Chapter 1:

It was a nice day at the Tendo Martial Arts Hall. Akane Tendo was just waking up and going downstairs. Once she was downstairs, she found Kasumi serving Ranma, but Ranma was female again.

"Oh! Good morning Akane." Kasumi said. "Would you do me a favor and wake up Ranma?"

"Isn't that Ranma right there?" Akane asked as she stared at the girl that sat between Nabiki and Kasumi, Akane's two elder sisters. The girl looked exactly like Ranma while he was a girl.

"Sorry. I really shouldn't be here." The girl said as she stood up.

"None sense. Sit down." Kasumi told the girl.

"And just who are you?" Akane asked.

"Akane! Ranma has a twin!" Nabiki exclaimed.

"WHAT?" Akane yelled.

"Yeah, it's true. I'm Ranma's twin sister. I umm... have never met him though. I lived in the States all these years, and this is my first time in Japan. I was lucky to have been able to find this place." The girl saidbefore she walked over to Akane. "Name's Lula." The girl said before sticking her hand out to shake Akane's.

Akane took the girl;s hand. "I'm Akane." She said.

"Akane's Ranma's fiance." Nabiki commented.

"I am not his fian-"

"Oh my God! You're his fiance? I'm so happy for you!" Lula exclaimed.

"No no! You have it all wrong! Our parents decided the whole thing for us! We really don't wantto marry each other." Akane said, but the subject was soon changed by Kasumi.

"Akane, would you please go wake up Ranma?" Kasumi asked.

"Why should I wake him up? Why doesn't his sister? I'm sure he'd love that." Akane suggested.

"Well, that might not be a bad idea. Why don't you Lula? I'll show you to his room." Kasumi said.

"Just don't friek him out." Nabiki commented.

Kasumi stood up as Akane sat down and started to eat, and Kasumi took Lula to where Ranma and Genma's room was, where Ranma was supposedly sleeping. Then walked down a hall before they finally stopped in front of a dor. "This is it." Kasumi said as she slid the door open, but the room was empty. "Hm? Well, they must be training. Why don't we try the training hall?" Kasumi asked before leading Lula over to the training hall.

Once they got there, Lula heard screaming, not screaming from pain, but screaming from fighting. She looked in and saw two men in the room, both young. She wondered which one was Ranma. "Which one is Ranma?" She asked Kasumi.

"That one winning the fight." Kasumi replied as she looked at the two. "The other one is just Ryoga. He comes by here sometimes. I'll leave you be now so you can go see your brother."

"Thank you very much." Lula replied before going into the training hall. Both Ranma and Ryoga looked at the girl before them. She looked just like Ranma as a female, and wore jeans with sneakers and a white t-shirt with a denim jacket over it. "Hi?" She said, really not feeling comfortable with a silence. "Umm... Which of you is Ranma Saotome?" She asked, not really understanding who was winning the fight when Kasumi had told her.

"That me. Who are you?" Ranma asked. "Have you come to fight me because I-"

But before Ranma could finish his sentence, Lula had her amrs around Ranma's neck and was hugging him. "Brother!" She exclaimed.

"Brother?" Both Ryoga and Ranma asked as they stared at the girl who was hugging Ranma.

"Umm... Are you sure you have the right person? I don't have a sister." Ranma said as he gently pushed the girl away from him.

"Yes you do! It's me! Lula! You don't remember me! Hell, you don't even know I exist, but I'm your twin sister!" Lula yelled, a tear running down her cheek.

"Umm..." Was all Ranma could say. What was he supposed to tell this girl? But all he could do was wait for his father to return home to explain this.

AN- OK. Sucky first chapter, I know. You don't have to tell me. And sry if I leave out any newer characters. I only have the Ranma 1/2 Manga up to Vol. 5 and have only seen a few episodes on TV. OK? So I'm sry if I leave out anyone. But this is only going to have the few characters that are in the first 5 volumes of the manga. I just decided that I wanted to do a Ranma 1/2 fic after reading the mangas like 50 times each. Heh. Well, plz R&R. Thanx! TTFN!