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Barroom Heroes

Today's the day! Today's the day that I'm gonna ask out Sasuke! Sakura grinned as she heard the teacher say those lovely words; "Class Dismissed." Her last class of the day.

Her days at Konoha University were filled with her med classes. She barely got to see her friends Ino and Naruto anymore. Not even on weekends. Her life was just filled with school and work. And the occasional practices at the local dojo.

However, she did manage to see one person every day. Her childhood crush. The great Sasuke. He worked at the cafeteria in the University's student building. The SUB. His shift ended just as her last class let out.

Her plan was to catch him leaving. Today she was going to do it. Finally, after liking him since she knew that boys didn't have koodies. And today was the day. She just hoped she was going to make it in time.

So, after those lovely words from her professor, she shoved her books in her bag and ran for the door and out of the Human Sciences Building and straight for the SUB.

And like clockwork, there he was, just about to leave the building and go out to his car to drive home. Yes! Perfect timing! The Gods must love me today! She thought as she waved to him and ran to catch up.

"Hey, Sasuke," Sakura started. Butterflies were swarming in her stomach. She was so nervous all of a sudden. Her inner self shouted at her to continue.

"Hey," he said flatly as he continued to walk on. He didn't even look at her. He had his ever present stoic expression on his face. It was like nothing ever made him feel anything. Sakura wished that she could fix that.

"Uh," she said dumbly. This was going to be harder than she thought. "Sasuke, what are you doing tonight?" There! She said it! No turning back now!

He glanced at her, "Nothing, why."

"Uh, I was wondering if you wanted to maybe get some coffee somewhere…" Her voice trailed off. She looked at the ground but continued to walk with him.

Sasuke stopped and stared at her. Was he just asked out? Great, another one. He thought.

"No." He said then kept moving.

Sakura stared at his back for what seemed like hours. She was in total shock. He totally brushed her off! She couldn't believe it!

And she just let him walk off without even saying why.

Feeling like she needed some support, she called up her best friend, Ino.

"Hello?" The tall blonde said as she answered her cell. She was getting her nails done. Her Shikamaru was going to take her to a nice dinner.

There was no answer. She knew it was Sakura, her phone had caller I.D. on it. "Sakura-chan, are you okay?"

There was only sobbing on the other end. Oh Great… Ino thought. She got rejected. "Ne, Sakura-chan, do you want me to meet you at the pub? We could knock a few back and bitch about how much of a dick-weed that jerk Sasuke is."

There was a long pause on the other end. It was interrupted by a few sniffles and hiccups every now and then. Ino switched hands because her nail lady finished her free hand.


"Yeah, sure. That would be fun. Besides, its Friday, right?" Sakura replied finally. She needed to get her mind off of what just happened.

So, twenty minutes and a French tip manicure later, the two girls met up at their favorite pub, the O'Kage. It was a lovely drinking establishment owned by a really old, but really friendly gentlemen. He wasn't really Irish, however, everyone thought he was a weird Japanese man that that knew everything about everyone and he gave the best advise.

The moment Sakura got out of her car and found Ino, she ran up to her and hugged her.

The two got their drinks and sat at one of the booths in the corner so they could have at least some privacy.

The Juke box played a bunch of oldies. A few guys were at the pool tables, drinking and smoking and having a good time.

A lot of college students went to the pub. It was close to campus, and it had cheap, but really good drinks. It was perfect for winding down after a hard day of studying.

After her first drink, Sakura started talking.

"You know," She began after she got her second pint of beer. "Sasuke never even talked to me, let alone pay any attention to me. He just glared at me."

"Yeah," Ino replied, taking a sip from her first pint. "He's an ass. You need to get over this guy. Find someone new! Like me! I have my Shikamaru. And I think he is going to propose tonight!"

At hearing this news, Sakura looked up sharply at her friend. Why couldn't she have that kind of guy!

A couple hours later, Ino left. She said that she had a hot date with Shikamaru, and wanted it to be perfect. They were going out for a couple years already, she figured it was about time.

Sakura sat by herself. Drinking what had to be her fifth beer. She just sat there, thinking over Ino's words.

She had to find someone new. But who? Its not like you run into a total hottie everyday.

Getting up to leave, she felt the whole world spin. She was going to be sick. She walked as fast as she could out of the pub and into the now cool night air.

Just as she was leaving the door, she ran into someone and the two fell. She landed on top of whoever it was. The person's arms her wrapped around her as if he meant to have her land on top.

"I'm s'sorry…" She slurred. Man, she couldn't hold her liquor even if her life depended on it! She tried to get up but those strong arms were still encircling her waist as she was helped up by the guy she ran into.

When the person picked her up suddenly, she felt her stomach lurch. Oh no! Here it comes!

And just like that, she puked all over the person.

"Oh, well that's lovely." a rich baritone voice said. It was from the stranger. "And we weren't even on the first date…"

Sakura looked up with blood shot eyes, and she could have sworn she saw that one of his eyes was red. And not like I punctured a vein red. The pupil itself was red.

"So, sorry…" She muttered before she fell against him, her mind going blank.

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