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Summary: Two hundred school girls are abducted and trained to assassinate men. Only the strongest and most seductive thirteen may survive, and Kaoru is one of them. But what happens when she crosses paths with the man she used to love, Himura Kenshin? Will she kill him, or fall in love again?

Thirteen Lethal Roses

A Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction by Uotani the Fishie

Disclaimer: I own a room, some manga, a small tv, my bed, my clothes, and no, not Rurouni Kenshin. Not the actual movie, Naked Weapon either. –sigh-

It was not going to be hell, she would endure it. He would come back, right? The change wasn't permanent; he was only staying there for two years. Until then, she would go to school, as always, and study, study hard- so someday she could be right beside him. What if he never came back? She was worrying to much. He always kept his promises. For the past seven years, not once has he made her sad, nor cry.

Ten years ago, she was on the verge of dying. She wandered the streets. Shattered. Withered into the darkness of the world, and not one person would notice. Her parents had abandoned her; they went off into their own world, selling drugs. Both of them were drug dealers. But they didn't succeed in their job after they had left their daughter. They had been caught by the law, and sentenced to jail. However, right in the courtroom, it was said that they pulled out a pair of guns, and shot each other. They wouldn't ever get caught. At that time, Kaoru was only seven, but she understood what was happening. The whole world was against her. She lived on the streets, no one cared. Then, he stepped foot into her world, and he changed everything.

He was only in high school that time, living alone because of family reasons. When he first saw her, she was injured from a suicide gang that battered her when they found out she wouldn't join them. At that time, she was almost dead. The back of her head had been severely injured, and her whole body was full of dagger marks and bruises. She lay their, expecting no one to come. But- he immediately held her up, and ran to all the taxis he could find. Unfortunately, he didn't have money at that time, and everyone refused to serve him. So carrying Kaoru, the seven year old girl, he ran to the nearest hospital, five miles away. It took a while, but he was not too late. She survived, and stayed in the hospital for half a year. Everyday, he came to visit, and he was sincere; especially after he heard her whole story. After that half a year in the hospital, he took her in, and treated her like a father. His name was Himura, Kenshin.

For the first few years, all it seemed like was a father and daughter relationship. But, after Kaoru entered high school, and was able to make lunch for him, clean the house for him, and get help from him, it become far different from what it was in the beginning. Everyday, they began to talk more and more; beginning to depend on each other. Kaoru had admitted to herself, that he wasn't a father to her. He was the whole world to her. She loved him. She would die if it could make him happy forever.

And then today came. He was going to work in Kyoto for two years, and she would have to stay in Tokyo to continue going to school. Kaoru hadn't slept the whole night; her whole mind was focused on Kenshin, leaving her. He would leave, so soon.

"Did you get everything yet Kenshin? Here, I made lunch, eat it if you get hungry, okay?" She handed him a bag with a boxed lunch inside that she had spent hours making in the morning. It had to be perfect.

"Thanks, I'll remember to eat it on the way there." The corners of his lips went up, showing his gratefulness.

Her voice got scratchier, as she opened her eyes wide, trying to hold back tears. "Hey, you better come back…" But the tears started to fall like rain fell. Fast and hard. "Okay?" She tried smiling, but she couldn't. Two years apart from him was too much. She would die before then.

"Don't worry." Then, he did something unexpected. Her heart pounded, as he held out her hand, took her ring finger and slipped a shiny, diamond ring onto it. "I really...I'm going to stay with you." Seeing no hesitation, he knew that she too, had fell in love with him, the way he had with her. He placed one hand below her chin, raising her head a bit, brushing his lips against her lips. He then put his arms around her and whispered words that she never thought she would hear. "When I get back Kaoru…let's get married."

She was also, the whole world, to him.

Her head leaned against his shoulder, as she returned his hug, and nodded softly. He had loved her too. It was like living a dream. When he came back, they would finally be together; finally. She didn't want to let go, but she knew that she had to. She smiled as he took his suitcase and went into the taxi. But, when the taxi started driving away, she shut her mouth with her hand, trying to hold in her cries.

Kenshin sat in the taxi, as the driver cleared his throat. "Himura, that girl's been living with you for a while, you ever gonna let her go loose someday?"

"No." She was going to stay with him. And he was going to stay with her.

"Why? She's seventeen. She's gonna be finished wit' school soon. You gotta let her get out there and find someone else ta' live with her or somethin'."

"No... I already asked her to marry me."

The taxi screeched, stopping, right after the red light had turned on. "Oh ho ho..." He laughed quietly. "and does the young lady know what you really are Himura? And that your 'business' in Kyoto isn't xactly'..well…you know…"

"She doesn't have to know." Kenshin knew in his heart though, that even though he had already proposed, and she agreed, there was still a chance that their marriage would break apart after she found out his secret. He was no ordinary man.

"Hmm..really. Do you think that it wouldn't matter to her that you…killed people for a living?"

She closed the door, and leaned her head against it for the longest time. He just left, but she felt crushed inside. Kenshin was going to be away from her for two years. Two years was not a long time. It was ten years since they've lived together. And that probably was the shortest ten years in her life she would ever experience.

o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- One Year Later

"Students and Staff of Sakamoto University, we once again will inform you about some unpleasant news. Yesterday, three female students were abducted in Sakamoto Park. We ask everyone to be cautious about that area, and travel in groups. Thank you for your attention, class is resumed." The intercom speaker turned off, and the classroom began to get noisy again. Misao, Kaoru's close friend, turned around. It was kind of awkward how they met. Misao was a transfer student, who was quite quiet at first, but something worked out between them, and now they were closer than the rice and the fish in sushi.

"Hey, what's up with you and Kenshin? Does he still call everyday?"

Kaoru nodded. One year had passed; One more year to go. It was painful, but she soon got use to it, and always looked forward to his phone call everyday. Sometimes they were late, some times they were early. But it didn't matter. He always called, no matter what. "Yeah, he calls. It's all good."

"Oh Kaoru! Did you know? The abductions are happening right next to your neighborhood! Aren't you scared? Pssh, I bet you one million bucks that you're going to be the next target! Yeah, it'll happen, you know, since Kenshin doesn't come and pick you up anymore..." Sano, her lab partner laughed, patting Kaoru's back with his hand. "I kid! If anyone tries to pick on you, I'll beat the crap out of him!" She had known Sano since she was twelve, when she started Junior High. He always picked on her lightly, but nothing serious ever happened. He was protective too; the last boy who tried injuring her quit school and went to another one- to ensure his safety and not getting beat up by Sano again.

His girlfriend had long hair, and long, fluttering eyelashes. She was a natural beauty, and she was patient, but aggressive when she needed to be. Kaoru was glad that he had found someone like her, Megumi. Megumi grabbed Sano's shoulder, and joined the conversation. "Don't worry honey, I'll beat the living daylights out of that guy who tries to kidnap Kaoru before you're even there!" They were like kids. They stuck their tongues out at each other, and walked away, punching each other in the shoulders.

"Oww you hurt me! Gods…"

"Hey, sorry, you okay?" …

The bell rang, and Misao went a different way. Kaoru and Megumi both walked down the street alone; Sano left a bit early, because had to work at the thrift shop today. They stopped by the shop for a while, then started going home, it was getting dark. "Are you sure you don't wanna take my car? I mean, I'll just walk home, and beat anyone who tries gettin' to me."

Megumi smiled, "Nah. Do you really think some guy could take me down?" She had the right to say these words; she had taken karate since she was five, because her parents owned a dojo.

It was dark when they were walking, and quiet. Not one of them said a word; both of them knew that they were scared. Megumi walked Kaoru to her door and stuck her tongue out. "See? No one would try abducting you with me around!"

Just as Kaoru was about to close the door, Megumi screamed, and reached out to her.

When Kaoru closed the door, both of them knew it was too late. She turned around, as a tall a figure grabbed her by the neck, making her loose consciousness.

Can't breathe. Can't see. Darkness. Screams. Silence.

Megumi smashed the door open, after not hearing any sounds. After feeling a hand grab her, she knew she should not have gone in. She tried grabbing the hand, but it quickly dodged her clench . She turned fast, but no one was there. She started running, but she couldn't. A black object pushed against the back of her head. If a black belt college student and a highly trained gunner attacked each other, who would win?

The phone rang, one, two, three, four, five times.

"Hello, you have reached the Himura residence. There is no one available right now, so please leave a-" Click.

"Hello? Kaoru? It's late. You sleeping? Hello?"

End Chapter 1

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