Chapter 10:

Ranma sat outside of the dojo. Akane hadn't talked to him all morning. He wondered if he had really done it this time. She was really mad at me. I shouldn't have said that to her. Ranma thought. And he wondered if he truly had ruined his chances Akane. It scared him to think of that. What if she hated him forever? Then he laid down. "Like I care how she feels."

"That idiot." Lula murmered as she walked by. Then she decided to take a walk. But as she walked out, she saw a broach(sp?) on the ground. She picked it. She noticed that it hd a smile one way, but a frown the other way. Then she looked ahead of her to see Akane carrying a suitecase. "She probably dropped it." Lula said, then walked over to Akane. "Akane! Did you drop this?" She asked.

"What is it?" Akane asked, then looked at what Lula had. "I don't think so. All-well. It might have fallen out of my suitecase." Akane said. "Thanks." She said.

"Here, you should wear it." Lula said as she pinned it to Akane's shirt. "Wow. It looks so pretty. Just makes sure you keep the smile up, then it's nicer." Lula said.

"Thanks Lula." Akane said. "Y'know, sometimes I wonder how you and Ranma could possibly be related." Akane said.

"Yeah, well, I do sometimes too." Lula replied. "But I'm off for a walk. I'll be back by dinner. See-ya!" She said, then walked towards the door and left.

Akane smiled, glad Ranma had found some family other than his idiot father. Then she took her suitecase to her room and unpacked. Once unpacked she found it peiceful and quiet around for some reason. She wasn't used to that since Ranma and his father came along. Then she looked out her window and saw Ranma. She didn't know what it was, but something about just looking at Ranma made her day a while lot better. She let outhappy sigh and smiled and she watched him dreamily. Then after a few second and blinked and wondered what she was thinking. This was Ranma after all. "That's right. You're dilusional. It's Ranma, not some dreamy hunk. Although..." She said, then she went back to her window and watched him some more. "But if it's just Ranma, then why do I feel like I can do this all day long?" She asked herself.

Then she saw Ranma look up and her and crimson blush covered her face. She looked away as if nothing had happened, but Ranma continued to watch her, wondering what she was doing. Probably thinking ofdifferent ways to kill me... Ranma thought. Then he looked away and laid back down on the ground. He hearda bang from Akane's room then and looked to see that her windows were shut. So he turned back to getting comfortable until he felt a tap on his shoulder. "Hm?" He asked.

"Ranma?" He heard Akane's voice ask, and he jumped, not expecting that. "W-what do you want now?" He asked, not thinking she could get out here that fast.

"Nothing." She said with a smile, then sat down next to him. She looked up at the sky. "Ranma?"

"Yeah?" Ranma asked.

"Do you love me?" Akane asked before she looked at Ranma, who was blushing furiously.

"Huh? Umm... I-uhh... Well, Akane, I-"

"'Cause I love you Ranma." Akane said as she leaned closer to Ranma, only inches from his face.

"Didn't you just say you hated me a little while ago?" Ranma asked, getting a bit nervous. What was wrong with Akane? Why was she acting this way? This was not Akane.

"I didn't mean it. Not a single word of it." Akane said with a smile. "I could never hate you Ranma." She said as she hugged Ranma with a smile and dog her face into his chest, cuddling with him.

Girls are weird... Ranma thought with a blush on his face. He didn't think Akane even dared to love him, but now he guessed that things were changing.

With Lula...

Lula hummed as she walked down the street. She need to check on her shop to see how her new employees were doing with their jobs. She had a smile on her face, ready to go greet all her animals. She arrived outside of the shop to see a little black piggy outside. "Ryoga? What are you doing here?" She asked. Then she picked him up. He struggled in her grasp, but soon calmed down when he recognized who it was. Lula took Ryoga inside the shop. She greeted her new employees, then headed back to her office. She placed Ryoga down on the floor and went to the bathroom in the back. She grabbed a bucket and filled it with warm water, then poured it on Ryoga, instantly changing him into his normal self. Then she grabbed a blanket and threw it at him. "So what are you doing here Ryoga?"

"Nothing. I was just out for a walk." Ryoga replied.

"And why would you want to leave your beloved Akane?" Lula asked.

"I saw her, hanging all over Ranma." Ryoga replied. "He's got to have her under some spell or something, i just know it!"

"Or maybe they just like each other." Lula told him. "Ever think of that genius?"

"Not possible. Do you ever see how much they fight? They are constantly at each others' neck! They could never like each other!" Ryoga yelled.

"They're in love! There's no spells, no mind control, nothing! It's pure feeling!" Lula yelled back as she slammed a fist on her desk. "Now you are going to leave them be, and if they end up together, then so be it, got it?"

"No. I love Akane more than that idiot could ever! Yu just don't understand..." Ryoga said.

"Don't understand? Don't understand?" Lula asked, sounding pissed. "You're telling me I don't understand? Excuse me, but i probably understand better than you could ever understand! Akane and Ranma really love each other! They just put up a front all the time! Now, take these clothes and get dressed." Lla said as she took a staff uniform and threw it at Ryoga, which was a pair of jeans and a polo shirt that said Pups and Kits Pets Shop on the chest. "Perfect. You could even work here if I wanted to hire you." She said with a smile.

"I don't need a job." Ryoga growled, not liking the uniform one bit.

Lula chuckled. "Why don't I give you the grand tour." She suggested, then opened her door and led him through the store, showing him the different sections, such as the aquarium section, the cats, and the dogs, and even the little rodents she had in the shop. "There's a lot to take care of, so I hired some college students who were willing to work for me. It helps." Lula said. Then she looked at the window and saw the sun was setting. "Oh shoot! I have to get back for dinner!" She said as she ran out the door. "You guys lock up at closing time! Ryoga, I'll catch ya later! Cya y'all!" Lula said quicky as she ran out the door and headed back home for dinner, leaving Ryoga alone in the pet shop with no clue how to get back home...

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