A/N: This is a romance fic, but I'm not going to name the guy. You decide whether it's Robin, Beast Boy, or Cyborg. This is based on the song "A Season in Hell" from the movie Eddie and the Cruisers.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans or the song "A Season in Hell"

Summary: Someone loves Raven, but can she love them back?

I Want to Burn

Raven sat on the Titans' couch reading her favorite book of poetry. The afternoon sun sent shadows over half of the book. Her hands gripped the frayed edges, and she stared down at the yellowed pages before her. Titans Tower was silent. As far as Raven knew, the rest of the Titans were at the park. As her eyes descended the page, Raven became transfixed on the morbid words she was reading. She did not stir as the doors behind her slid open.

See the writing on the wall

Raven did not notice the approaching footsteps. She finally realized she was not alone when someone sat next to her. Raven looked up from her book into his smiling face. Heat rose to her cheeks, and she was positive she was blushing. Raven set her book down and slowed her breathing, attempting to reduce the redness on her face. She then turned back to face him.

I think I was bound to fall

"Hello, Raven," he said. She loved it when he spoke. She loved it even more when he said her name. She felt safe when she was near him, content. Her emotions became harder to control, but she didn't mind. No one else made her feel this way.

Voices whisper in the wind

"Raven," he began, "there's something I wanted to talk to you about." As he said this, his hand rose and rested against her cheek. Raven blushed deeper, and he smiled wider, gazing onto her amethyst eyes. He stroked her cheek with his smooth fingers. Raven closed her eyes and reveled in the warmth and motion of his hand.

I can hear them calling

"Raven," he said, "I love you." Raven looked deep into his face. She could see it. It was written all over his features. He was sincere.

Love is a fire, burning

And I want to burn

Raven's breath caught in her chest. Her emotions were full of new-found energy. The lights above burst, filling the air with sparks of electricity and black energy. Her whole body was pulsing with a single emotion. Energy was bubbling under her pale grey skin, ready to slice through and speed toward the man in front of her.

Darkest now before the dawn

Raven's body ached with the temptation of throwing her arms around this man and proclaiming her love, the love that so desperately wanted to break free, the love that felt like needles coursing through her veins.

Times we've known will soon be gone

His hand that still rested on her cheek slowly traveled to the back of her neck. His smile softened as he started to lean forward. Raven's heart beat faster and faster. Her palms started to sweat. Black energy was sparking off her skin. He was coming in for a kiss.

Flames of freedom fill the air

Raven chanted her mantra silently. She closed her eyes to regain her composure. He continued forward. In that second, Raven knew what she must do. She had known forever that this was one thing she could never have, not if she truly loved him, not if she truly cared for him.

I can hear them calling

His eyes began to close as they neared her pale lips, but they suddenly flew open. Raven had put her hand up to prevent him from coming any closer. He pulled away, and Raven's heart almost winced as he withdrew the warmth of his hand from her neck. Confusion was etched into every line of his face. Raven turned away and pulled up her hood to hide her tears.

"I don't love you." With that, she stood and exited the Titans' living room. Raven could feel his sadness as the doors slid closed behind her.

Love is a fire, burning

And I want to burn

Oh, God, how she wanted to burn.