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Thirteen Lethal Roses

A Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction by Uotani the Fishie

Disclaimer: Don't own Kenshin, don't own naked weapon, yeah.

He was tall; he had pasty white teeth, and dark eyes, hidden under a pair of sunglasses. His army would be as flawless as he was. He let them drink the medicine; the medicine that he took years to develop. It was finally complete. It was eleven years since he thought of this plan. The first six years were spent developing the drug that would make young girls forget all their memories, and devote themselves to him. The next five years was the gathering of the assassins. He would choose two hundred Japanese school girls; the smartest, strongest, and most beautiful ones he found. Five years of stalking fifty schools, just to find the perfect two hundred assassins. He would kill all the current assassins in Japan using his women. He hated all of them. His whole family was killed by them; he had to get his revenge. Kubo Shinichi, age thirty four. This year, his mission would be half complete. He had successfully abducted two hundred perfect girls, and gave them each one pill. The last two girls were going to wake up the next day, but they would remember, nothing. He could finally begin the training.

There was no sunlight when Kaoru woke up. It was dark. She was in a cage, along with about twenty other young, beautiful girls. Their expressions were blank. At that time, she, herself, did not realize that she too, had a blank expression on her face.

Several other girls were staring at her. She felt nothing. She didn't care for anything. And then, the man came up to the cage, opening it.

"Since you are all awake, I have a job for you." He handed them each a pistol. Then, he revealed to them, that there had been other cages around them. Inside, there were also young girls, carrying pistols. "Kill or be killed. You may begin."

Although he did not say much, all the girls knew what he meant. The reloaded their guns. One minute later, when he was out of the cage room, one gun shot was heard. There was screaming, and the girls did as they were told to, kill, or be killed. Blood splattered onto the walls, onto the iron bars of the cages. But Kaoru still held her pistol. The girl next to her did the same. They had the same attire on, but Kaoru never figured out why. Both of them sat there, as they watched everyone insanely shoot each other. There were gunshots for a whole ten minutes. Suddenly, five girls aimed for them. Kaoru stood up, her body taking full control of her. She took her pistol, and shot five shots. All of the girls fell, each with a bullet in their head. Then, she continued to fight more. She attacked everyone who was in her way. She could feel it- the sensation of killing. After minutes, she wasn't even using her gun anymore. She used her hands, grabbing heads, and twisting them around as if they were play toys. Insanity had overpowered her.

She tried to keep a straight face, but she could not. All these girls did not know what they were doing. They followed the man's orders like a dog. Megumi sat there, dumbfounded. She wasn't unconscious when the man "knocked her out." When he gave her the medicine, she knew she shouldn't have swallowed it; so she didn't. When he left her, she had spat it out, and pretended she was unconscious. She couldn't run away. She was stuck here. And she was the only one who knew it. She looked over at Kaoru, her friend, and more tears dripped down her face. When someone kills, they either became insane, or they kept killing more. Both had happened to Kaoru. She was hypnotized, trapped. Kamiya Kaoru no longer existed. It was as if she had been erased.

"Stop!" Shinichi shouted out, as all the girls looked at him. He counted out the girls that were left, that were not dead. His army was standing right in front of him. "Thirteen. Perfect." These would be his killers. They would do anything he said. He all told them to stand in a line, as he took out a knife. Megumi hesitated, but she went on. She would not be found out. When she could, she would run away, taking Kaoru with her, taking her back to real life. When they were all in a line, Shinichi took his knife, and pierced through one girl's shirt, ripping it apart. She didn't move. She was emotionless when he did that. He did the same thing to each girl, one by one. Then he came to Kaoru. She did not hesitate either. She stood there too, accepting his treatment. Megumi tried, to stay still, to act emotionless. When he pierced his knife through her shirt, she managed to not move. But, when he started tearing her shirt, she flinched, and moved back. It was her body's response. She couldn't stop itHe looked at her with menacing eyes, grabbed her face, and threw it back. He examined each girl, standing there, almost naked in front of his eyes. All of them were perfect- beautiful killers, holding their pistols without emotion. He sat down, half smiling. It was true, he loved it. He loved it that thirteen young girls would seduce men, kill them, and be all his.

"From now on, all of you will kill when I order you to. You'll do that by seducing men, and when they least expect it, bang. You shoot. Then you're done. To seduce a man, you must show everything you've got. All of you are smart enough to know what that means. Now, come here. Pretend that I am your target."

Kaoru stepped out, closer and closer to him. She put her leg over one of his shoulders, making him fall. She sat on him, looking deeply into his eyes. After she did that, all of the girls followed, kissing him everywhere, slowly moving his hands all around their bodies. Megumi just sat there, pretending to try to seduce the man. She wasn't even touching him, but how could he tell? His eyes had already been on Kaoru the whole time. She wanted to stop Kaoru, but she couldn't. The drug, it had killed her. Not her body, but her soul.

Moments later, he stood up. He had felt satisfaction. They were all beautiful killers, but he knew the most beautiful one. "Good. Tomorrow, you will do gun training- Although, most of you seem talented already. Miyabe will lead you to your rooms. A tall, thin man appeared, telling everyone to follow. The next day, they practiced gunning. The days after that, they practice more, gruesome, quick ways of killing, and horrendous seduction techniques. Every day was like that. Megumi knew she couldn't break yet. Once she got out of the jail she was in, she would find Kenshin, and tell him to rescue Kaoru, even though she didn't know if he even had that ability or not.

One year of brutal training had passed, and they were finally ready, to kill.

It bothered Kenshin that she would not pick up the phone for a whole year. He couldn't leave Kyoto to go and find out what was wrong, so he assumed that Kaoru was just mad at him for being away for so long. It was a stupid reason, but he somehow made himself to believe that. Then, when he finally came back, his house was in ruins. The windows had been shattered, and everything spray painted. When he came inside, his heart pounded fast. Kaoru was nowhere. "Kaoru! Hello! Where are you?"

"Hey, you over there!" He turned around, to see a police officer standing at the doorway. "This place is off limits. What are you doing here?"

"I'm the owner of this house!" Kenshin shouted, as he went through all the rooms. "The girl that use to live here, where is she?"

"Oh…so you were her guardian...?"

When there is a pause in a conversation, sometimes, it means that something good is going to be heard. But this time, it was one of those pauses before bad news is spoken.His heart shattered; he knew that what he didn't want to hear what was going to be said next.

"The girl here, she was abducted one year ago. She's been missing. We haven't had any records of her for a long time"

"God damn!" He grabbed the policeman's collar, holding him up. "Damn! You never even notified me, I have the right to know if my fianc-."

It was useless. He couldn't complain to the officer, Kaoru had gone missing one year ago already. It was his fault. Why the hell didn't he come back earlier?

"Kenshin! You're back!"

He looked beyond the doorway, his eyes seeing Kaoru running through it, embracing him.

But it wasn't her.

Shinichi handed Kaoru and Megumi a piece of paper, with a small name scratched on it. "His address is right here. Kill him tonight. This is your first mission. You better be ready." Both of them nodded, and stared at the piece of paper. Their next target was the owner of an assassination group- Kogorou Katsura.

End Chapter 2

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