You wear your heart on your cheek

Summary: During the holidays Harry changes, gets a new best friend, and grows up a little too. SLASH BZ/HP

Details: Slash means Boy on Boy action, if you don't like read another story, It's BZ/HP, it's A/U, and slightly OOC. Ignore the fact the sixth book happened… hehehe.

Notes: Ok, so it's been a while sorry. I think this is either going to be a love story, or a tragic love story. So either way you get the love, hehe. Thanks for such kind reviews. And I'm sorry I'm so shitty at updating. I'm half way through a chapter for Regrets Everyone be shocked Yeah, it shall be a while before it's done. It's literally a word or something a day, heh. But still. So what do you think guys tragedy or love story? I think tragedy. We all like something sad. And it was originally planned to be a tragedy I just always find it hard, once I get attached to a story and stuff. So tragedy or love? You tell me.


There was the sound of a bell, and Harry started from where he was lounging on the sofa reading a magazine.

"Who the fuck could that be?" Blaise said, looking as if he'd been confunded.

"I dunno. You should go answer." Harry said,

Blaise took a glimpse around the room. All of Harry's stuff was in Blaise room in the secret closet Blaise had for his school stuff. Hedwig was out flying so her empty cage sat on the table.

"Throw the cage into the closet" Blaise said going towards the door, to go down the stairs into the shop, "Just in case!" He shouted as he disappeared down the steps. Harry jumped up grabbed the cage,

"SURPRISE!" He heard shouted by a group of male voices, and then the sound of them running through the shop. He momentarily froze and then sprinted into Blaise's room, opened the door and hid the cage. He then sealed it shut with magic… just in case. That was the thing when you had muggles as friends; you had to think up how they could find out, and how you could stop them, think up the just in cases.

He sprinted back in vaulted over the sofa, he fell on the arm,

"Fuck!" He shouted rubbing his back,

"Sure Harry, now?" Chris said as he walked in, the group of guys laughed.

"Sorry just er… Got cramp in my big toe." Harry said, 'that didn't sound lame' he thought to himself.

"We thought seen as it's our last day we are gonna get hammered." Chris said, there was Dean, Dan, Chris, Colin, Al and Jack, the whole group.

"Wahey!" Harry said and raised his legs so Blaise could sit down. He put his legs back over him. And reached out to look in a Threshers bag. Blaise looked at Chris and frowned, Chris looked from Harry back to Blaise and Blaise nodded. Chris did a half smiled and shrugged.

There was lots of alcohol, Cider, Shotz, Vodka, Malibu and an assortment of Alcopops.

Blaise grabbed the vodka from Harry's hand and took a deep, deep swig and then passed it to Chris shakily and span around seven times. He fell over half way through the seven spin.

"Oh my God!" Harry said,

"Don't worry." Dan said, "Have a go" He took the vodka from Chris once he'd took a swig and started spinning and he chugged some down and passed it to Harry. Harry drank quite a bit… For him anyway. And passed it to Colin, he proceeded to spin and he laughed… It was a crazy feeling. He fell down right next to Blaise. Pretty soon the vodka was finished. They were sat in a circle, all swaying slightly taking a swig and passing it on. Blaise had the last bit. After Harry had passed it him.

The circle went Blaise, Chris, Dan, Al, Colin, Dean, Jack and then Harry back next to Blaise. (A/n: what a coincidence!)

"No fair… He got extra!" Harry said, and the group giggled and opened the Malibu. They'd soon done with that and were telling stories of drunken escapades over the holiday. There were lots of ones about Harry that Harry couldn't remember. Like when him, Dan, Colin and Blaise stayed round at this guy called Matt's house. And they were going home and he started skipping, skipped into a lamppost, and when he entered the house started to hit on the fireplace, calling it 'good ol' burning betty'. Harry laughed so hard he fell backwards and started choking. Blaise pulled him up, laughing at him hysterically.

"Harry you dork!" Blaise said, Harry laughed.

"Sorry" He said in a small girly voice. And then he pouted and looked at the floor. Blaise felt himself getting hot and started to pull at the collar of his t-shirt.

"Man, it's hot in here" Blaise said, and Chris grinned at him. "Music!" Blaise got up and put on a CD. In which time he'd missed two rounds of Malibu as he'd fumbled to find a good track and then put the whole CD on repeat.

"Ooooh Orgy!" Al said, as Blue Monday started playing. Harry nodded his head in time to the music. The started talking about good music. In which Harry just drank the Malibu Blaise tugged it out of his hand after about five minutes, swigged down a fair bit, and passed it back. They kept repeating this until Blaise finished it. Harry could see Blasé trying to do some wandless magic, so he tried to too, seen as alcohol seemed to affect magic skills. The bottle refilled and Blaise and Harry grinned at each other. Blaise swigged a load, Harry did and then passed it back around the circle.

Once that and another half refill of Malibu was done it was getting rather loud and rowdy.

"SPIN THE BOTTLE!" Harry shrieked,

"OH MY GOD! YEAH!" Chris said, "Well fun, come one lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets" Harry joined in,

"lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets" They were getting louder and louder.

"ALRIGHT!" Dan shouted over the two guys,

"YAY!" Harry and Chris said and both grinned,

"I spin first" Harry said,

"No me!" Chris said trying to grab the empty vodka bottle off of Harry,

"ME!" Harry said,

"ME!" Chris said,

"NO ME!" Harry said,

"Me." Blaise said and grabbed it. He span it first time, it landed on Dan. "I dare you to…. Nibble the ear of" He giggled at his idea, he span the bottle… it landed on Dean, "DEAN!" He shouted. So Dan crawled past Colin, moved Dean's hair out of the way and started to nibble on his ear.

"Hahahahahaha it tickles!" Dean said. He laughed, "Oh yeahhh! That the spot Dan, that's the spot" Dean did a theatrical moan, "Harder Dan, Faster" He moaned from the deep of his throat and everyone laughed.

"Ok enough guys" Blaise said, and took a sip of his alcopop. It tasted of blueberry. He smiled. "Dan you spin"

"Ok right, I dare…" He span it… It landed on Harry. "Ok, I dare Harry to transfer a swig of Malibu from his mouth to…" He span the bottle, it landed on Harry.

"Alright then" Harry took a swig and drank it, everyone laughed.

"Nah, do it again" Chris said, so Dan did, and it landed on Chris. "Wahey! More booze"

Harry crawled over and took a deep chug he then put his mouth to Chris' and gently transferred it. Their tongues brushing for a few seconds in between. They pulled apart and Chris grinned and swallowed.

The game went on like that, and soon it was just making out.

"I dare…. Chris" Jack said, "Make out with" The bottle span, "Colin"

They were away, it got boring watching so Chris span again, "I dare… Harry" He span, "To make out with Blaise!" He finished after it span. Blaise bit down on the ring on the left of his lip. Harry crawled over and leaned forward, they both shut their eyes and their lips met. They both froze for a moment, and then Blaise tongue gently crept out, and entered Harry's. Harry inched closer, his hands slowly reaching up and winding around Blaise neck. Blaise moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist pulling him closer to him strongly. Harry wrapped his legs round Blaise's waist and was sat on his knee. Harry knew he shouldn't enjoy it, and promised himself it wouldn't, couldn't happen again, but he enjoyed it all the same. Who wouldn't?

He leaned deeper into the kiss, Blaise rocking upwards slightly towards his groin. The guys stared for a while. Harry felt turned on, he started to kiss more passionately, Blaise feeling extremely receptive whirled his tongue passionately with Harry's. Blaise's hands roved up and down Harry's back and Harry slowly slid his hands up Blaise's t-shirt Blaise moaned into the kiss, pushing against Harry.

"About time." Chris said and rolled his eyes at the two.

Harry felt his muscles and Blaise's fingers played on the hem of Harry's t-shirt, wanting to feel the other boys skin against his own, he tugged up and they pulled away for a split second, as Harry's chest was revealed. Blaise pulled his shirt off and pushed Harry back and crawled over on top of him, a knee either side of the less experienced boys body. Their skin rubbed and Harry groaned with excitement, Blaise moaned with pleasure.

"Erm?" Jack said, "Should we like go in another room."

Harry smirked and pushed Blaise over to the side and climbed on top of him, and they returned to kissing. Harry pinning Blaise's arms down. Blaise moaned deeply and Harry chuckled into the kiss. Blaise pushed his erection against Harry, then it was Harry's turn to moan, and Blaise chuckled.

It went on like that for a while. The guys decided to play pass the ice cube.

The two pulled apart, they looked at each other

"We wanna play" They said, in unison. Jack got out a packet of cigarettes and offered them round, both Harry and Blaise took one. They all lit up. Passing a couple of lighters in between. Harry inhaled deeply, willing himself not to cough and gag like his stomach was telling him to. He felt the head rush and smiled happily.

"Ok, thought you'd have enough with each other but obviously not."

They started to pass the ice from one boy's mouth to another. Everyone was laughing, joking, drinking. The world began to spin for Al, and he fell to the floor with a clunk. They rolled him onto his side so he didn't choke on his own vomit and then continued laughing and joking. The night went on like that at about 4AM Harry said that it was getting late and he and Blaise had to be up at 11 so he was gonna catch some shut-eye.

Harry went into Blaise's room and took off his shoes and socks. He sat on the bed and stared down at his socks, they were a delightful moss green colour with a whole in the big toe of the left sock. He felt like he shouldn't be there. It'd all happened so fast, he'd moved away from the Dursley's, was living with Blaise. It was all too happy, something had to wrong. His happiness would be short lived, it always was. But for the last few weeks his life had been the best it had been… for a while. Possibly the best it'd had ever been.

Harry stood up and took off his jeans and his t-shirt. He climbed into Blaise's soft bed. He shivered under the cold sheets, immediately wishing he had his wand so he could do a warming spell. But he couldn't. He shivered for a few minutes until it all warmed up. He wrapped the cover around every inch of his body like perhaps it could protect him from the heartache and disaster that he knew was bound to happen, that was imminent. He sighed; he could here the guys laughing from the other room. It was getting quieter though. He sat and stared at the wall opposite the door for what seemed like a lifetime. The noise died down. He heard Blaise talking low. And then the door open, the sound of footsteps, how many he didn't know. Surely they all couldn't leave Al was passed out, surely more were. His head was spinning he knew if he'd had one more unit he'd of been down for the count.

He heard the door creak open quietly. The sound of heavy breathing. The chink of light playing across the room. He stared pointedly at the wall hoping they wouldn't realize he was awake. Hoping they'd just leave cause he was there. They didn't. He head them fumbling with their shoes. The undoing of their zipper. The sound of the material rustling over their head.

"It's only me" Blaise whispered, as he walked over to the door and left. He heard the stumbling, the flickering of light switches. Blaise crept back in, in the darkness; he shut the door with a creak and a click. He then found his way to the bed. He climbed in next to Harry. He made a sound of approval as he cuddled in next to the boy. Which is what he was, just 17, he may have been of age. But Harry Potter was a boy, sure he'd grown up fast but he still had those deep emerald green eyes, those eyes that still sparkled with innocence.

Blaise put and arm over Harry's hip. Harry sighed and shut his eyes. He might finally at… god knows what time, get some sleep. Blaise smiled. And the two boys fell asleep.

Harry woke up at 9:30. His head was pounding. He crawled out of bed, the sunlight burning what felt like a thousand holes into his eyes. He went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. He rubbed his head trying to remember what happened last night. He had no clue. He remembered dares, and then Al passing out and that was all. Harry sighed and poured some instant coffee into a big mug. He added sugar and got out a teaspoon and milk. The kettle clicked, the water bubbling, he poured it in. The smell of coffee was a delight to his nose. He added milk and sugar and stirred it. He got out another cup and made one for Blaise. He took the two cups in.

"Wake up sleepyhead." He said.

Blaise groaned and sat up.

"Ugh. I hate hangovers" He paused and took the coffee from Harry, "Thanks mate."

They both sipped their coffee. Blaise got out a packet of fags. Offered one to Harry, Harry took it and then sparked up. Blaise followed. They both took a drag. And then Harry sipped his coffee.

"I can't remember anything from last night" Blaise said, and he really couldn't. He couldn't remember Al passing out, he couldn't remember kissing Harry or playing pass the ice-cube. He was surprised he'd managed to get into bed.

"Same" Harry said and they both chuckled. Harry inhaled his fag deeply, the cigarette's nicotine was waking up ready for the day ahead of him.

They finished their coffee's and got dressed. Harry was in some tight black drain pipes, pink and black checkered vans and a plain pink t-shirt. Blaise was in tight blue drainpipes, some old battered black converse with stars drawn on the front and a black Alexisonfire t-shirt.

They collected all their stuff. They checked they ahd everything and left. They started the long walk to Diagon Alley. Harry's wand was placed back in his trouser pocket. They reached Diagon Alley, entered the leaky cauldron and exited into the muggle world. They got a taxi to King's Cross station. Blaise bought about 500 cigarettes. Harry bought 300 from the Newsagent opposite. They then walked into the station at a brisk pace, they quickly got onto platform 9 and ¾. They sat on a bench 10:15. They'd been too quick.

"Damn" Blaise said and pouted. The scarlet steam engine wasn't even there yet. Harry got a packet of fags out, took off the plastic film and then pulled out the tag. He put one in his mouth with a triumphant smile, after 20 seconds of struggling to get it out. He sparked up and inhaled deeply.

Blaise watched as the boys lips curled around the cigarette, the smoke billowing up above him. He watched him take a drag and then as the smoke fluttered out of his mouth and flew up like a butterfly doing ballet. He smiled at the boy, who was totally oblivious to his intent staring. At 10:40 the other pupil's began to arrive. It was the first years first. And then at about 10:45 it was all years. They got a lot of stares on that bench, a lot of disapproving glances from parents wondering who the two 'weird' boys who were smoking were. Blaise and Harry were chatting about the school year, occasionally catching each other's eye and laughing at the others.

"I see you're just as queer as usual Blaise" Malfoy said as he passed, his two cronies flanking him.

"Good to see you too, dearest Draco" They smiled at each other, Lucius sneered his eyes passed Harry who was looking at the floor, which was lucky cause you could of immediately recognized him by his vibrant emerald eyes. Harry lit up another cigarette. This would be his third. He was starting to feel sick but he didn't care. He inhaled deeply. The girls were all huddled around trying to casually look across at them, and then returning giggling with their friends.

Harry and Blaise shrugged to each other.

"I'm Bathilda Honeydew, and you are?" Said a pretty blonde haired girl, with deep brown eyes. Her friends behind her were staring over giggling.

"I'm none of your business. Goodbye" Said Blaise shortly, him and Harry stood up and collected their baggage.

Harry toked the end of his cigarette and dropped it to the floor. Stubbing it out with his shoe. They collected their stuff and took it into the train. They got a carriage at the end of the train. Nice and private. They sprawled their stuff all over the seats so no-one would sit in and disturb them. Soon it had got to eleven, no sign of Ron and Hermione, or whoever Blaise was friends with before… the two smiled as the train began to roll out of the station. They made idle chit chat about the summer they'd left behind, and the year ahead; NEWTs and such was calling. Neither of them really cared. They had the rest of their life ahead of them. Harry had enough gold to last him a very long time, and a lifetime of favors from the ministry and probably another 3 lifetimes more. Blaise wasn't exactly skint either, and had a shop to run.

The train journey went pretty speedily. Up until their was a knock on the door. Blaise slid it open, Hermione was stood there,

"Yes?" Blaise said.

"I was wondering if you'd seen Harry?" She asked worriedly,

"Which Harry, I know a lot of Harry's."

"Which Harry do you think! Harry Potter."

"The one and only" Harry said, staring out of the window at the passing scenery.

"Yes, I don't care if you two slytherins don't like him or whatever, I would just like to know if you've seen him or not."

"I did." Said Harry, still not looking at her to reveal who he was,

"Where?" She asked impatiently,

"Around." He said.

"Who are you anyway!" She asked angrily,

"The one and only." He said with a smirk and turned to face her and looked her straight into the eyes. She immediately recognized him from those green eyes, almost as if he was wearing muggle colored contact lenses.

"Harry?" She asked quietly, "What happened?"

"I changed. I needed to get away from the old Harry Potter. Put that shit behind me." He waved a hand loosely. Ron appeared behind Hermione. He looked at the two.

"We won't find him here, come on sweetheart." He said, his voice was lower.

"On the contrary mate, I'm sat right here" Harry waved at his best friend… or old best friend… or ex-best friend… He wasn't sure.

"HARRY?" He said rather louder than intended,

"Yup" Harry said. He noticed Blaise stared out of the window, probably feeling quite lost. "This is Blaise, he's a really, really, really good friend of mine."

"Hi" Said Hermione,

"Hello" Said Ron, not sure what to say. He can't say he didn't expect a change in Harry, a few years he may have had 'the emotional range of a teaspoon' but he was older now, wiser, and maturer and he knew you couldn't not talk to someone for a month or so and not expect anything to happen.

"How are you two then?" Hermione asked, Harry could tell it was more aimed at me.

"Alright I suppose" Blaise said, he seemed so much quieter… so much less confident than usual. Harry had no idea why and didn't want to bring it up.

"I'm grand thanks. Good holiday lovebirds?" Harry said smiling at Ron's protective arm around Hermione.

"Of course" Hermione said, "Well, I suppose we'll talk to you at the feast. Bye!" She said happily,

"See ya!" Ron said,

"G'bye" Blaise said,

Harry just smiled and waved and shut the door. He knew they were going to spend the rest of the train journey talking about his 'new look'. Quite frankly, he couldn't give a damn whether they liked it or not.

They changed into their uniforms and the train soon grinded to a halt. Too soon for Harry. Back at the castle meant being away from Blaise, him being in Gryffindor in the North Tower, Blaise being in the dungeons with the Slytherins. They spent ages getting out of the train and into the carriages. They were on the last one with a bunch of slytherins including Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy Parkinson; there were two others who Harry didn't know. Harry stared out of the window the whole time. His eyes tiny slits, his hair covering as much of his face as possible. The slytherins made idle chitchat.

"You're quiet" Said Pansy to Harry, Harry nodded still staring out of the window,

"He has a headache" Blaise said, and thankfully the slytherins left it at that. It was funny, last year Blaise would have just been another slytherin to him. Now he was so much more. It seemed almost wrong that he was in slytherin. But as Harry had learnt the sorting hat could never be wrong.

Soon they reached the castle. They walked up the steps. Blaise moved closer to Harry and gently touched his arm, and muttered in his ear, "Room of Requirement, after the feast." Harry nodded. And walked into the hall. All eyes were on Harry and Blaise. They separated and moved to their tables. There was a quiet muttering in the hall, who are they and the like. Soon there was the sorting ceremony, the speech, the feast. It all seemed to drag on for Harry. Hermione and Ron's idle chitchat. They had nothing important to talk about anymore. Harry was grateful.

Soon the fest was over and Harry practically ran out of the hall. He then realized he'd have to fall back into the crowd.

"I'm going to the toilet" He said to Ron and Hermione and sidled off, he was happy to see Blaise already, even though they hadn't met. Blaise was his new best friend. Seen as he'd now become a gooseberry between Ron and Hermione, a third wheel.

He snuck to the room of requirement, and wished for a room for him and Blaise to relax and chill in. The door appeared and he walked in.


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