You wear your heart on your cheek

Dedication: This is a story dedicated to Auden Hirsch and Skyler Cool, two of the most amazing boys ever, R.I.P.

Summary: During the holidays Harry changes, gets a new best friend, and grows up a little too. SLASH BZ/HP

Details: Slash means Boy on Boy action, if you don't like read another story, It's BZ/HP, it's A/U, and slightly OOC. Ignore the fact the sixth book happened… hehehe.


"Hello, can I help you cupcake?" Said a voice from the counter,

Harry looked up, the boy gasped.

"Harry Potter!" He smiled and shook his head, "Sorry, you must get that all the fucking time. Sorry" He pulled a face, he looked so cute at that moment Harry thought.

"Yeah, it's annoying. But don't apologize, yeah you could help me." He sighed and walked to the counter, he took in the appearance of the boy. He had black curtains either side of his face which where curved around his heart shaped face, and then the back was short and spiked up. He had black eyeliner, it really made his eyes seem dark and enigmatic Harry though, he had vibrant indigo-blue eyes, and thick, long black eyelashes, a cute perfectly shaped nose, and cherry lips, that were pinched pink. A song came on the stereo and the boy started dancing. "So yeah, I need a new look. Completely, totally, from top to toe. I'm sick of looking the same," The boy walked around the counter, and faced Harry, he leant against the counter nodding, "I'm sick of looking like Harry Potter."

"Understandable" He said, and started to think, Harry opened his mouth but the boy waved his hand, clearly he was making plans. Harry took this moment to take in the rest of his appearance. He had a black t-shirt on, that had white on the front and said something about rock 'n' roll and had red paint splashes on, some tight drainpipe jeans and then some black and red baseball boots on. The boy swung himself up onto the counter and started swinging his legs.

"So?" Harry asked,

"Yeah…." He smiled, "I have some idea's. You like what I'm wearing?" He asked,

Harry paused for a moment, "Yeah actually, it's really cool. Suits you really well. And it's like out there without being out there" Harry cocked his head slightly to the left, "If that makes sense?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean; it's different but not over-the-top different."

"Yeah, that's what I meant"

"Well, we'll sort you out with some converse; some drainpipes, a few tight t-shirts, some hoodies, and you'll need a haircut. I mean the Snape look really isn't in."

Harry did a double take, "Snape?"

"Yeah, I'm Blaise Zabini, slytherin. But don't assume I worship Voldy, and thin mudbloods are vermin. Far from it actually." He said, laughing. Harry laughed too, Voldy… that was a good one. "Yeah, we'll get you a lovely side fringe cut in, and have it styled… maybe some red put through it?"

"Ok" Harry said, "How come I've never seen you around Hogwarts before?"

"I keep myself to myself, I'm not a high flyer, and I'm not exactly a slytherin prince either."

"Yeah… Well it's hard to keep yourself to yourself when you're Harry sodding Potter" He said and sighed, leaning against the counter.

"I agree, I'm sorry dear but I'm glad I'm not you" He chuckled gently. "C'mon then." He said and snapped his figners, "Let's get on witht his. You have money right? I mean if you don't you can work it off… I mean your welcome any day any time… If you want like… I mean you don't have to… Just if you want, I don't have a gun to your head" He was rambling he stomped and tried to cover his embarrassment, "Yeah… so let's rock this bitch." He said, and Harry laughed, he was cute… Could he say that and still be straight? Yeah, he could. Could he say Blaise was cute and still be straight… yeah, he was Harry fucking Potter, hot-damnit.

"So you have a teeny tiny waist" Blaise said, "But your quite tall…" He paused, and then pulled out some drainpipe jeans, and then some more nearly the same just with a different detail to the pockets, and then some black ones, and then some lighter blue ones, he passed them to Harry and the pranced off to the t-shirts. He pulled out one with a gun on the front, "Yes…." He said, and added that to the pile in Harry's arm, he then pulled out another white t-shirt, with some paint splats on, that was added to the pile, along with some light pink ones, more black, a grey one, and a red one. Then one black, one brown and one white and red polo-shirt was added to the pile. He then pranced over to the hoodies section, he pulled out a black one and added that, a grey one, a grey zip up one, a black zip up one with a white and red bleeding heart on it, an atticus hoodies was added too.

"Yeah…" Harry said looking at the pile that he could only just see over,

"Go, try on, and love them" He giggled, "You'll look fabulous!" He added, Harry then wondered if Blaise was gay… He had little habits, like he flicked his hair casually out of his eyes and pulled this cute face, and seemed to sound gay quite a lot… Not that he'd know he just guessed…

Harry staggered to the changing rooms under the mountain of clothes. He started to try them on,

"Can you feel your heartbeat racing, can you feel the fear in her sweat" Blaise sang along to UnderOATH, and danced over to the shoe section, "THEY'RE QUITE EXPENSIVE YOU KNOW!" Blaise shouted,

"I KNOW!" Harry shouted back, "WHO CARES?"

"I DON'T!" Blaise shouted back giggling, "I'M IN A PIMPING MOOD! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE MEANS HARRY?"

"ERRR NO?" Harry questioned, whilst shouting,

"RAP MUSIC" Blaise said giggling, "WHAT SIZE SHOE ARE YOU?"

"11" Harry shouted back,


"THANKS DARLING" Harry shouted back…. Was that a gay comment he thought… 'God why are you being so paranoid' Harry thought, 'I don't know… Maybe you have a soft spot for Blaise?...WHAT? No… I don't! Well…. He's a hot guy but still…' Harry stopped thinking immediately and tried to forget what he'd just thought.

Harry had a pair of drainpipes on, and a black t-shirt with a picture of a person who'd had his head blown open but instead of blood spurting out there was butterflies, he went out of the changing room and Ciara was playing and Blaise was dancing by the shoes. Harry watched, as he swayed his hips to the movement, he moved his whole body to the left rolling his shoulders twice, and then did it to the right. Blaise popped his gum, and danced along to the music, unawares of the boy stood behind him staring. Blaise did a quick two step in time to the chorus. He had two pairs of shoes in his hand,

"What do you think?" Harry asked, trying not to stare at his ass, as he moved in time to the beat, Blaise swiveled around and smiled,

"Phwoar, so much better." He smiled at Harry, and their eyes connected for a long moment, one of those seconds that seemed longer than it really was, "You don't need to try the rest on thee all the same size just different styles."

"Oh ok, that saves the hassle at least." Harry said,

"Yeah, so anyway, I got a few shoes. Some converse low tops, some high tops, some vans slip ons, and a pink pair of converse, won't be doing to have all black."

Harry tried them all on and they were all nice and snug, it's not like he'd be growing anymore anyway.

"Good, so Harry, it's nearly shutting time anyway. It's like 50 galleons there…" He looked sheepish, as he put the clothes into the bag, he left out the pink converse, the black drainpipe jeans, a pink t-shirt with angel wings on the back, and he also put a pink bandana out.

"Cool." He said, he pulled out a bag of galleons, there was 27 in there, "There's 32, can we go to gringotts?" He asked,

"Yep." Blaise said, "Go tomorrow, I wanna do you hair yet, and then we'll go for a drink" He stopped and thought, "In fact pay tomorrow, we'll go out on the town tonight…. Paint the town red!" He said giggling,

"OK then" Harry said, happy he'd be having a good time, but what about his family… god-damn them.

"Leave the bags here, you can stay here tonight if you want?"

Harry looked around, and raised an eyebrow in question to Blaise,

"There's like a double bed upstairs, a telly, fridge, a sofa that you can sleep on if your not comfortable with a double bed or whatever vice versa. It's like a mini-flat"

"Cool." Harry said and smiled,

"Anyway hurry, we have like one hour until Gringotts closes and we need to change out cash into muggle money. We'll go clubbing in London." Harry looked slightly shocked by Blaise's statement, "Don't worry you'll get in you look way over 18 anyway."

"Uhmmm k"

"Ok, let's get this party started then" Harry giggled at this statement, and Blaise tried so hard not to melt, he was so sweet when he laughed. He ran upstairs, and got out some hair cutting scissors, that he used to do his, a comb, a water spray and some hair spray. He ran downstairs. And misted Harry's hair till it was damp. He then brushed out Harry's parting, so he had hair in front of his face and he snipped away. He cut in a side fringe over Harry's left eye, and then kept the hair quite long over the right eye. He then cut the back so it was long, and straight. He checked his watch, half an hour left, he sprayed on some more water and did a few extra trims here and there.

"Hair dying will have to wait till tomorrow." Blaise said, humming along to Britney Spears, Harry had made a decision Blaise was definitely gay. But for some odd reason Harry liked it… He sighed, "What's up?" Blaise asked,

"Nothing…" Harry said, he was worried. He was starting to thing he might be bisexual… I mean, he couldn't be gay… He liked girls he knew that already, but he also seemed to be crushing on Blaise slightly. Well, he obviously was, he just didn't know… A guy?

"You sure sweetie?"

"Yep" Harry said and looked up and smiled, Blaise went over to the stuff and passed him the pile of clothes.

"Put them on" He said, and then picked up the bandana, and folded it into a triangle, "Put that in your back pocket like mine" He said and turned around and showed Harry his fine backside again, he had a black one in. "Ok, enough gawping, I know I have a nice ass. Now go, get changed you fiend!"

"Right" Harry said and went to the changing room, he changed quickly and folded his clothes up quick, worrying what Blaise would think fo him checking his ass out. He tied up his converse and Blaise flung open the curtain.

"Damnit, I missed out on the good part." He said, mocking a crestfallen look, the two laughed, "Right you're off, OH wait bandana"

Blaise grabbed it off Harry, and made a total scene out of tucking it into his back pocket, having Blaise putting his hand on his arse made Harry tingle all over.

"C'mon! GRINGOTTS!" Harry shouted at Blaise, and Blaise got moving, he turned off the music grabbed the keys and shoved Harry out of the door, he locked it. And they were off at a brisk pace.

They got to Gringotts with ten minutes to go, they tried to walk in and one of the goblins put a hand out

"No more wizards and witches are allowed to enter, only exit."

"Oh can't you let us off?" Blaise asked,


"Please?" Blaise asked, just the the wind blew and Harry's fringe moved out of place revealing his scar,

"Oh for Harry Potter, yes then." The goblin let them enter,

Harry pulled a face he didn't like being treated any different to everyone else, but oh well he thought, at least he got something form killing Voldy.

They went to the exchange counter, and Harry got 25 galleons changed into British money, he had £200. Blaise took out 200.

"Right, we'll go the leaky cauldron first. Dinner, a few firewhiskeys or so… And then off to the clubs"


They entered the pub; they sat in the corner at a table two,

"Soup for me" Harry said when Tom came over,

"I'm gonna have the same too… don't want anything to heavy." Blaise nodded, "And two firewhiskeys please."

"Okay sir's" He bowed deeply and walked off. He came back ten minutes later with firewhiskey.

"So what's it like being the Harry Potter?" Blaise asked,

"Not that great. I mean, at least Voldy has gone, but everyone thinks I'm a hero… And I'm not"

"Well you did some amazing things"

"Yeah, but there was a prophecy that put me in a position where I didn't really have a choice…" He sighed, "I did what anyone else would have done, I fought for my friends, for my family, for the people I loved, and for myself."

"You're an amazing guy Harry, I mean your deep, but in the same way you tell people what they need to do yet your mysterious too. And you look well fit with that new hair" He laughed, "It's strange, like, out of allt he people who could have walked into my shop today I didn't expect you to."

"Well, I did need new clothes. And I was sick of being the Boy-Who-Lived and the Boy-Who-Saved-Us, I mean I'm not a boy… and I did what anyone would've done"

"A lot of people would've killed themselves or ran away… or something like that, I mean it's a lot of pressure and most people wouldn't have had the courage to face Voldemort, or anything." Harry took a gulp of firewhiskey, and it burnt down his throat at first he thought he might gag but he swallowed it, and hid the primary shock and discomfort then he cherished the lovely warm feeling it left down his throat and in his stomach, he contemplated Blaise's words.

"Perhaps" Harry said, "Perhaps not… No-one else has been in that situation"

"Indeed" Blaise said and gulped down the end of his firewhiskey, Harry followed suit,

"Can I have some redcurrant rum please" Harry asked Tom, and he nodded,

"And you sir?" He asked Blaise,

"I'll have the same please" And he flashed a smile at Harry,

"Ok, sirs."

"Damn I'm hungry, what time is it?" Harry said,

"8pm" Blaise said, "We have an hour or so to burn"

"Your soup sirs" Said Tom and handed them each a deep bowl of what Harry and Blaise both presumed was mushroom soup, and a plate each with three white bread rolls on for them. He then put out some butter, some cutlery and two redcurrant rums. Harry took a deep drink of the redcurrant rum, and found the taste quite appealing. It was sweet and tangy, with a nice kick of alcohol that burned down your throat too, not as strong as firewhiskey but still had that power to it.

"Mmmm, it's good." Blaise said, dipping some bread in it. He took a sip of redcurrant rum and then started on his soup again,

The two boys ate their soup relatively silently, except for a few acknowledgements of the fine tasting food.

They finished their meal and Tom took away the plates. They had a few more firewhiskeys, and Blaise then searched around in his pocket, he pulled out a black pencil.

"Toilets Harry?" He asked, and Harry nodded, Harry left the money to pay for the drinks and food and they set off.

They got into the toilets and Blaise pulled Harry's wrist, Harry swiveled round quickly, his heart beating fast. The two boys stared at each other for a long while.

"How about some eyeliner then eh?" Blaise said, ruining the moment.

"Okay" Harry said, Blaise edged his eyes with eyeliner, and then whipped out some liquid. And on his right cheek under the eye he put a small heart.

"Wow" Blaise said, and he hugged Harry. In that hug Harry caught reflection of himself in the mirror. He had to admit, he looked good. The hair covered his scar, you could barely tell it was Harry, his eyes looked so vibrant, yet mystifying too. And his outfit looked pretty damn good too.

Harry pulled back slightly and put his arms on Blaise's shoulders,

"So where are we going?"

"This club, it's called Orginal Sphere" He smiled at Harry, he had his hands on his waist, "It's pretty amazing." He said, and the two stayed in that position, Blaise leant forward…


Okay, well that's the first chapter. What do you think? Read and Review please, I spent ages writing about his style change because I didn't want it to just be 'oooh look Harry's got new clothes… SHAZAAAM'. I am ignoring the fact that Blaise is actually black… Seen as this has been formulating in my mind for a while and it's my story.