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Robin felt the raw part of her cheek where Kagome had hit her. She was a bit angry with her because she was only doing this for her, but she could understand why she was like this. Hiei was close to us all. Now it's very likely we'll never see him again. But we have to go back very soon. I think the sooner the better. She went back to Kaede's hut and packed her things. Even if she doesn't come, I have to. Walking to the well, she spotted Kagome walking sedately towards her. Robin braced herself, but Kagome said quietly, "I'm sorry, Robin. You didn't deserve that. I'm just so distraught about Hiei."

"I know," Robin replied. "We were all close to him, but there's nothing we can do right now. I'm going back."

"I'll go with you. I know you're right, and I'll leave a note for them."

Robin waited a few minutes before she saw Kagome running up to the well. "Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yes," was her reply. Together, they jumped down the well to their own time.


Kagome felt really bad about slapping Robin. After all, she didn't do anything to deserve it. She just approached her at the wrong time.

They started climbing out of the well, first Robin, then Kagome. There was no one in the well house; not surprising, if you thought about it. There wasn't anything interesting in here, except a dangerous old well. Exiting it, they saw lights on in the house. They looked at each other. "You have to go," said Robin. "If he sees me, then I'm a dead person."

"Okay. Try and sneak into my room." Robin ran toward Kagome's room, which had a large tree growing outside of it, while Kagome herself walked towards the lights, feeling like she was walking towards her doom. She pushed open the door, and saw Sota eating dinner. He looked up at her in disbelief for a second, then threw his arms around her. "Kagome," he shouted joyfully. "You're back!"

His shouts caused the rest of the family and Kendal to come running. Her mother, considerably rounder than she was two months ago, hugged her like she would never let go. "Kagome," she kept saying, rocking her eldest child.

Kendal looked like he was glad, but his eyes said that he would have a few choice words with her later. They kept fawning over her, asking if she was okay. Her mother looked like she was about to ask about Robin, but Kagome whispered in her ear, "She's fine, too."

When they finished fussing, she put her bag down and Sota took it. "Did you bring back anything?" he asked, his eyes hopeful.

She thought of the Hiruseki stones that Hiei cried. She had saved all of them. "Yes, I did," she said. Digging through her bag while he still held it, she got one stone out and gave it to him. "Be careful with that."

"What is it?" her brother asked, examining it.

"It's a Hiruseki stone," she answered. "They're rare stones, so be extra careful."

From the sharp intake of breath from the adults, they knew how rare and expensive they were. Kendal would probably want to know where she got them, but she couldn't tell. Especially not him. But he didn't have to know that she had more than one.

"I'm sorry I made you worry so much," she apologized with false sincerity.

"You must be tired," her mother said.

"Yeah, so I'll just take my stuff to my room and sleep, if that's okay."

"I'll go with you," Kendal offered, more like commanded.

She didn't have much choice but to let him follow her. She hastily threw her stuff into her room, then shut it quickly. She could feel Robin coming to the door, listening, no doubt.

Kendal started the conversation. "Where have you been?" he demanded.

"I've been away, that's all," was her answer. "Why?"

"Do you know how much your mother was worried? She wouldn't leave for England without you, and here you are, waltzing in like you own this place."

"And why does this matter to you? YOU could have left."

"I won't leave without my family."

"Since when were you my family?"

"Since we got married." That was a shocker for Kagome.

"I thought you weren't getting married until you got back to England."

"She didn't know when you would come back. She wanted you to be there, but again, we didn't know when you'd be back, if at all."

"I see. Anything else you wanted to vent?"

"Don't take that tone with me, young lady!" he said angrily.

"I don't care that you married my mother. Well, actually I do, but that's not the point. Anyway, even though you're married to my mom, that doesn't make you my father, and I'm not treating you like you were. And there isn't really anything you can do about it."

He looked like was about to explode; his whole face was red. "When you come to England, you won't be so cocky, missy. I can promise at least that!" He spun on his heel and left. Kagome sighed, and opened the door. Robin was flattened behind it, trying not to get squished. Closing the door behind her, Kagome fell on the bed.

"What did I do to deserve him?" she asked, angry tears leaking from her eyes.

"Maybe the question is 'what did he do to deserve you'," Robin said, coming and sitting by her. Then she looked closer at the bed. "Um, Kagome?" she asked uncertainly.


"I-I think you're crying Hiruseki stones."

She jerked her head up and looked at the bed. Sure enough, Hiruseki stones littered the pillow. "How did that happen?" she asked, bewildered.

"It could be the Shikon Jewel. You want Hiei back so much, I guess this is its way of giving a part of him to you."

"Robin, please don't make me go with him," Kagome pleaded. "He's a monster, and I will never accept him or his child. I refuse to!"

"Well, just stay there for, I don't know, but I'll try and get you here in two weeks. That's about a week before school starts. If I haven't done it by then, take a risk and come yourself."

"They'll probably sell this thing first thing tomorrow."

"Okay, I'll call my benefactors again and tell them."

Robin dialed their number, and told them the news. They thanked her, and they hung up. "Okay, they know."

"Good, now let's get some sleep."

To their amazement, everything went smoothly. The friends called, and Mrs. Higurashi sold it to them. Then it was time for Kagome to leave.


Kagome looked so sad, leaving her only home in this era. "Remember, two weeks," she reminded Robin.

"Two weeks," Robin repeated.

As Kagome drove away, Robin looked out of her window, and waved. Kagome waved back a little. I will get you out of England and back here, Robin promised. I will get you away from him.

End Part I