I have read a lot of great stories about Kim and Ron's wedding. They are usually very emotional and follow their lives afterward. This is not one of those, people! This fic will be about the difficulties that are bound to come up for two world-savers who happen to be getting married. Expect a lot of humor, drama, chaos, and minimum fluff!
24-year-old Kim Possible, looking more beautiful than ever, gracefully began her long walk down the petal-strewn aisle. Joyful faces of family and friends surrounded her as she took her final steps as only a Possible.

Kim closed her eyes for a moment to collect herself before the big moment. When she opened them again, she found that the man who held her arm was no longer her father but- Dr. Drakken? Now the rows of people were replaced by other familiar faces: Shego, the Seniors, even DNAmy were among the crowd of sneering villains.

She struggled to break free from Drakken's grasp as Lil' Diablos and other robots destroyed everything in sight. There were too many of them; she could not win. The last image that filled her vision was Ron being carried away by a legion of monkey ninjas, screaming "Why couldn't you just be normal, Kim!"

BEEP BEEP BEEBEEP! The Kimmunicator rang.

In her eagerness to end the horrible nightmare, Kim skipped the usual morning unpleasantness associated with waking up.

"Sitch, Wade?" she said brightly.

"I thought you'd still be asleep. Anyway, we got a major hit. Asia's most dangerous prototype inventions have been mysteriously vanishing. Someone wants to talk to you at-"

"A top-secret research facility?"

"Of course. This one's in Taipei. I'll set you up with a ride in fifteen."

"Please and thank you."

It was amazing how little Kim had changed in six years. She looked older, obviously, but it suited her. The red-haired girl had completed college in record time and now helped her dad design rockets, when she wasn't saving the world, that is.

As hard as she tried, Kim could not stop thinking about that stupid dream. She needed to confide it to someone, preferably a female. While her mother was still her usual outlet, Mrs. Dr. Possible was busy with back-to-back surgeries for a few weeks. She was trying to get in as many as she could before retirement.

That left Monique, a friend who had remained constant since high school. Kim dialed the number quickly. It rang once before the dark-skinned young woman picked up.
"Hey, girl! I was just about to call you myself. The new Club Banana is opening tonight, remember? I had to make sure you were coming."

"Hi Monique. Yeah, congrats on becoming store manager. I know you'll be great!"

"Thanks, Kim. Now tell me what you're ish is."

"There is no ish, Mon. It's just this dream…" She explained it from the beginning.

"I get it. You feel guilty over the world-saving thing and you're afraid it's going to ruin your life- or at least your wedding."

"I know, I know, it's so stupid! But I can't help thinking that something will go horribly wrong."

"Chill, Kim. He hasn't even asked you yet, has he?"

"No. I'm not sure he will."

"Of course he will! You two move at a slow pace, I'll admit. It took, like 17 years for your first kiss."

"That was different. Villains get in the way of everything. Well, I'll see you tonight. Right now I'm off to Taiwan."

"Ooh, get me some export-quality sandals, will you?" Monique joked, then hung up.

Top secret research facility- Taipei, Taiwan:

"Ah, I am so glad you are here! We need your help quite badly," said an elderly woman who was extremely short.

"Glad we could be of service, Ms.?"

"Chang, it's Chang. Call me Lin. You see, my husband is one of the world's foremost scientists. Last night we received a tip that someone might be trying to steal one of his inventions. I hope you can prevent it, Mrs. Stoppable!"

"Miss Possible," Kim corrected, glancing at Ron embarrassedly.

"You mean you're still not married? I've been following your career for years and years. I've never seen a cuter couple!"

"Can we stay on subject, Lin?" She made a mental note that the woman wasn't too distressed over her husband's invention being taken.

"Oh yes, yes we should. I'll go get the police officer. He can tell you about our security measures." She waddled off.

A few minutes of silence followed.

"Uh, Kim?" Ron rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.

"Yes?" She was deep in thought about the missing people.

"I know this isn't a good time but-"

"You are right! It is not a good time!" The voice of Drakken came from nowhere. "Because this is the time when I shall defeat you, Possible and Buffoon!"

The blue villain was standing on a platform high above them.

"Dude, stop playing! Everybody knows you know my name," Ron said.

"Ugh! His impudent smart mouthing stretches beyond teenage years!" Drakken grumbled.

"Never mind. Shego, get her!"

Immediately, Kim and Shego were engrossed in their kung fu fight.

Shego managed to kick her opponent's shin. "Gee, Kimmie, I think you're slowing down these days," she snickered.

Kim jumped in the air and knocked Shego off her feet. "Sorry, you're not that lucky!"

The green woman snarled. She continued blocking Kim's moves while trying to get in some of her own.

"No way!" the redhead smiled while fighting.

"What?" Shego asked, irritated.

"Shego, is that a gray hair?" Kim motioned to the point of interest while slamming Shego in the face.
"No it's not!" The older woman insisted, but she caught a glimpse of her own strand of hair that stood out among the black.

"I can't believe it. Exactly how old are you, Shego?" Kim took advantage of the gray hair.

"None of your business, Princess! You're all grown up, yet you still ask childish questions. Ha!"

"Beats having gray hair." Kim punched her in the jaw.

"Shego, I have the supersonic replicator! Let's go!" Drakken called.

"Oh no you don't!" Ron lunged at the mad scientist. He managed to knock him over, but Drakken held tight to the invention.

"Let go!" Ron insisted, tugging at the replicator with all his might.
"No!" The villain did the same.
"Yes!" "No!" "Yes!"

"Will those two ever grow up?" Shego said exasperatedly as she escaped from Kim.

"Don't count on it," the redhead responded, just as annoyed.

"Yes times infinity, so there!" Ron finally grabbed the invention.

Drakken ran to his escape vehicle where Shego waited. "You may think you're all that with your superior arguing, but you will never be!" He shook an angry fist, thenvanished in a trail of dust.

"KP, can I ask you something?" The blonde said timidly.

"Not now, Ron! Drakken's getting away." She tried to catch up to the getaway car, but they were far behind.

They coughed in the trail of pollution.
"So much for that mission," Kim said defeatedly.
"Hey, at least they didn't get the supersonic whatchamacallit,"her partnercomforted.

"Things could be worse." As he uttered the last words, his pants fell down for no apparent reason.

"Oh man!"

Kim laughed. Ron never failed to cheer her up.

Later- on a plane currently flying over England:

"Thanks for the ride, Josh!" Kim gratified sincerely.

Joshua Mankey piloted the aircraft expertly.
"No problem. It's the least I could do after you helped me find my true calling."

"So not the drama. That was really more on Ron's part than mine."

"Yeah," the 24-year-old Josh agreed. "Stoppable, if you hadn't tripped over my best painting back in Senior year, I might have gotten that scholarship to art school and not joined the Air Force." There was no hint of resentment in his voice.

"Any time," Ron said importantly.

A few minutes later…

"KP, I know this isn't the best time to say this," Ron began. He was interrupted by their old high school acquaintance.

"Oh no! Looks like we have engine failure," Josh exclaimed. "I can jettison an escape pod, but it only fits one person!"

"That's okay," the no-longer-teen-but-still-a-hero said. "We'll jump here."

The team put on their helmets and exited the plane. As usual, Ron pulled his parachute almost immediately, losing a small velvet box in the process.

"Noooo!" That box was a whole lot more important than homework, which he previously lost during jumps.

"What's wrong?" Kim yelled. She was ahead of him and did not see the box falling rapidly.

He didn't answer.

They found themselves hurtling over what was probably the bustling city of London. It would be dangerous to land on a heavily-trafficked intersection.

"Let's try to land in that big garden over there!" She hoped he heard her.

Moments later, Kim descended upon a richly decorated garden. There were lights hanging across the trees, flower formations everywhere, and topiaries trimmed into shapes of hearts and cherubs.

Directly in front of her was a marble fountain. Floating in the fountain's clear water, she saw an open velvet box. Inside the box was a beautiful ring and a handwritten note that said, "Kim, will you marry me?"

Ron landed with a loud thump behind her a second later, oblivious to any of this. He was surprised and confused when Kim turned around, her green eyes shining, with a look of pure joy on her face.

Immediately she pulled him into a tight embrace, awestruck. "Ron, this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me!" she whispered.


"And to think- you planned all of this, it's absolutely perfect!"


"Yes! Of course I'll marry you!" She let him slip the ring on her finger, though he had no idea how she found it.

Piece by piece, the situation started making sense to him- sort of. What mattered, though, was that his question had finally been asked. And she had said yes. He was the luckiest man in the world.

Kim and Ron stood together blissfully, completely unaware that they were standing in the back courtyard of Buckingham Palace, that the atmosphere had been created for two entirely different people: Prince William and his wife who were celebrating their first anniversary. They did not see the rose formation behind them, a heart with the words 'William and Victoria.'

Nor did they know of the troubles that lay ahead of them.

Hope you liked the prelude. Next chapter is when the real fun begins, Pixie's honor!