He was home now, Well not home, but at a cheap apartment in North Chinatown, Erik had no home, not even a house, just an apartment. It had a rather fast connection to the Internet, so he didnt really care, the real world was overrated anyways. He sat on the ground, next to a small black cyberdeck, two large gloves, with wires flowing from them like veins into the cyberdeck, and a fairly large cord coming from the top of the Deck, and ending with a metal instrument the size of a finger. Erik took the gloves, put them methodicly on each hand, then took the metalic end of the cord, and with intensity, slammed it into his right temple.
Nothing, Black, Darkness. A shrill beep, then white text began pouring slowly from the top of his mind's eye.

Uncompressing Linux... Ok. Booting the kernel.
A strong sense of Vertigo,

linux/kernel/module.c He could feel his feet touching the digital ground linux/init/version.c:
Linux version 10.2.12 (rootLinKire) (gcc version 10.8.1) #1 Thu Nov 4 19:44:40 PST 2020 Detected 984187547890 Hz processor.
He began getting feeling in his body again.

Text began streaming from the top of the screen like rain, Erik sat patiently.
A three dimentional woman appeared on the screen, her shadow dancing against the blue background.
"Linux has booted, welcome back, Erik" She said "Hello, Kernel" Said Erik "Please port any IP Messages directly to me," He said again Erik was now at home. "Port to Library room, please"
He was slammed headfirst into his library. Every inch of it was hand coded, he proudly thought as he settled into his chair. His right hand suddenly moved to the middle of the screen, and his index finger drew a series of symbols to bring up a book in his virtual library.
To Kill a Mockingbird.
An hour later, the sound of Kernel came into his ear "You have a visitor".