New Master 13


Ryoga-piggy, awoke to a pounding. At first he thought it was just his head, but the Pounding was unrythmic. Then the smells hit him. Mud, Muck, Porcine and Warm milk.


Pulling himself to his feet, he looked around.

"Bwee." He wrinkled his snout, 'Well at least I know where I am, And She serves a good breakfast.' He trotted over to the troth and dug into the warm milk and rice mash. 'There are times when I think Akane is not the girl for me. She would Accept me for who and what I am. I need to talk to Akane one more time. To Explain…'


Soun moved like a dancer, following a kata of sorts as he moved down the trail laid into the floor.

Genma moved as panda, striding along as if looking for bamboo.

Akane strode in, hands tucked into the straps of her pack, looking about, almost as if she was a female Ranma...

Two students dropped from the ropes overhead, Attacking Akane.

...The pack came off, knocking one attacker into the pond, as she snapped a kick out, into chest of thug #2 smashing him into the wall.

Four more students turned to face the 'intruder', Akane just shrugged, and tossed her pack to Panda-Genma. "Okay, lets see what you got."

Two by two the Students moved to see what the ruckus was, and two by four; Akane Danced with them. Rarely would a student stay longer then to trade three blows before being sent flying by a blow from Akane, only to bounce back as another of their class mates flew off.


Soun finished his kata, bowed to the Master, and turned to watch his 'baby girl' decimate the students.

She reminds me of Ranma, just before we arrived...

"Yes, raw skill, yet no control. She seems to be enjoying herself. Should have done this earlier."


One Minute she was fighting an army of attackers, the next they were gone...

...then she scenced Him. His aura spoke of great skill, control, but was missing the power of the fighters that she had faced for the last two years.

She looked at her father, cocked her head in question.

He nodded, with a small grin.

"Thanks for the warm-up, I have been needing to stretch my limbs." She turned and looked behind her.

He was dressed like Kuno, only in a pale green. While his head was shaved except for the warrior's knot, he had an impressive foo-man-choo mustache. "I am Aoy Lee, Green Defender of this Dojo."

He clashed his bracers together, before taking a stance.

Akane assumed Ranma's stance. "Yo, Tendo Akane of Tendo School Anything Goes."

"Anything Goes? You know Saotome?" Lee asked

"Rival of a Sister School."

Lee attacked using a combination of Mantis and Tiger schools. Akane dodged the first three blows like Ranma did back when she first meet the redhead. Then she blocked the next six blows with one arm.

"Skill; well defined," Akane judged, "Control is beyond even that of Ranma, but lacking in power." Akane then stomped the Ground, causing a small quake, knocking her opponent back, as she gathered her chi for a power strike...

Seeing his challenger, drop her guard, Lee tried to leap in with flying combo...

He rained down punches and kicks, but she just soaked the damage, as her leg swept up to impact with his chest, causing him roll backward as his leap carried him over her head, where she switched feet, kicking him over the pond, island, and pavilion.

He landed on his feet, then feinted.


"Tendo, long time no see. Your student is quit skilled, but wastes two thirds of her energy."

"Master Chu, My Daughter Akane. Heir to my School. Believe it or not she was in control throughout her display here today, or at least compared to her normal level of control."

"You here to enroll her?" The Master's words were worried, yet warm.

"Something like that. You might have heard, I lost my Dojo. Your Dojo/temple is the first step on our journey to reclaim it. I need to relearn many of my skills, as well as teach Akane a few of my skills. Willing to teach other students in exchange for room and board.