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Chapter 1

The Dream

'I'm walking down the 4th floor corridor. I hear a CRASH in the D.A.D.A room. With my wand in my hand I enter the room. "Who's there?" a cold voice calls from the front of the room. Chairs are scattered across the floor and Malfoy is sitting on the teacher' desk. Oh it's you Granger. Up a bit late aren't you?" "You are too" I reply. He shrugs. "Why are you up?" he asks.

"Couldn't sleep. Exam stress, I guess." Wow 30 seconds and no insults yet. I think. It's a new record.

"Chill out Granger. You never fail anything."

I look into his eyes expecting to see the usual cold, gray ones, but instead there's a pair of warm grayish-blue ones staring into mine. Why is he being so nice?

I don't know how it started but suddenly we're kissing. The smart part of my brain-which is most of it-is telling me to stop, slap him, scream, anything! But the stupid part of me wins.

Everything goes dark.


I sit up, breathing hard. Amber stirs in her cot. Why did I just dream that? It's been more than a year since that night. The night I made a huge mistake.But from that mistake came my greatest treasure. My baby, Amber, is 4 months old and until I had her I never knew that I could feel so much love for one person, especially one so small.

I am Hermione Granger. I am 18 years old, a mother and a witch.

Amber will never meet her father if I can help it. No one else will know that he is her father. I will raise her as a witch and if she wants to know about Malfoy, I will tell her about him when she is old enough.

Amber starts to cry, so I calm her and while I am doing so, wonder if I am doing the right thing by not telling anyone.

I am, I decide. We are better off without him.


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