrors shattered, windows broke, and Danny managed to give everyone in the room a huge headache with its shrill sound. Ember, now weary from trying to hit Danny but only getting hit herself, tried her attack one last time. Danny played the lowest note he knew, making the entire room shake as if there were an earthquake. Ember could not keep her balance, in the air or on the ground, and she fell to the floor. Danny ran over to her. The room looked like a war zone and Ember looked as if she had died for a second time. Danny stood, panting, and trying to catch his breath. Ember stirred slightly, and Danny became tense. "Ghost boy... Come here for a sec..." Ember said. Danny inched closer. "You know, you play a killer Tenor Oboe." "Uh, it's actually an English Horn" Danny said. Ember laughed weakly. "No, kiddo,' she said, smiling slightly. "A Tenor Oboe and English Horn are the same thing." Danny smiled back. Ember may have caused him to fall in love with his best friend, and she may have started all this trouble, but in the end, she was really a pretty decent person. "Now, I have just one last request before I say goodbye," Ember said, starting to become more awake. "What's that?" Danny asked. Ember began to get up rather shakily. "Please take me back to the ghost zone so I can recover."

Danny pondered this for a while, and then said "I guess I could." Ember grinned. "Thank you so much!" she said with delight. "There is one catch, however," Danny said. "If I take you back, I don't want to see you around Amity Park ever again, because you know what'll happen if I do." He winked to show that he ment this in a friendly way. "Hey, I'd do anything for a great Tenor Oboist like you," Ember said back. She handed Danny a Swiss army knife. "Here. I hijacked this from your dad's lab. I thought he might want it back." Danny turned the knife over and over again in his hands and read the tiny inscription on its hilt: Property of Fenton Works, corp. Above this inscription was another inscription: FENTON KNIFE. Danny was curious as to what it did, so he opened it and acted like he was cutting something. To his surprise, it actually felt like he was cutting through cloth. A thick, glowing gash was formed. It became bigger and bigger, until it was finally large enough for Ember to fit through. She stepped into the glowing portal and waved goodbye as it closed. Danny felt thoroughly satisfied that Ember would no longer cause trouble for him or his family. Danny closed the knife and thought about what he had just done. He thought about how he would survive his life, fighting ghosts that tried to cause trouble. He thought about what would happen if he really did decide to tell his parents about his true identity. He thought about this, grabbed his friends, and flew them to class. When he got to his class, he set down his friends, switched back to his human form, and took his seat among the others, waiting for Sam and Aries to wake up. Danny began to play his English Horn, once again sinking into his dream-like world, and reflected on what had happened over the past few weeks. As he remembered his strenuous battle, he began to wonder who he would have to fight next and if his family would ever find out about his secret. Danny knew that he was not normal, and neither was his family, but then again, nothing in his life was ever truly normal.

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