The Rain drops fell from the sky, as if they were tears from forgotten gods, causing the snow to turn into dirty piles of ice on the sides of the road. The Sky was grey like it had always been this season in New Chiba city. The hum of a nearby Neon sign advertising a cheap bar called "The Chatsubo" was the only thing Erik could hear, besides the few cars that passed by him on this lonely road. He had no idea where He was going, but the Pangs in his stomach guided him to a dirty bistro, labeled only by a dim sign "Bistro and CyberDeck Repair". As he opened the door, a hyper looking store employee jumped up from his seat, dropping several Computer chips and a Soldering Iron onto the table.
"Um, yes, how may I help you, uh, sir?" Said the man "Give me a Coffee, a Beer, and A Reuben Sandwich" Said Erik, Noticing the man's Upper Left arm was bionic.
The clerk said nothing, wiped his hands off, Poured Erik some coffee and Some cheap Japanese beer, and began work on the sandwich.
"One hell of a winter we are having," said the Clerk, trying to make conversation Erik took a sip of the coffee, "Is that a Store bought?", pointing to the man's Cyberdeck The Clerk Laughed, "Homebrew," as he Handed it to Erik for a closer look "Hmm, this looks like it uses an AMZ Processor, and you have a very nice Networking Card" Said Erik The Clerk looked very impressed, still working on the sandwich "This is a Hacker's Deck, nobody else would be able to handle it," Said Erik The Clerk said nothing "Tell me, do you endeaver in the Art?" Asked Erik The Clerk Said nothing, and a Few Minutes passed, An old plate was tossed down infront of Erik. He silently ate his Ruben, and amongst the Crumbs of the vanquished sandwich, there was a scrap of paper.
"Room is Bugged, the Answer is Yes, What is your Irc Chat handle, we will talk there"
Erik scribbled "I do also, IRC isnt safe, use SSH Talk protocol, IP", put 40 Newyen on the table, and walked away.