Summary: Sauron captured Mirkwood 200 years ago and took Legolas as his private slave. Now he wants to marry Legolas, and Legolas has to find the

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Slave of Evil

Sauron had captured Mirkwood two hundred years ago. Every Elf was taken as a slave, including the Royal Family. The Queen of Mirkwood had passed

away shortly after Mirkwood was taken. From what the other Elves knew, she had been raped. The King had nearly followed her, only his love for his son kept him alive. Legolas was the star of his people, everyone thought that as he grew that he would be the one to lead them out of the darkness.

But he was the favorite of Sauron.

Sauron had taken Legolas as his personal slave. Legolas had to do his bidding, not matter what it was. The consequences where far too dire to convince Legolas to challenge Sauron. However, much to everyone's surprise, he faired better than many other Elves. He had even managed to convince Sauron to give Thranduil the position of master slave, the highest position for a slave.

Thranduil and Legolas rarely ever saw each other since Legolas had been with Sauron. Legolas was always doing as Sauron bid, leaving very little time for anything else. But as he did, he recieved the highest position. He could sway Sauron's decisions, acting as a Consort to the King. He hated that name, Consort, but excepted it in hopes that one day he would lead the Elves out of the Dark. But for now, he had to stop these thoughts and get to work.

Yesterday a few Elves had caused a riot by the stream. They were to be sentenced today, and Sauron expected his clothes and crown to be ready for him when

he arrived in the room. Legolas knew the punishment for slacking was a harsh beating, and was rushing around when he heard footsteps coming towards the door. Legolas rushed over to grab the crown and was just about to lay it down when the door flew open.

Sauron was in an extremely foul mood today. His plans to take over Rivendell were not going very well and he was debating about moving towards the west to take

over the Shire when he had to stop his work to take care of an Elven problem.

But not all Elven problems were bad. Now he could take out some of his anger at the gorgeous, frightened Elf that stood before him. In his Elf's had was his crown. Apparently he had been slacking. And He knew his punishment for that.

Legolas froze seconds before Sauron backhanded him into the wall, leaping at him with a frenzy of punches and kicks. He bit his lip, tring not to cry out. He knew

Sauron didn't like it if he cried out.

Sauron grabbed him by the hair, dragging him to his feet and roughly kissing him. Legolas whimpered as Sauron crushed against his injured ribs. Hearing the

forbidden noise, Sauron pulled back and slapped him.

"No noise! Have you learned nothing? Your a worthless prince if I've ever seen one before. No wonder your mother left you." Sauron kicked Legolas and watched the

effect of his words on the young elf.

Legolas winced. His mother was a sore spot and Sauron knew and used it to his advantaged. Legolas had blamed himself for his mother fading, thinking that if he

was a better warrior then she would still be here with him.

But she wasn't.

Sauron smiled, dragging Legolas back to his feet.

"I heard an interesting thing today about you being able to bear children." Legolas's eyes widened. He hadn't wanted to bear a child sired by Sauron and and

kept quiet, hoping he would never learn of it. It seemed that fate was not on his side today.

"Yes, My Lord, But only through a love connection." Legolas lied, hoping that Sauron didn't know that he had no choice in bearing a child. Sauron slapped him.

"No, your lying. You can bear one at any time, can't you." Legolas bowed his head.

"Yes, My lord. I apologize for my lie." Legolas braced himself for another blow. Sauron snorted in disgust.

"Well, that is not what we are going to discuss today. For today, we are going to discuss our Wedding." Legolas started, his eyes growing wide.

"Our wedding, my Lord?" Legolas swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. Sauron smiled.

"Yes. We are going to be married. We will announce it today after the trial." Legolas stared in shock.

"My Lord, how?"

"I am the king here, and I say that we are going to get married."

The trial seemed to last forever in Legolas's mind. His thoughts kept going back to what Sauron had said moments ago. He would have no choice but to except the wedding and pray that he might be able to change the fate of so many of his people. Sauron finally stood, proclaiming the Elves guilty and sentenced to thirty lashes and a weeks worth of hard labor in the caves.

And He announced their wedding. In three fortnights Legolas would be expected to marry Sauron. As Sauron dismissed all of the gathered crowd, Legolas went in search of his father. He found him in his mothers garden, sitting on a stone bench.

"May I join you?" Legolas asked, standing beside him. Thranduil nodded, and they sat in silence for several moments.

"Why?" Thranduil finally asked.

"Why what?" Legolas looked at his father.

"Why are you marrying him?" Thranduil asked. Legolas sighed, resting his head on his Ada's shoulder.

"It could help us. We might be able to recieve some of our rights back." Thranduil stood up, shoving Legolas away.

"Or perhaps you just want to be royal again. Or are you in love? Are you in love with him?" Thranduil stared at Legolas in disgust.

"NO! I could never love him!" Legolas cried, jumping to his feet. Thranduil slapped him.

"Your eyes decieve you nin-ion. I am shamed to call you a son."

"Ada..." Thranduil stormed away, leaving Legolas behind.

As he watched his father walked away, Legolas began to ponder the thought. Was it possible that he had fallen in love with the Dark Lord. How sick was he that he would have. How could he betray his people?

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