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Danny was walking to school with his best friends Sam and Tucker. They were talking to him.

"Danny are you sure you want to go to school. I mean, come on, everybody knows your secret!" Sam said.

"Yeah! What she said," Tucker responded, jabbing a finger at Sam.

"Don't worry guys," Danny said, laughing at the looks on their friends' faces. "It's all under control."

"You sure?" Sam and Tucker simultaneously said.

"Yes. Everything is fine. I can change from ghost to human mode and vice versa. If I can manage doing that I can manage having nobody know my secret."

"Whatever. It's your problem," Tucker said.

They walked in silence until they got to school. Tucker and Sam stopped and Danny opened the doors.

"Come on," He said.

They walked inside. Tucker and Sam were expecting everyone to look at them and say, 'Oh it's inviso-bill!' or 'it's the ghost boy' but nobody did. It's the same as always. They both looked at Danny who grinned and walked to his locker.

The bell rang signaling lunch. Everyone rushed to get his or her food. The trio went to sit down at their usual loser table. When they were passing Danny heard Paulina talking to her friend, Star.

"I was, like, writing in my diary, about the ghost boy. I wrote, I just found out who the ghost boy was. It's, and then there was, like this light and I, like, totally forgot what I was going to write down. I got really mad!" Paulina said.

"Oh my god! That totally happened to me too except I already wroe it down and it disappeared!" Star replied.

Dash joined in their conversation, "I was telling Kwan and I said to him, hey you know who the ghost guy is? But there was also this light and I forgot! It was weird."

Danny smirked and kept walking. Tucker and Sam looked at Danny suspiciously. They sat down at their table. Sam was the first to speak.

"Danny, how did you do that? You know make everyone forget."

"I know!" Tucker said. "Desiree, right?"

"Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!" Danny exclaimed.

"BOO YAH!" Tucker jumped up, "What do I win?"


"Aw man." He sat down.

They all laughed.

School was over and they were walking home. Danny's ghost sense then went off.

"Uh oh," He said running in the nearest alley and went ghost. He flew out, looking around.

"Where is it?" An ectoplasmic ray to the back of his head answered his question. He turned around and saw a little ghost growling at him. Danny just rolled his eyes and sucked him into the thermos. Danny landed back down next to his friends.

"Uh oh!" He said.

"What?" Tuck and Sam said.

"I can't change back to normal!"

"NOO!" They shouted.

"Just kidding," Danny laughed, changing back.

"That was not funny, Danny!" Tucker and Sam yelled.

Danny was cracking up, "Yes it was." Tucker and Sam ran at him but he turned intangible at the hit each other. Danny was rolling on the ground with laughter.

Then together they all ran home, laughing.



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