PoA. During the part where Hermione and Harry went back with the time turner, what if the present-time trio came face to face with the Harry and Hermione from the future?

"What?" Harry asked a bit impatiently. The Minister of Magic was in Hagrid's hut and he did not want to be seen.

"I thought I just saw…" Hermione trialed off confused.

"What!" Harry repeated.


"What?" Ron asked the famous question from beside Hermione.

"I thought I just saw me." Hermione said with an odd look on her face.

"Hermione, that isn't possible." Harry said reasonably.

"I know." But she'd already started in the direction she'd seen herself, so naturally the other two followed. Hermione looked carefully. Behind trees, behind bushes, wherever she thought possible. She came to a particular tree and gasped.

"What is it?" Harry asked worriedly, him and Ron coming over. Slowly, and looking very guilty, emerged Hermione, and Harry as well. As Harry and Ron came over to her Ron let out a scream and Harry ripped out his wand.

"Who are you!" Harry demanded sticking his wand in the face of the two who looked like himself and one of his best friends.

"Maybe…it's someone on Polyjuice Potion!" Ron said. Then, pulling out his want and pointing it in the direction of the two he believed to be impersonating his best friends, he demanded the same question as Harry. The Hermione and Harry from the future looked at each other then at the past versions of themselves, not knowing what to say.

"We…" The Hermione from the future tried to explain without giving anything away. "We…uh…we…"

"Who are you!" Harry repeated.

"Well, I'm Harry and that's Hermione." The future Harry said, amusing himself.

"Harry!" The future Hermione said, annoyed and rather mad at him for saying that.

"What?" Harry asked innocently. "I couldn't resist!" Hermione rolled her eyes as the present-time trio looked at each other in a scared way.

"That's it!" Present-Harry cried, getting ready to stun the two.

"Harry, no!" Present-Hermione screamed throwing himself in front of Harry. Ron just looked at the four people in front of him, two sets of his best friends.

"Hermione!" Present-Harry said impatiently. "Do you not realize that something bad is going on!" Hermione ignored him and looked at the other version of herself.

"The…the time turner?" She asked, realization dawning on her. Future-Hermione nodded.

"We…we had to…you'll understand soon enough!" Her eyes darted to Hagrid's hut. "They're coming! Go!" The other Hermione looked in the same direction and nodded.

"Come on!" She said to the other two.

"Hermione--" Harry started.

"You'll understand later!" Both Hermione's said impatiently.

"Let's go!" Hermione said, and she, Harry and Ron took off running.

I'd continue it, but I don't see what I could write for something like this. Sorry if it's been over-done before. This is my first HP fic, that I've posted.