The Power of Five

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Charmed or Harry Potter. This story is for fun and fun only.

Summary: What if Patti Halliwell had not four but five daughters? While helping Prue clean out the attic, Paige finds something interesting. The four sisters and Leo begin the search for the fifth Charmed One. Their search leads them to Hogwarts and straight into the war between the Light and Voldemort. Will they find their lost sister? Can the Charmed Ones help defeat Voldemort? Who knows. R/R.

Author's Note: This is an Alternate Universe. Prue never died but Paige was still found. Patti died when Paige was 12, Phoebe was 14, Piper was 17, and Prue was 19. The youngest is now 17 or 18. Prue was already in college when Patti died.


Hermione Longbottom Halliwell pulled her car into the driveway. She and Neville had been married for about four years now. They had graduated from Hogwarts seven years prior. She and Neville now lived next door to here sisters.

"Nev! I'm home!" Hermione called out as she walked into the house.

"Hey honey. How was your day?" Neville asked as he walked out of the living room.

"It was good. Yours?" she answered.

"It was fine. I got the new shipment of mandrakes in today. Finally." he replied.

Neville ran a herb and plant shop for Wiccan witches. Hermione was a photographer alongside her sister Prue. Phoebe was still at the Bay Area Mirror, Piper still had P3 and Paige was now a full time Whitelighter while working at Neville's shop.

In the year following Hermione and Neville's graduation from Hogwarts Her sisters had each married their boyfriends. Prue and Severus had a quiet hand fasting at the manor, Phoebe and Remus had a beautiful muggle wedding at St. Paul's cathedral and Paige and Sirius got married in a extravagant outdoor ceremony at Golden Gate Park. Life was good for the Charmed Ones. Piper now had two sons, Wyatt Matthew and Christopher Perry. So far, she was the only one of them to have children.

"I got a call from Harry today. He and Ron will be in town next week and want to have dinner with all of us. He asked us to tell your sisters and the others." Neville said.

"Okay. Well, they're all home, let's tell them now." Hermione replied.

The pair walked over to the manor. They entered to find Leo chasing a very naked Chris into the living room.

"Chris stay still!" Leo called out as he tried to corner his son.

"Need some help?" Hermione asked with a smile.

"Aunty!" Chris cried.

Just a Leo made a grab for the toddler, Chris orbed to Hermione. Leo went crashing to the floor. Hermione, Chris and Neville began laughing. Leo grumbled as he got to his feet.

"Chris, that wasn't very nice. You need to be dried off and dress. Or you might get sick." Hermione said as she walked over to her brother-in-law.

"Sorry Aunty Mione." Chris said as she handed him to his dad.

"What's all the racket?" Sirius asked as he and Remus came out of the kitchen.

"Just the usual. Trying to get Chris dressed after his bath." Leo said as he headed upstairs.

"Glad me and Paige don't have kids yet." Sirius said.

Everyone laughed. Hermione and Neville followed the guys back into the living room. Five minutes later everyone was seated in the room. Hermione told them about Harry and Ron wanting to get together for dinner. They all agreed.

That night as Hermione and Neville laid in bed, she thought back over everything that had happened.

"You all right honey?" Neville asked.

"Yeah. I was just thinking of the past." Hermione answered.

"Yeah. We've all been through a lot. But, it's the future that we have to wake up to every morning." Neville said.

"Yes, and that future is looking better with each day." she said.

Hermione leaned over and kissed her husband. That night the Halliwell sisters and their husbands all slept in peace and looking foreword to the coming day. Each day looking brighter than the one before.

The End!