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Warning: This story does contain strong language, some violence, and sexual content. Some of the sex is M/F, some of it is M/M, and some of it is rape. The M/Mis pretty muchbetween Jack and Barbossa...know that.

This beginning is told through a character of mine.

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To say that he had a troubled life does not even begin to describe it. From childhood to many years later when Jack shot him in the heart, and he survived because of the monkey, who later unfortunately passed away, trials were thrown at him. No longer cursed once the monkey's gold was put back after saving him, he was left with no ship and no crew. Jack reclaimed the Black Pearl, and after much heated negotiations, handshakes, and talk of the Code, it had been settled. Jack reluctantly agreed to have him as a crewmember, and he himself hated the fact that he was under Jack's command again. I was a member of Jack's crew, and when he brought him aboard, there was an immediate connection between us; one that led us to a somewhat serious relationship.

Once he was caught in Port Royal. In a lonely cell, he was tortured. He escaped, however, and healed at Mr. William and Mrs. Elizabeth Turner's house, to the disgust of Will. Jack and I came for him a couple of weeks later. The time he spent in the jail would be demons that haunted him for most of his life afterward.

As time went by, there could not help but be a slowly building friendship between Jack and him. They spent many days at sea together, what could have prevented it? Jack would be the one to calm him when his temper flared. Jack would take care of him when his memories made him incredibly depressed. Jack took care of him as a good friend, something that was a sight to see knowing their past history of resentment towards one another. And I was to become his love.

Until I broke his heart and left him. I said things I did not mean, he yelled back, and I left the crew and took residence in the small town of Sebertha. I did not see him for a long while. When I left it caused him to build his barriers again. He fell back into his old self. He left Jack's crew, organized a crew of his own, and commandeered a ship. He attacked Port Royal in revenge and anger. He became the fearsome pirate again, and the murmurs rose once more that "Hell itself spat him back out." He cared for no one. No one could be assured safety from his wrath. His anger would even later turn on Jack.

After the attack on the town, he docked in Tortuga in victory, allowing his crew the night for themselves. He picked up other company in a bar…….