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Chapter 3

Raven didn't stop for anything as she and Fwoosh ran through the streets, Raven scared beyond her wits, and Fwoosh almost passed her patience. Even though she was horribly sadistic, when the two of them arrived at her sixth story apartment, Fwoosh gave Raven some Oolong tea to drink as well as some spare pajamas to wear. Putting an unlit cigarette in her mouth, she leaned against the wall and looked at Raven who was drinking her tea, concentrating.

"So…are ya gonna tell me what the hell happened or am I gonna have ta beat it out of ya?" Fwoosh said, giving Raven an impish grin.

Raven looked up at her friend as she sighed, "Normally, I'd love a chance to beat the crap out of you…but right now I have more important things to do…"

Fwoosh glared at her friend as she lost the shred of patience she had left. "What'd ya say, you punk!" she screamed, practically pouncing on Raven as the two of them fought tooth and nail. Though their relationship seemed vicious and deranged, to the two of them, they were just bonding, no matter how much hair was pulled out or skin was cut.

Suddenly, the door to Fwoosh's apartment slammed open, the most gorgeous woman in the entire galaxy standing in her door way, her golden hair cascading down her perfect figure in her designer clothing. "Oh, Fwoosh! I've brought you some fresh made cookies…oh dear!" she exclaimed, covering her eyes as she saw Raven and Fwoosh, tangled on the ground, their clothing and hair so ruffled that it seemed like they might have been doing something a little less than decent. "I'm ever so sorry to walk in. That was horrid of me. Don't worry, my dear, dear, Fwoosh, I'll never tell your Shuichi about this…little torrid love affair! You're secret is safe with me!" she exclaimed, crying into her handkerchief.

As soon as her unwanted guest finished speaking, Fwoosh stood up and looked at the woman angrily. "Now you listen here, Mary, we were just rough housing. Nothing else, you got it?" Mary, that angel of a woman, nodded. Fwoosh sighed as she moved away to make some more tea since it seemed like Mary would be staying.

Raven had just gotten up and was brushing her self off. Mary just looked her over for a moment with her gorgeous and perfect blue eyes. "My…you don't really seem like Fwoosh's type…you're a bit short…and your hair is nothing to brag about…and you're pretty common…flat as a board too," she said gently with a sweet smile, almost able to hide the wicked glint in her perfect eyes. Raven's eye twitched a little before she advanced on Mary, grinning as she cupped her chin gently. "Aw, don't worry…I would never do anything with Fwoosh. You're a lot more my type…" Almost as soon as she said that, Mary blushed a shade of tomato red and she ran out at full speed, leaving the cookies on the ground.

Fwoosh couldn't help but chuckle as she tossed her friend an ice cream from the freezer. "Really…must you always do that to people you've just met. It scares them," Fwoosh said as she sat down and sipped at her soda before putting another cigarette into her mouth since her last one got broken while they were wrestling.

Raven chuckled evilly as she sat on the couch, licking at her ice cream. "Actually, yes Fwoosh, I must. I remember when I did the same thing with you. I was in traction for the rest of that summer thanks to you. But…who the hell was that anyway?"

Fwoosh shook her head as she sighed. "Mary Manette. I swear to you that girl is so perfect is makes me sick. She has a perfect body, she plays every sport known to man, she has a 200 IQ, she graduated high school at the age of ten with a 10.00 GPA, she has three PhDs right now, she works in an orphanage, she donates to charity, she a vegan, she's an environmentalist and she's supporting of everyone no matter what."

"What a bitch," Raven said, nodding understandingly in agreement.

"You bet she is. She's had everything she's ever wanted. Well…except one thing. Shuichi," Fwoosh said as she sighed with a smile on her face.

Raven's eyes widened. She was unable to believe that Perfection herself was unable to enchant Fwoosh's boyfriend. Just as she was thinking that, Shuichi walked into the apartment, a bouquet of red roses in his arms. Kissing Fwoosh's cheek gently, he smiled and greeted Raven in a gentle voice before going to put the flowers in a vase. Shuichi was very sweet and kind, his long red hair tied back at the base of his neck, his eyes a gentle shade of green. Though he was very intelligent and could have been a doctor or something like that if he wanted to be, he had opened up a nursery and greenery down the street, spending his time easily since he'd already graduated from school.

Fwoosh, almost contradicting to her normal sadistic personality, smiled at Shuichi lovingly as she gave him something to eat, the three of them chatting for a few minutes before Shuichi took the grocery list down to the shop to pick the things that they needed for the apartment. "Good bye you two, take care. And, Raven, feel free to stay here as long as you'd like," he said gently, leaving the apartment.

"Wow…I guess you must be better than Mary if you're here, practically married to the one person that rejected her!" Raven said, cracking up with laughter. The two friends chatted and laughed, spending good, quality time with each other, until suddenly a large pink ball came crashing through the balcony.

"What…the hell is that?" Fwoosh said as she went over to the bowling ball sized pink mass. Raven's eyes widened as she looked at the ball with a strange feeling of recognition.


D grinned a little as he nodded for a moment. "Of, well, that's certainly strange, now isn't it? But, were all of the cases like that?"

Leon looked at D for a moment with a glare, not liking how D was always one step ahead of him. "No, actually. In the case of Peter Black, there was a large explosion of pink…substance in his house. Again, the pink stuff was only there for a second of so by the time the police got there…"


"Fwoosh! Get away from that thing!" Raven screamed just as the pink ball detonated and sent both girls flying. Luckily Raven had been dropping when the ball exploded so she wasn't knocked unconscious. Fwoosh, however, was lying next to a smashed wall, blood everywhere. There were bits and pieces of pink everywhere and for a moment all was still before the mass began to move back into a large mass of chiffon pink, inching its way towards Fwoosh's body.

Wanting to save her friend from danger, Raven stood up and tossed a vase at the goop. "Hey! Hey! Over here! Come on! Follow me!" she said once she had its attention. Running out of the apartment once the mass gave chase, she ran straight out of the apartment complex, a huge wave of pink gunk following her. Suddenly, it towered and went over her, blocking Raven's path, trapping her in the alley next to Fwoosh's apartment.

Whimpering in fear, Raven back up into the alley, the monster in front over her towering a good five feet above her now. 'That's it…it's the end…I'm going to die…,' she thought to herself, not seeing any way she'd make it out of this.

The monster meowed at her angrily and was about to crash down on Raven when suddenly a voice rung out. "Hey! Up here, your arse!" Fwoosh, blood flowing from her small cuts and gashes, her cigarette bent and crushed, leaped out of her sixth story apartment like it was nothing, with a rather large flame thrower in her arms. Hoisting it up on her shoulder she grinned wickedly and pointed it up to the Satan cat's 'head' and fired a huge burst of flames straight into the goop. With a loud, ear splitting scream, the wave of pink evil leapt into the air and disappeared in various directions.

Raven sniffled softly as she looked up at Fwoosh, her custom build flame thrower out of fuel and resting on Fwoosh's shoulder, looking up at her savior. "Fwoosh…you saved me!" she said, smiling brightly as she went to hug her friend before getting pushed aside.

"What the hell was that! How am I gonna explain this to my Shu-kun when he comes back home, God dammit! 'You see dear, evil processed bubble gun exploded all over the place. Don't be mad.' That's it…whatever that thing is, its dead…I just need some more fuel for my Mr. Crispy 5000…" she said with a feral grin, chuckling wickedly before laughing loudly, children in the apartment building around them crying from hearing such an evil noise.

Raven shivered a little. She was starting to think that the people in her life were a little crazy.


"Oh….that stupid Raven!" Mary sobbed into her handkerchief as she sat on the park bench, looking over at the ocean. "She made me make an idiot of myself in front of Shuichi's g-g-g-ir…girl…oh, I can't even bear to say it!" she said, sobbing louder. Her pity party was suddenly interrupted when there was a large plopping sound next to her. Looking over, sniffling, she saw a puddle of pink with a cat's face in it. "Aw…aren't you just the cutest kitty in the whole wide world!"

The cat's face in the goop began to purr as it inched closer to Mary, its plans becoming even more thought out and intricate. Mary smiled as she gently poked at puddle, 'petting' it, unknowingly about to become an accomplice in a plot to take over the world.


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