CRISIS part 1-Dark Reign

(This is one of the three story lines that runs in my Cross over Project: CRISIS. Dark Reign will feature Danny Phantom and various other charactors of the paranormal Genre from different other comics, games,and cartoons. Other story line are Nuclear Winter, featuring Atomic Betty. And Spy Fiction, featuring the team of Kim Possible and Solid Snake. Be sure to check them out for the complete story of CRISIS.)

(Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, or any other charactor. Except Nobunaga Oda.)

Chapter 1

Danny Fenton would call this something other then a Vacation, he just couldn't think of anything right now.

He's in Tokyo, Japan. His parents are out to join a Seminar of the studies of Folk lores and Mythology held in the University of Tokyo. And he's stuck here in the hotel room, watching obscure Japanese programs. It's a good thing that Sam and Tucker are here (for some reason) Or else he could never had survived the past few days. But right now, as they lazily spread their tired body on the bed and couch, none of them has anything to say but stare blankly at the people on the TV speaking an alien language (Japanese, that is.)

To think that they still have 10 days till the Seminar's over.

What did seemed out of place was this strange recurring dream Danny kept having ever since they arrived in Tokyo.

It was a starry night with the full moon furiously shines in the sky, giving out an unnatural illumination. A Shogun looking guy's sitting on a black horse with eerily glowing red mane and tail. The shogun guy's armor is leaning towards western style but with images of Japanese folklores, mostly depicting death and carnage. His face is that of a middle age man, but has one of those facial feature that would make a girl swoon. He had a well groomed mustache and goatee, glowing red eyes and carefully trimmed eyebrow locked in an unbreakable intensity. He wore a Western style black cape with red markings.

The man survey a large army, marching in his front. The soldiers are huge, almost as tall as the combine height of the man and his horse. They wore little armor, and wears a mask that concealed their faces. They all marched in silence, stride in perfect discipline to an unknown destination.

Suddenly, the man started to sing an old Japanese song. Strangely, Danny can understand every word of it.

"...Ninshin Gojunen..." the man let out an robust voice, full of strength and determination, but at the same time, a sense of sorrow.

The song finishes, leaving a trace of sadness in the air. The man turn to Danny's direction and led his horse on a trot. He stopped right in front of Danny and raised his sword.

"Vincere aut Mori." The man said to Danny "Conquer, or DIE." and let his sword fell.

"Anyone here know what this guys talking about?" Tucker's voice dragged Danny out of his day dreaming.

"Nope." Sam said
"Not me." Danny said

"Man, I wish we could speak Japanese, then we'll understand what they're talking about." Tucker continues

"If we can speak Japanese, we would be out there, not stuck in this crummy hotel. What with their high tech toilet and stuff..." Sam said.

"Yeah..." Danny's voice trailed off "Out there..." He looks out the window.

Far away, he seems to hear the voice of that man again.

"Vincere aut Mori."