CRISIS: Spy Fiction

(This is one of three One going Storyline in my Cross Over Project CRISIS. Featuring Kim Possible and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. For other storys of CRISIS, check out Nuclear Winter featuring Atomic Betty, and Dark Reign, featuring Danny Phatom.)

"The Truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Oscar Wilde. The Importance of being Earnest, 1895, Act 1.

Solid Snake:

Spies are not heroes. Spies are not soldiers or anything the TV and Movies tells you.

I could even tell you right now that Spies are not even human.

We are shadows. Shadows that stand behind you and listen to whatever things that comes out of your mouth. And, for the right price, whether be it loyalty, money, power, or love, we will tell you what you wish to know.

But at the end of the day, when it all comes down. We're still shadows, worthless shadows that are doomed to quietly follow, infiltrate, and listen.

Look around.

Look to you mom, your girlfriend, your drinking buddies.

Look at the wall, the ceiling, the computer.

Look at the News. CNN, BBC, NBC, whatever.

What enters your eyes is a carefully orchestrated FICTION.

A small group of people are behind this drama which you call Reality. Behind these people, are a even smaller group of people, setting up another drama to make the previous set of people think they're the puppet master.

Here's the TRUTH.

At the dawn of the Empire which you've called United States of America. The founding fathers of America founded the Philosophers. A committee which are to govern the US behind a guise of a democratic government. The Philosophers have grown as America prosper, and it will soon include new members of which to govern other countries.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Philosophers developed into a powerful group which govern three of the greatest empires of the world: United States, China, Russia.

It met it's fall, however, at the end of World War II. China's shift of power led it to break away from the Philosophers, Russia and America entered the Cold War. A series of Spy war lead the destruction of the Russian branch of the Philosophers, and America ends up with the half of the amount of money which Philosophers used to operate.

American Philosophers changed it' name to the Patriots. Which have continued to operate till this day.

My code name is Solid Snake. I have no real name. I'm a clone of the original Snake. A heroic Spy who went over the border, into the Russian heart. Destroyed a Nuclear threat to the US, and helped the land of the Free retrieved it's rightful share of the Philosopher's Legacy, the vast amount of money under the accounts of the Philosophers. He would become the Big Boss, a Terrorist who's sole desire was to initiate the fall of the home of the Brave. I was cloned to become the Greatest weapon the United States have against the enemies of Freedom.

Right now, I'm an agent of the Philanthropy. An organization secretly working for the United Nation. Our aim was to bring an end to Metal Gear. A revolutionary Nuclear Delivery system that will mean a new Cold War. Which would often brings me in conflict with my old employer, the United States of America.

Such a conflict would be troublesome in times such as now.

Something went wrong, there was a leak in the mission.

And right this moment. I'm lying on a well trimmed grass lawn, badly hurt, in front of an American suburban house.

Possible, what a weird family name.

Kim Possible:

What a way to start a day.

First I've waken up to the Tweebs stupid bickering, at 6 in the morning.

Then I'm told to mull the lawn, hardly my way of spending a fine summer morning.

But according to Murphy's law, when it couldn't be any worse, it can and it will be worse.

He was wearing a weird jump suit. Grey blue all over and a lot of straps. He has guns, grenades all over. And his face, he looked no more then thirty years old, but you can feel that he's a lot older then you think. He pushed his rugged brown hair to his head and adjusted his bandanna, then sat up.

He had at least three place fractured in his right leg and his left arm is disjointed. Not far away, I saw a gray blue parachute covering half of a house not far away. He had small oxygen tanks on his suit and a mask hanging loosely on his neck. I can only guess that it's a bad landing from at least 4500 feet in the air.

Putting aside the thought of why would anyone sky dive from such a high altitude carrying guns and weapons.

"Are you alright? Stay here and don't move. I'll call an ambulance!" I said, turning half way. I froze when I heard the click of a pistol.

"Freeze." He said. His voice is deep and a bit cracked. "Turn around."

I turned slowly to face him. His eyes looked directly into my eyes. His right hand holding a gun.

"Come here and help me up." He demanded

I walked over there slowly, not to startle him with any sudden moves.

"Lean down." He demanded again.

I leaned down, and he quickly switched his gun to a knife. In one smooth motion, he reach to me, surround my neck with his right hand, and place the blade of the knife across my air pipe. He placed his entire weight on me, which almost made me fell.

"Good girl. Now take me inside." He said.

I've just been held hostage by a man who dropped out of the sky and landed in our lawn.

What a fantastic way to start a day.

Solid Snake:

The first rule of negotiation is to gain the dominant position. Of which you can control the course of the negotiation to your favor. To gain the dominant position, the fastest short cut is to obtain something the opposition wants, or couldn't do without.

At this time, I would like to say that I don't normally hold a 16 years old girl hostage. It's usually enemy soldiers, but never a young girl.

Continue on.

My injuries made the process a bit more complicated then I had planned. The girl was not your average civilian female. On several occasion I had remind her that I have a lethal weapon and I'm not afraid to use it.

Speaking of which, holding this girl hostage easily brings her family to a vulnerable position. Under my observation, phone line was cut, windows shut and blinded. For now, my position is safe.

"Otacon." I turned on the codec and contacted Otacon

"Snake! Are you alright?" Otacon's panicking, it's so like him to panic over such a small problem.

"I'm alright. Our source was destroyed though. An American F16 intercepted the Cargo Plane, they know we're on there." I said

"A leak of information?" Otacon said

"Probably. You scan for my position then shut down the codec network immediately. I'll get you the microfilm as soon as I get out of this mess. Snake out." I said

"Understood, Otacon, out." Otacon said, shutting down the codec.

Now that this is done and over with. I need to establish an environment where I can treat my wounds and get rested.

I cocked my gun and sheath my knife.

"Well, decided not to kill us now?" The girl asked

"No, not right now at least. My colleague will come and pick me up in about 2 hours. In duration of this time period, no one will make any form of attempts to contact anyone. You may walk around and go about your daily business, but you may not go outside. I've rigged the door with Semtex plastic explosives charges. If I as much as to hear the door squeak, I will detonate the charges."

I looked around the room, into everyone's eyes.

"I wish to establish a relationship of trust with you all. I'll trust you with my safety and well being. In turn, you'll trust me with your lives. If I feel this trust is broken..."

I held up the charge detonator.

"I will TERMINATE this relationship."