Remember One simple thing

"Ok Goten we understand that you have been going on a lot of dates lately." Goku said to his 17 year old son.


"Now Goten we don't want you take this the wrong way or anything." Gohan said he to looking at his little brother.

"What I'm not aloud go on any more dates." Goten said looking at them both.

"No no son we don't mind you going on dates." Goku said calming Goten down.

"Yah it's just we want to give you some tips on things you should not look in for a girl. " Gohan said.

Goten sat back to listen.

"Ok if their good at fighting." Goku started.

"Cooking." Gohan said.

"have load voices." Goku said.

"Blackmail you." Gohan said.

"Tell you what to do." Goku said.

"Weaker then you but in some sense stronger." Gohan said.

"Always telling you to stop running off." Goku said.

"Go to the same school as you." Gohan said.

"Known you since you was just a kid." Goku said.

"Meets you're family." Gohan said.

"Has a frying pan." Goku said

"Wait are you two saying that I'm not to date anyone like mum or Videl." Goten asked getting a worried look on his face.

"Yah that's right Goten." Goku answered. "That's a great way of making this speech shorter."

"It's just that we don't want you following in are family tradition." Gohan smiled.

"Trying to give Goten some tips are we."

Goku and Gohan turned around with fear all over their faces as they looked into the face's of true evil.

"Hi mum hi Videl." Goten said waving at them as they both bashed their husbands on the head with the all mighty frying pan off doom.

"…………….." Goku and Gohan both said.

Chi-Chi and Videl both left the room.

"I guess what you to have got to remember is to cheek if the cost is clear first before you start giving me words off wisdom." Goten said before he left to get some thing to eat.


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