Hermione's Challenge

It was a chilly Friday evening, and classes had ended for the day. The Golden Trio were all looking forward to the weekend. Harry and Ron were planning to catch up on their lack of sleep and practice quidditch, while Hermione wanted to get ahead on some studying. The boys were discussing some quidditch moves, on the way to the Great Hall for dinner, when they felt a presence behind them.

"What are you three up to?" A familiar voice sneered. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked up to see Professor Snape looming above them. "Well?"

Harry was the first to respond to the question. "You see, sir, it's called walking. It's a funny concept where you take one foot, lift it up and…"

"Think that's funny Potter?" Snape spat, cutting Harry off. He was becoming obviously annoyed. "Well I think sixty points off Gryffindor is appropriate for that sense of humor." And with that he gave them one last glare and walked away.

Harry and Ron burst out with laughter as soon as Snape turned the corner.

"That was hilarious, Harry!" Ron said as he was gasping for air. He turned to see that Hermione wasn't laughing. "Come on Hermione, you have got to admit that was funny."

"There's no denying that it wasn't funny, Ronald! But he's a teacher! You shouldn't have said that to him. And, what's more is that he took off sixty points!" Hermione returned. She sighed, sometimes the boys were so immature; they're going to need to learn how to hold their tongues.

"You'll earn the points back Hermione, with all the questions you answer." Ron smiled; he knew she wouldn't stay mad at him when he gave her a compliment. "Besides, it's our last year here; we're never going to see Snape again! So what's it matter if we irritate him a little? He's made our life miserable from our first year here! In fact…" He glanced at Hermione and said, "You should play a prank on him. You know get him back for making all those rude comments about you in potions!"

When Ron finally finished, Harry added, "Yeah consider it a challenge! What do you say?" They both looked at her with puppy dog faces they used when they needed Hermione's help on homework; they knew she couldn't resist it.

"Well…. Oh all right. I guess it'll be fun. I could do something that would get a good laugh, and maybe something that would tell him off, but he wouldn't know who tricked him…."

"That's the spirit Hermione! Go out with a bang! Besides you never get caught…. Whatever you do to him, will be talked about for years, I bet. Knowing you you'll come up with something creative." Laughing, they pushed the door open to the great hall and started discussing how to make their dear potion professor miserable.

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