A/N: I'm using the song "The Red" by Chevelle for this fic. Also, this fic takes place before Raven met the Titans.

Disclaimer: I don't own TT or "The Red."

Summary: Before Raven ever met the Titans, she walked the streets of Jump City alone. The people she encountered were not always so kind to her, and she was not always so kind in return.

Red Sight

The street lights of Jump City were glaring and fluorescent, causing the half-daemon to recede deeper into her cloak. The din of the city coupled with the pollution filling her nostrils made her grimace in disgust. Raven quickly regained her stoic expression however. She had no where else to go, and pessimism and pity would not change her predicament.

Raven was restless, and she knew that. It had been too long since she used her powers and they were building inside of her. Her power crackled under her skin, ready to wrap its dark tendrils around an innocent. She quickly clamped a hold on her powers. She was not her father and she would not follow his path. Instead, she had decided to expend her energy in a more productive way: helping those in need. She had heard of heroes before: Batman in Gotham, Superman in Metropolis, and other heroes around the world. Perhaps she could be like them. Perhaps she could make amends for the misdeeds she was prophesized to perform.

Raven stopped in her tracks as a glob of spit flew through the air and landed at her feet. She turned her eyes to the person who had spat. It was a teenager, a boy. He was wearing expensive clothes and sitting on an expensive car with his friends who were all laughing hysterically at the spit on the sidewalk. Raven shook her head slightly at their childish antics before continuing on her way.

But they weren't done yet. "Hey, freak!"

They say freak
When you're singled out

Raven hated being called a freak. In fact, she hated being noticed at all. It brought out the stark differences between her and the rest of the population. A tiny voice whispered in her ear, 'They shouldn't be able to get away with that.'

The Red
Well it filters through

Raven quickly pushed this voice back into her subconscious and tried to continue on her way. Then another voice permeated her calm. "Hey, goth freak! I'm talking to you!"

The voice rose from her mind again. 'They are scum, and they need to learn their place. Let us teach it to them.' Raven chanted her mantra under her breath. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath-"

"What's that, goth?" The boy had cut her off. "Ooh, are you chanting some spell? Are you putting a spell on me?" The boy's friends continued to laugh wildly. The boy chuckled slightly at his own antics. Raven, however, was finding it harder and harder to control the rage growing inside of her. An emotion personified was gaining power and strength and with that control of her mind.

So lay down, the threat is real
When his sight goes red again

Raven covered herself completely in her cloak, shrouding herself in darkness. She closed her indigo eyes and reached for her center. Once there, she pulled out white tendrils of energy. She then used the pure power to bind the mounting rage and tether it back in her subconscious. Task completed, she opened her eyes and her senses back to the external world and attempted to walk away.

Raven tried to sidestep the boy in front of her, but his hands came out to stop her. He pushed her back causing her to stumble and fall to the ground. The white binds holding her rage snapped. The whites of her eyes began to bleed red slightly, but Raven suppressed the emotion and stood back up.

Seeing red again
Seeing red again

"Why won't you talk? Are you dumb, mute, or are you just too lame or scared to talk?" Raven attempted to turn around and walk back the way she had come, but the boy would not let her leave, not as long as he was making his friends laugh. He ran in front of her and pushed her back slightly. The rage continued to increase.

This change
He won't contain

The anger was winning. The power struggle within herself was coming to its climax. Black tendrils pulled on her consciousness, wrapping it in darkness. They pulled her down into the depths of her mind, recesses that she only explored through meditation. The red emotion quickly filled the vacant consciousness.

Slip away
To clear your mind

Raven's indigo eyes bled red, and power crackled on her skin. And the boy continued to chide her.

When asked
Who made it show (made it show)

The real Raven, locked within her own mind watched in horror as the freed emotion overtook her body. In that moment, Raven remembered. It was on Azarath, and she was younger, maybe ten or eleven. Other children were there, laughing and pointing, laughing at her. The memories came in a blur. The blonde girl was pointing at her, laughing, commenting on her hair, her eyes, her skin, her…heritage. "Go back to Hell, daemon-girl." The rage rose then too. She did not remember what happened when the emotion was in control, but when she rose back to consciousness, a body barely alive lay at her feet. The blonde hair was plastered with blood.

The truth
He gives in to most

"No!" Raven yelled, gathering her power. With a surge of energy, she was in control again. She suppressed her rage and faced the boy just in time to hear him say, "Creep!"

So lay down, the threat is real
When his sight goes red again

He pushed her to the ground again, this time in a puddle. Her cloak was soaked through, leaving her shivering on the ground. Raven did not want to stand for she knew that he would only push her down again. The boy laughed at the sight of her. "Look at you! Small, huddled on the ground crying like a baby! You freaks don't deserve to walk within a mile of me."

The rage, she couldn't control it. It was so strong, and the darkness was so alluring. 'Yes,' the voice in her mind coaxed. 'Just rest; I'll take care of everything for you. Let me teach them a lesson.' She couldn't handle it anymore. She gave in.

Seeing red again
Seeing red

The last word she heard before she sunk into unconsciousness was "Freak!"

They say freak
When you're singled out

The girl on the ground stood and seemed a touch more regal and composed than before. She stood up straight, letting the cloak fan out behind her. A feeling of cold swept through the air, a breeze that leeched the heat from everything it touched. The half-daemon's tormentors looked on surprised as she turned around and four glowing red eyes peered out from under the darkness of the hood.

The red
It filters through

So much for heroism.