Of Marauders and Murderers

A marauder once I was
When innocent was I
An era over long ago
We thought we could not die

Alas, that I know now
How ignorance is bliss
That ignorance was torn from me
And has brought me to this

To this life of loneliness
I see them in my dreams
I reach to them—they disappear
Nothing is ever what it seems

Have I been hiding all my life?
A marauder to the core?
True to all I fight against
Dead weight the times I tried to soar?

Murderer they now call me
How could I kill my best friend?
Marauder I once was called
Friends forever without end

I must hide from myself
Padfoot the brave and strong
Demeaned to who I have become
Lost in this labyrinth for so long

Marauder and murderer
I have been called by both names
Marauder and murderer…
Funny how they sound the same