San Francisco, middle of the night:

"Drakken's really gone all out this time!" Ron said loudly.

"Ssh!" Kim ordered. "You've killed the art of sneaking."

"Sorry… but you have to admit: trying to drown an entire city in a giant chocolate flood is pretty creative- and delicious."

"Mm-hmm!" Rufus agreed enthusiastically.

Kim positioned her grapple gun, aiming at the roof of a huge chocolate factory.

"Shego must have gotten past the automated security system. Now all we have to do is scale the wall, get in through the ceiling, and turn off all of the machines before the meltdown begins. Easy enough. Got it, Ron?"

"Um, something about scaly wallpaper, Shego, and a mechanical seal?"

Rufus slapped his tiny hand on his forehead.

"Just follow my lead," Kim restated plainly. They made their way up the side of the building and lowered themselves inside.

Ron spoke up timidly, "I'm having a high school flashback of last time we did this and it did involve losing my pants."

"Hurry up, Ron! By the time we get down there Drakken may already have escaped.

Ron speeded up the process by accidentally detaching himself from the cord and landing on the factory floor with a loud thud.

Immediately a laser grid filled the room.

"Don't move!" Kim mouthed to him a fraction of a second before Rufus collided with a red beam.

"Fool, you have activated the security alarm!" a familiar voice shrieked over the blaring of sirens.

"Not to mention I've thwarted your evil plan, Drakken," Ron retorted.

"Ron, that's not Doctor Drakken," Kim said, helping him up.

"Hey, I guess you're right. Drakken usually refers to me as a buffoon. Never 'fool'."

A lanky figure made itself visible on the terrace above a cocoa vat.

"Hey, it's that dude!" Ron pointed.

"Not just any dude, Ron, that's a villain," corrected the redhead.

"Yeah, it's the guy who did the thing that one time. Haven't we thwarted you before?"

"It is I, Frugal Lucre, your sworn enemy! You have defeated me once, Kim Possible, but this time I shall defeat you." Under his breath he added, "At an affordable price, too."

"O-kay. Keep talking, I know how touchy villains are about their rants." Kim crept over to the main controls, hoping Ron would know to distract Lucre after his monologue ended.

"Well, first I plan to-"

"Take over this factory," Ron offered.

"Yes, and-

"Override the system-"

"Causing a huge overflow that will-"

"Flood the whole city with chocolate."

"Will you please stop doing that?" A vein on the villain's head was throbbing with anger.

"I can't help it, dude. Once you've heard one villain's crackpot plan, you've heard them all."

Frugal brushed away the remark. "But I bet you don't know what I plan to do with the chocolate-covered city!"

"Make a really big cupcake?"

"No. I shall claim the Golden Gate Bridge and rename it the Francesca Lerman Bridge. If you must know, Francesca is my mother's name."

Ron and Rufus exchanged amused glances. "You're going to destroy San Francisco just to rename the bridge after your mother? That hardly qualifies as sinister."

"You may th- hold it, Possible!" The villain finally noticed that Kim was halfway done switching off the factory's machines. "Chocolate bunnies, attack!"

Kim looked at him incredulously. "Chocolate bunnies?"

Frugal shrugged. "HenchCo was having a sale on mutant Easter candy. I work within my budget."

The mutant rabbits were only six inches tall. However, they moved at an amazingly fast rate and could easily suffocate someone by enveloping them in an army of bunnies.

Kim fended them off by the dozen, using every karate move she knew. The sea of

bunnies seemed endless; it simply wouldn't cease.

"Ron, a little help please! They're getting stronger."

The cocoa confections were not intimidated by Ron's fake kung fu.

"I may be thrifty," Frugal continued out of harm's way. "But I'm not stupid. I know that you are no match for my little army. I also know that Team Possible is about to

be married ."

"More bad news- just what we needed," Kim said sarcastically, beginning to get tired of fighting bunnies.

"You are wondering how I know, right?"

"Let me guess: Villains' Poker Club," Ron said between breaths. "That's how the other villains spread the word."

"No, I am not part of the club. They charge a fee for one-time schemers. I do, however, subscribe to the free Poker Club newsletter, and you two made the front page twice in a row."

"Oh, I'm so honored," Kim said sarcastically, yanking a rabbit out of her hair.

"Isn't there some way to beat these things?"

"Maybe." Ron paused to think. "Chocolate bunnies. They're only chocolate. We can't lose to cocoa powder and artificial flavorings, can we?"

"Let's hope not!" Kim trampled several rabbits that had tried to strangle Rufus.

Ron smacked a rabbit on his arm. "Yeah, we have a reputation to maintain, and losing to candy would be a black mark on the record."

"That's not what I'm worried about. Monique's designer friend is custom-fitting that beautiful wedding dress and I want to live long enough to wear it down the aisle… or at least try it on once."

Ron rolled his eyes, noticing a bunny perched on his head while he was at it.

In the meantime Frugal Lucre escaped after giving his departing words: "Haha! After you repeatedly defeated even the most sophisticated villains, I, Frugal Lucre, came out on top! Proving once and for all that you can beat an experienced crimefighter for under ten bucks."

"What do we do now?" Ron asked disdainfully.

"I have a plan- I think."

The bunnies seemed to be attracted to the warmth of their bodies. Kim started running across the factory. Rapidly the rabbits followed, even when she jumped on over of one of the industrial ovens.

"Kim, we're outnumbered! Hey, get off me Peter Mutant-tail!"

She looked back and realized at least half of the bunnies were still after Ron and Rufus, while the rest were closing in on her.

"Okay, time for Plan B!" She pressed a button on the Kimmunicator.

"Problem, Kim?" Wade asked.

"If you count mutant Easter freaks, then yes, I have a problem. Can we go into stealth mode?"

"Give me three nanoseconds…done!"

Kim scanned the handheld device over her body, glad that Wade had perfected his stealth mode to be undetectable even to heat sensitive opponents. Quickly she threw the Kimmunicator in Ron's direction. He missed. However, they were able to stealth-ify themselves thanks to a nice save by the molerat.

The bunnies were now running around aimlessly and stumbling into each other, confused by the quick disappearance of their targets.

If they could put something with heat into the freezer, the bunnies would converge on the single point, freezing themselves too.

"Uh, Wade I don't suppose you could send something packed with heat through the Kimmunicator?"

"Give me a break. I can't begin trying to find a breakthrough in that field until my Mom un-grounds me from the cyber research lab."

Kim groaned.

"What did you have to go and get yourself grounded for?"

"Mom thinks I'm spending way too much time cyber chatting with my girlfriend. By the way, thank your brothers' friends Callie and Hallie for hooking us up."

"I will, but that's not going to solve our current problem, now is it?"

"I said I was sorry!"

"Wade who are you talking to in there!" a motherly voice cut in. "It better not be that Miami girl or I'll have to extend your grounding sentence another two weeks!"

"No, Mom, it's not her this time, I promise! I better go, Kim. Bye."

The screen went blank.

Ron popped open one of the industrial ovens.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"What better way to stop an army of chocolate than with a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie?"

Kim aimed the cookie at the factory's large chocolate ice cream freezer. The bunnies followed. Ron conveniently shut the freezer's door after all of the evil rabbits were inside.

"It worked!" Ron cheered.

Now that the thumping of pattering bunny feet was gone, they could plainly hear the loud roar of a rusty old engine. No doubt the rickety cheap car of Frugal Lucre.

"What do you give him, like 5 minutes before the police catch up?"

"I'd say three, tops. You think we could get a tour of the city before we go?"

"Can't, Ron. We've got wedding planning to do!"

Ron groaned. "Don't remind me!"

Las Vegas Las Vegas Resort- late afternoon:

A blue-skinned man and a greenish lady walked side by side at a leisurely pace.

Suddenly a catchy Oh Boyz tune rang out through the lobby.

Doctor Drakken fumbled for his cell phone while a group of silent monks, waiting for the Finding Inner Peace Seminar to start, glared at him angrily.

The mad scientist found the phone, but he was unsuccessful in making it stop ringing.

"I thought I had this set to vibrate! Shego, how do you answer this dumb thing?"

"You push the 'talk' button," Shego responded with the air of one explaining the secrets of the universe to a toddler. "And remember, I offered to steal a simpler model. You were all, 'No, take the high-tech one, Shego!'"

"These little things are such a waste of technology," he grumbled, now searching for the button that said 'talk'. "A self-activating death laser, I can program any day… Shego, where's the stupid button! All of the little round things look the same."

"Do I have to do everything myself?" Shego scoffed. She snatched the phone out of his hand.

"Wait a minute," she glanced sideways at him slyly. "You can't read close up, can you?"

"What do you mean I can't read close up? Of course I can read close up, I had perfect vision on my last eye exam!"

"When was that?"

"Let's see… about twenty-five years ago."

"I knew it! No wonder you're becoming farsighted."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Relax, Dr.D," Shego grinned. "It's perfectly normal for men at your age to be experiencing vision loss. It's all part of the aging process."

"Aging process? Shego, if this is one of those cruel taunts to hurt my feelings, I think we need to revisit that psychologist again. Besides, you've been showing a lot more of those gray hairs lately!"

Drakken was saved from the wrath of Shego in the nick of time. The phone had stopped ringing earlier. Now it started again.

"Hello?" Drakken tested, hoping that one of the several buttons he had pushed down had been the 'talk' button.

"Drakken," a bossy voice droned. "How is it going?"

"Oh, we're fine. I had a case of the sniffles yesterday but-"

"Not you, the plan! Are you following my directions?"

"Oh, yes. It's all according to plan."

"The meeting will begin any minute. I trust you have made it that far. Now, remember what I told you. Gather up support, boost their morale a bit, be enthusiastic, and-whatever you do- DON'T mess this up. We're approaching the final stretch. I'm counting on you, Drakken."

"I know. Are you absolutely sure about this, because I'm not entirely confident it will work-"

With a click, the other person hung up the phone.

"Oh, it will work all right. I'll make it work." Shego held up a fiery green hand.

The pair left the lobby. Outside of the conference room that Drakken and Shego entered, a sign stated, 'Villains' Poker Club Meeting, Tonight!'.

Good old Middleton, USA:

"What about Larry?"

"No, the poor guy's never been invited to anything in his life. What about Sean?"

"There's no way my aunt and uncle could come without him. What about Professor Ramesh?"

"Brikk Flagg?"

"That dude who gave us our first mission?"

"Mr. Barkin?"

The conversation ended as it always did, at point blank. Try as they might, Kim and Ron did not have the heart to un-invite anyone to their wedding. It was hard enough to find a place to have it, and when they finally found an island retreat in the mid-Pacific, it became clear that they had far too many close friends who wished to attend.

"We've been over this a million times. There is just no way we can shorten a guest list of 500 to 250 or less!" Kim slumped down in her chair, not caring if she hit her head on the keyboard section of her laptop computer.

A 'new message' icon popped up on the screen. Wearily she clicked on it. A video mail message popped up.

"Hello, Kim Possible," Claire greeted, suddenly turning dead serious. "You hate Ron Stoppable. You must destroy Ron Stoppable!"

Before Kim could react, the little girl started singing a song. It somehow reminded her of the Kimmunicator beep, and if Team Possible had a theme song, that would be it.

Just as the song was about to end and Kim was on the edge of slipping away entirely, Jim and Tim burst into the room.



"You've got to help us!"

Kim blinked repeatedly, shaken out of the trance.

"What happened?" Ron asked urgently.

"Mom's lost it!" Jim wailed.

"She's been pushed over the edge!" exclaimed his brother.

"Calm down, you two. Start from the beginning." Kim took over her role as older sister, though she wasn't quite sure what just happened to herself.

"It's Callie and Hallie. She can't accept the fact that we're practically adults now, so she's been babying us all week."

"She's been trying to drive them away, that way she will have us all to herself again. Yesterday she showed the embarrassing baby videos- it was awful!"

"So you're looking for a way to be with your girlfriends and distance yourselves as far away from your Mom as possible without breaking her heart?" Ron asked simply.

The tweebs exchanged glances. "Wow, Ron! Who knew you could understand people so well?"

Ron shrugged. "I took a psychology class in college. I wasn't actually supposed to be in it, but I wandered into the wrong classroom one day and didn't realize it till the class was almost over. Rufus and I liked it so much we decided to stay… at least, you know, until I forgot where the class was and wandered over to Middleton Clown College's campus instead. I guess that psychology training does make me a psychic."

"Ron, a person who knows psychology is not a psychic!" Kim corrected.

"Yes they are."

"Oh yeah? Then what would you call someone with psychic powers?"

"Duh! That's a pyscho!"

"Why do I bother?" said Kim exasperatedly.

"Guys, hello? We have a problem here!" one of the tweebs reminded them. The other took over: "Hallie told me she had a dream last night-"

"Ooh! We learned about interpreting dreams in class. It's a valuable skill for all good pyschics," Ron looked pointedly at Kim.

"Anyway," Jim started again. "She and Callie were both in the dream, and Mom was coming after them with a broomstick! She was laughing maniacally like those villains are always doing before you foil their plots. They were running through the school hallway, and for some reason the Lowerton Lemurs mascot was there doing cartwheels and stuff. Finally there was a dead end. They had nowhere to go, Mom was getting closer. She caught up to them and raised the broom above her head and…"


"And we don't know; she woke up after that."

"That's not such a big deal," their sister said. "She had a dream, so what? People dream all the time about what they were thinking about before falling asleep."

"You don't understand," Tim said gravely. "We think it's a premonition. Hallie's dreams are always right; it runs in the family. This is a bad sign."

"Give me a break. You honestly think it means anything?"

The boys nodded.

"Actually, KP, it's been proven throughout history that dreams are often linked to the future," broke in Ron.

"Did you hear that from the psychics in your class?" Kim inquired, clearly annoyed.

"Actually, I read it off your mail." Ron pointed to a junk mail advertisement on her table. On the envelope was a picture of a shirt stating exactly what he had said, below the text, 'BUY A GRAPHIC TEE TODAY!'

"Uh, Kim? Hallie had another dream, too," the boys said quietly.

"Go ahead, tell us if you must."

"It was about you. You were trapped in a really big cage, it must have had a forcefield around it."

"There were two people there, watching you. One was an old woman and the other a little girl. Hallie was pretty upset over it."

"She thinks it was some kind of warning."

Everyone thought this over silently for a few minutes.

Kim finally spoke. "After all the missions we've been through, what are the chances of being beaten by an old lady and a little kid? Slim to none, I'm sure. "

"I don't know, Kim. Dreams are hidden messages," Ron warned.

"Please, Ron, don't tell me you buy that paranormal stuff. This is starting to remind me of that fortune teller we visited, Madame Bonita." She shuddered at the memory.

"Ugh! Don't say that name!" Ron cringed.

"Creepy, wasn't she?"

"Yes, and the fact that she charged us $80 for a load of nonsense didn't boost her up on my favorite people list, either."

Tim crossed his arms. "If you don't want to believe Hallie's dream was a warning, fine."

"And if you don't think it meant anything, that's okay too," his brother added.

"But right now we need to hide from Mom before she hunts us down and locks us in another closet or starts spoon-feeding us baby food… or worse."

"All right, you can stay here for the night," Kim told them. "But first thing in the morning, you should go talk it over. Dad was just as protective of me at your age, I'm sure he'll help her understand. Got it?"

"Got it. Thanks Kim!" The twins rushed upstairs, most likely to text message with Callie and Hallie for hours on end.

Kim turned back to her laptop, and the strange feeling from before rushed back to her at once.

"You okay, Kim?" Ron asked, sensing her uneasiness.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just- something terrible was about to happen."

"What do you mean?"

"Before Jim and Tim came in. I can't remember exactly what… forget it, it must have been my imagination."

"If you say so," Ron let the matter go slowly. They went back to the business of narrowing down the guest list.



"When the boys were explaining about that dream, I know it probably didn't mean anything, but I do have this feeling that we should be careful. Very careful."

A secret location:

The old woman whispered to the little girl. "How near are we?"

"We are getting much closer," the younger reassured. "Time is coming."

The old woman snickered. "Yes, it will be time soon. Time for us to strike…"