Only You

The rest of the long car ride home was in silence. Sakura was still upset about having to leave her nice chat with her mother. And Kakashi was still fuming about what her father said to him.

He couldn't believe it. How could someone like that still be around? And Why did he have to be Sakura's father? He couldn't help but feel sorry for her. The man was an ass.

And that ring! It had to be the ugliest thing he'd ever seen! Again, he felt sorry for Sakura for having to deal with getting crap like that. But what he said about her was true. He did think she was much more prettier than that ring. Gaudy or not. She would be hot compared to anything, no matter what was shown him.

He shook his head to get the thought about his comrade out of his mind. He shouldn't think of her as hot. But those eyes… and that body… He mentally smacked himself, then realized that she was pulling into the parking garage of their apartment.

Wait, their apartment? Since when was it "their" apartment? Well, I guess I am just used to her being here… She is kind of a roommate now.

Sakura got out of the car and started walking up the stairs to their apartment. Leaving Kakashi with a nice view.

He watched her hips sway with each step and he could feel his blood rushing from his head to the other head. He had to stop thinking about her.

But he couldn't, he realized. He had told himself to stop these thoughts before. But it never helped.

He always felt like he needed to protect her from all things evil. And now, that list included her father. And of course, that means he wasn't going to tell her what her father said to him.

That's when he also realized something that made him stop dead in his tracks. It was like he was falling in love with her.

Sakura slowly walked up to the door of their apartment. She dug out her keys and unlocked the door. Then pushed it open and trudged on in, taking off her jacket and shoes, then walking over to the living room where she plopped down on the couch.

She glanced over at the door to see Kakashi just closing it. Damn, he's hot… she thought. Black was most definitely his color… Or shade, whichever. He looked so dark and mysterious. Of course he would look mysterious if he wore Naruto's bright orange jacket, but that was different. Black made him look sexy-mysterious.

Why am I thinking of him like this? He's… how old is he, anyways… She vowed to ask him one day.

old She vowed to ask him one day.

He walked over to the chair facing her and put his head into his hands. He then sighed in annoyance.

"Ne, Kakashi," she started. She needed to find out why they left so abruptly. "Why did we have to leave so soon?"

"I didn't agree with something your father said." he said simply. He really didn't answer the question, but she had a feeling that that was all she was going to get out of him.

"Oh, I see…" He got in a fight with Daddy? She blinked. And he left before it could get any worse? This brought on a whole new line of respect for the gray-haired man.

Kakashi was rubbing his left temple near his eye. Her eyebrows knitted together in worry.

"Ne, Kakashi, is your eye hurting again? You want I should try relieving it for you?" she asked, getting up and kneeling in front of him. She lightly placed a hand on his knee for some extra support.

Kakashi tensed at the closeness. She has no idea… he thought, not wanting to finish the thought. "That would be nice. It always hurts, that one time was one of the worst moments. Now is just below that." he said.

Sakura nodded and reached up to move his hand away from his eye. She couldn't hold back ashiver as she locked gazes with the red and black swirls of it.

Shaking her head to clear her mind, she pushed one of his knees a bit further away from his other, so she could get a better reach of his eye. She set her concentration on the eye after she lightly covered it up with her other hand.

She could sense the pain in his eye, and she did the same with that pain as she did before. Lightly taking it out bit by bit with her chakra. Slowly ebbing the pain to a low throb. One barely noticeable.

As she was doing this, Kakashi's hands found their way to her hips. His thumbs lightly rubbing her skin. His palms pressing lightly to her hip bone. His breathing relaxed, as well as his shoulders and head.

Sakura slowly let her chakra return to its normal flow and out of Kakashi. She was really tired. Not as tired as she was the first time, but still tired. When he said that it hurt, he really meant it. The pain in his eye was greater than she thought it was. Apparently, he could take a lot of pain.

Her hand still lightly grazed the skin around his eye as her head fell slowly to his chest. Kakashi blinked, then smiled.

Maybe for a little bit, he could let the two of them stay like that.

Two shadowed figures were walking along the edge of the road near the outer walls of Konoha. The moonlight was fractured by the large trees that the two people were walking under. Little patches of light speckled their forms.

One nodded to the other, and they both jumped up to the tree branches, where they darted in little flashes of color towards downtown Konoha.

Tonight they were going to do it. Tonight, they were going to take out the Hokage.

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