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timeline; 2 monthes after Saffron and wedding-go-boom; Ranma is 18,

Ch 1

Tendo School of Anything Goes

Those words were a big issue in his life.

There were a few things he found comforting behind them.

Then there was the Rest.

He then looked at the second sign nailed to the gate;

Challengers please use Side Gate.

Ranma frowned. Shrugged, and went around to the side gate.

He rang the smaller bell that hung there.

Nabiki opened the Gate. A frown found her pouty lips. "Ranma, Why are you ringing the bell at the Challenge Gate."

"I am challenging the Tendo Masters for their Sign and Dojo."

"How are you going to fight yourself?"

"I am not a Master of the Tendo School. I am a guest of the Dojo, nothing more. But I am expected to fill the post as Dojo Champion. I have had the thought that if I challenged the Masters Tendo, for their sign, their Dojo, Then I would be more then a guest, I would be the Master of the Dojo."

"So who would you be fighting?" Nabiki was planning something.

"The Masters Tendo. At this time that would be Soun and Akane. As this Challenge is to the Masters Tendo, Them Calling in Satome Ranma would forfeit the Match in my favor. I am willing to concede to a Handicap match of all Masters Tendo of the Physical Arts mays face me at once. I will even allow Master Satome to join them, provided he places his Title as Master of the Satome School of Anything Goes. Should I win, I am the Master of this Dojo, the Tendo School, and if Genma trys to play, the Satome School of Anything Goes."

Ranma looked at the mousy haired girl before him. "I will allow three days for them to practice their skills. This will also allow you to set up and run the betting pools. I also ask that you do not reveal the Challenger's Identity to the Dojo. I would also ask for a cut of the Profits, considering that everybody who bets blindly will be betting on the Dojo, thinking that 'Ranma' will be fighting on their side. And the Challenger is some unknown,"

"Twenty percent after Expenses."

"Done" Ranma dug into a pocket. "30,000 yen on the Challenger, at house odds."

"Betting and profits?" Nabiki frowned deeper,

"You did not say that I could not bet. Besides, this means I have 30,000 and One reasons to win," Ranma flashed his cocky grin, 'well maybe 30,000 and two.'

He closed the gate, and then jumped the Fence.

Nabiki raised an Eyebrow.

"I couldn't enter by the gate. The Challenge is still three days away." He then jumped to the roof and lounged until Kasumi called him in for dinner.


Nabiki walked into the Large room. A deep frown on her face as she held a heavy wad of yen in her hand.

"Who was at the Challenge Gate, Imoto-chan?" Kasumi called from the Kitchen.

"A new Challenger. He Challenged the Masters Tendo for the Sign and the Dojo. It is to take place in three days. He is even betting rather heavily on himself. "

"That is okay." Soun spoke from his game of Magic the Gathering. an1 "Ranma will make short work of him."

"That is just it, Father. The Challenge was addressed to the Masters Tendo. If Ranma is called upon as Champion, the Challenge is Forfeited to the Challenger. He has declined to give his Name, or to Name his School." Nabiki grinned at her Father, "He has Allowed that Both Practitioners of the Tendo School of Anything Goes may face him two on one. He has further stated that one Satome Genma may Assist the Masters Tendo, if he is willing to Risk his Title of Master of the Satome School of Anything Goes, in a three on one match."

Looking at Kasumi, who had entered the room to set the table for dinner, "The Match is to take place in three days. I just hope I can get enough bets to cover his wager; 30,000 yen. If he wins at this point, he will own the Dojo, Challenge or not. How long until dinner?"

"You got about ten minutes." Kasumi frowned, looking at Panda-Genma. "Fifteen if Mr. Satome wants to eat with us. No pets will be allowed at the Table."

Panda-Genma froze. Debating losing the game to Soun, or rushing to the furo to clean up for dinner.

Dinner won out.

Leaving Soun to pick up the cards.


Nabiki made her way to her room.

She made three calls. All the same. "Hey, new Challenger for the Dojo. Set odds at 3:1 for one on one, name your campion, 5:1 for two on one, name your champions, 7:1 for three on one. Ranma not allowed as a champion, as he will cause Dojo to forfeit. If they still bet on Ranma, take names and bet as side bets. We all know Ranma will fight to protect Akane from an over aggressive Challenger. Challenger is yet unknown."

She hung up before the girls could say anything. Excluding Ranma as Champion would cause the thinkers to bet on the two on one or three on one, the rash betters would bet across the board, hoping to cover all odds, and only those who disliked Ranma would bet on the challenger.

She thought of calling the Amazons and Ukyo, but decided that was a Non-Ranma issue and so they could hear about it from the network. After all Ranma had asked for her not to declare that he was the Challenger.

This could be very profitable if she put the right spin on it.

Maybe ask Ranma to show Akane a few tricks...

"Ranma, Dinner!"

AN1; Saw it introduced in some fan fic, a while back, and with the new Kamigawa Sets, I decided to go with it.