Raine Sage: Tales of Healing Undone

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Staff 1: Regrets

I couldn't save Dorr. I couldn't help Colette. I can't save anyone. What is wrong with me? AM I so caught up in studies that I can't risk taking the time to save someone? Am I really worthless? I don't even know if my own brother loves me anymore…

But I have to keep fighting. For all the half-elves. I will try to save people, but fear is within me. People don't want to change yet. The Desians have given us all a bad reputation. Even though it may sound insane, I can understand Mithos. He wanted to help his sister and not be discriminated. But to kill all those people… that I cannot see worth doing. I, Raine Sage, will do my part. I have to cover the weak, see for the blind, listen for the deaf, and provide justice. I must. It is my duty. I cannot back down. Like a phoenix, I must keep soaring. My falme will not be burnt out.

"Raine? Rainnne?" Genis knocked my head, to see if my brain was till inhabiting it.

"Oh, Genis, I'm sorry. I was just thinking…" I reply, still full of regrets.

Ah, my brother. He is very smart; some day his intelligence will surpass mine. I must protect him; he's one of the people I'm fighting for, I don't want him to have a screwed up life like mine. I almost treat him as a mother, he actually referred me as one once. I was flustered, yet happy all the same. I just want him to be happy. I don't want him to turn out like me, caught up in books and intelligence, or my mother… insane.

My mother. She was so angry with me and my half-eleven blood. I was ashamed. On the adventure of two worlds, though, I learned that I shouldn't be. During that illusion in Derris-Kharlan, I saw her. I couldn't bear to hear anymore. I didn't want to go insane. I didn't want to be banished to Exire. I was lost within my self, minutes passed as hours: every second was so terrible, it was the worst thing I've ever experienced.

That is why I'm on this mission. I must be the key to the dark door, shed light on those in despair. (A/N: The shedding light part was a line form Baten Kaitos, another good RPG.) I have to keep going. I can't die yet. I am not finished fulfilling my life. I will help people achieve their dreams. I won't let people cower in fear. It is not fair. So I must be there, ready to fight.

Genis took me out of my thoughts again, "You're really spaced out Raine. We've got to keep going on this journey."

"I'm sorry. Maybe I'm just tired." I replied.

"You can't get sick. I know you can heal yourself, but…"

"Thank you."


"I'm glad you're worried. It's just us two for now." I said.

"We need someone else." Genis said back.

"All our partners are busy now." I shook my head.

"Presea isn't."

Now it was my turn to say, "Hm?"

"I heard from our last visit to Sybak a pink haired little girl had become very joyful, giving everyone free gald, well the ones that helped repair Ozette. She had finished her dream, to make her father an altar fit to his lifestyle. She's done the same with Alicia's. They say she was headed to Triet, you know, City of the Crimson Skies?"

"That's where we're headed." I almost screamed, "I'm glad we get another member from our journey. I haven't seen her for ages."

Genis got afraid, Raine was almost as scary as she was in ruin-mode.

"Don't look at me like that," I said, "I'm just excited. She may join us, and we haven't seen any of our friends in a long time."

Now Genis got kind of sad. I could read his mind like an open book. I can't really be mean to him, he's my brother. He shouldn't feel bad.

"Don't worry," I hugged him, "I'm sorry, I'm not sick of you. It's just that we haven't seen our friends for a very long time…"

"I know Raine. Sorry."

"You shouldn't be Genis. I know I can be harsh, but I do love you, as much as a sister can."

"You really are like a mother, Raine."

I blushed, set up camp and said, "It's late. Let's get some sleep."

Genis had a small smirk on his face as he fell asleep. I'm still full of regrets, I couldn't heal anyone before. I regret things I couldn't do. But that's why I have Genis. He always supported me, and he still does. He really is exactly like Presea. Small, yet so mature.

Regrets, such a thing I hate.

End of Staff 1: Regrets

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