Summary: After battling a ghost Danny is stuck in his ghost form. Can he survive the real world, or be discovered?

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It was a bright, hot, sunny, ordinary Monday. Danny Fenton was walking down the street to his school Casper High along with his best friend's Tucker and Sam. They rounded the corner and school was in sight. They were chatting regularly when Danny's ghost sense went off. Then a huge green beast, that sort of resembled a bear but with a beak, great big wings and 2 arms.

"Uh oh, guy's cover me," Tucker and Sam looked around while Danny ran behind a tree.

" I'm going ghost!" Danny said and neon blue rings surrounded him transforming him into Danny Phantom. He flew up and went to kick the beast when it caught Danny's leg and threw him. Danny caught himself before he hit the ground. The great beast shot orange ectoplasmic energy ray at Danny but he dodged it. The beast then multiplied itself to two beasts. They both flew around him. Danny shot one with his ghost ray and sucked it into the thermos.

"Danny, look out!" Tucker and Sam both shouted together.

Danny looked around and was hit by one of the orange rays by the other beast. This ray is…powerful… and painful! Danny thought. He screamed. Then the pain stopped the beast rounded towards him and then Danny sucked it into the thermos. He then landed on the ground to turn back to his normal self, but he couldn't. He tried again, and again. He gasped.

"Danny! Are you all right?" Sam asked, her and Tucker running towards him.

"No!" Danny half moaned half shouted.

"What's the matter!" Tucker asked.

"I can't change back! I'm stuck in my ghost mode!"

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